Mindset Over Matter

OK, we're at a critical moment in time. It’s the moment in which most people totally bag their New Year’s resolutions. You get so excited about turning over a new leaf and then you realize it’s not as easy as the advertisements tell you it’s going to be.


It doesn’t just take 30 days to get fit.

You can’t just eat this one thing and stay healthy. 

And it doesn’t just take a flick of a switch for you to magically have a new body.


I’ve been in this industry a long time. I love what I do. But I get extremely frustrated when I see messages like those out on the airwaves because right about now, if you set a brand new intention for the new year and you didn’t get XYZ from two months of work, you’re disappointed and totally unmotivated to keep going.


And that makes me 😢 


All I want is for you to succeed and feel happy in your body.

But right now, as a friend, I am sending you a reality check.


The work you put in can’t just be for 60 to 90 days.


My philosophy...there is no timeline.

There is no quick fix. To truly be happy in the long run, you are looking for a lifestyle change.

Sure you wanna bask in the glory of milestones made. Yes, you should celebrate when there is a victory on the scale or in your body mass index or more importantly how you feel on the every day when you’re moving your body.

But I'm telling you right now...when you start to workout to feel empowered opposed to anything else, moving your body takes on a whole new meaning. 

JBird Fitness Fly on a fitness high

So my question is...how are you doing with your New Year’s "resolutions"?

If you remember, mine wasn’t a specific goal but moreover words I was going to be constantly reminding myself to live through.

The words were (and still are) forgiveness & persistence because my perfectionist self has a tendency to beat myself up when things don't go as expected and then I get discouraged to move forward.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, we're all human and our struggles are the same. We just play on different battlefields.

So let's take control of this situation. Realize the things we wanted to "change" in the new year don't actually need changing. But rather...

You need to get more in tune to who you are to evolve into the person you were always meant to be.

The best news is, the thing you need to do this is with you everyday. It's your body. It's the greatest tool to get in touch with your being and will be your greatest ally when you allow it to be.

Stay strong in your mindset and committed to your goals, knowing your everyday challenges are just as much a part of your story as your achievements in this amazing thing called life.

With Love,

What's Happening with JBird Fitness:

It's a new month with a new focus and to tie in with the message above the featured workout series for March is Balanced Body. We are going to be practicing our balancing techniques but even more importantly continuing to remind ourselves life is a balancing act and not one that is ever steady. Staying active & agile is our best bet at learning how to go with the flow and enjoy life's unpredictable moments.

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Balanced Body: Mobility & Abs

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