What's In Your Closet?

Let’s talk shop. When I say shop, I’m talk about shopping for your wardrobe. I feel like since the beginning of the year I've been very philosophical, talking all business and now I want to talk about the fun side of my job. The part where I get to be in comfy clothes all day long, every day.


See, beside working for a yogurt shop when I was a teenager, all my other jobs have had me wear a uniform of sorts. I worked at a very fancy hotel on Long Island in my early 20’s, serving as a front desk agent, then I went on to be a Fitness Director for Norwegian Cruise Lines, where I did double duty meeting & greeting passengers in my Staff attire and other than that...

My closet has been filled with spandex, leggings, sports bras and a ridiculous amount of tank tops. Oh yeah and don’t forget the sweatshirts and my favorite, my leg warmers.

JBird Fitness Athleisure

Ha…you probably thought, since I’ve been teaching for 25 years, that’s the only “experience” I’ve had. Nope. I’m a people person, so workin’ a counter and being in the hospitality industry was a great fit for me, when I was trying to get my fitness career moving & still keep a roof over my head.


So you see, athleisure may be a trend right now but I’ve been living in this stuff my entire adult life. Glad you guys have caught on to the only way to dress, as a mover & a shaker.


Now if I was only smart enough to have started a clothing company two decades ago, I’d be rich.  But I’ll leave that to the fashion experts and I’ll stick with fitness because…I LOVE To Move!


So what sparked this conversation? 2 things…my new job at Athleta and the fact that I am throwing a shopping party at the new store here in North Wales, PA tomorrow afternoon. (details below)


Since I made this announcement, a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been asked “Do you get commission?” and “How can I give you the credit for me shopping?” The Answer: (although appreciated) You can’t. I’m not throwing a party to make money, I’m doing it because I've been wearing the Athleta brand for over 10 years now and have grown to LOVE it more & more & more over time.


It started with a simple pair of black tights, their clothing then helped me feel confident coming back to teaching quickly after having not just 1 baby but 2 and I will not buy any other swimwear.


Then you add their mission & tag line “Power of She” and I’m like a pig in mud.


But, since I've been in the fitness industry for a long time, I have also come to enjoy wearing other brands and when I’m not shopping at Athleta, I get a kick out of finding unique & bargain priced exercise gear at Marshall’s.


So this isn’t just a promo for Athleta. I’m curious…


Where do you shop for your workout clothes?


Do you even shop for workout clothes or do you just wear an old college t & sweats from the bottom of your draw?


Do you just wear your exercise gear to workout or do you find yourself in them all day long?


And are you brand loyal or do you like to mix n match?


If you haven’t guessed, I have a little obsession with workout clothes. Call it a hazard of the job. But I find it interesting, especially since the athleisure clothing market has grown astronomically over the past decade and I want to know…


I promise, last questions…Is this trend something you follow or is it not even on your radar?

Email me your answers or join the conversation on our JBird Fitness Community page by clicking HERE. Otherwise...

It really doesn't matter what you wear, as long as you keep movin'

So, cheers to happy moving this upcoming week.


IMG_0883 2.jpg

P.S. Here's a pic of me wearing our casual cruise staff uniform aboard the S.S. Norway back in 2001. My parents came for a visit. It was one of many cruises they would sail with me, during my 3 years out at sea. Miss you Mom. Thank you both for "letting me go" but always being by my side.

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Athleta Shopping Party at the NEW store in North Wales, PA


Tomorrow's the BIG DAY! I'm throwing a shopping party from 12pm-3pm at the new Athleta store in North Wales, PA (in the Trader Joe's shopping center). I'd love to see you there, but if you can't make it during those hours, shop any time Monday and when checking out mention JBird Fitness to receive 20% off your ENTIRE purchase.

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY! So don't just think about it, get your booty in there and treat yourself.

P.S. Feel free to share, forward & spread the word to all of your friends & family.

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