Ode to Fitness: My Poem to YOU!

I’ve been sharing a “quote” every day this month on social media because I truly believe & know mindset matters. 

The words I have been sharing are actually line by line of a poem I wrote.


Trust me, I was shocked too.


I’m no poet. LOL


But as I was preparing for the JBird #28DaysToChange Movement Challenge, I had a sudden urge to write down the words I have been posting and magically they turned out to be 28 lines I felt compelled to share with you below.


YOUR BODY IS BRILLIANT. An extraordinary organism in which the actual body itself and your brain have the remarkable ability to inspire one another.


Use that knowledge. Let it guide you. And allow it to lift you up and help you fly.

JBird Fitness Janine Boland

Your body IS brilliant. Believe it & it will fly for you.


See. Embrace. Every Day


Every day, move to be moved

See the changes in your demeanor

Embrace the possibilities

Every day, take a moment for yourself

See yourself in a new light

Embrace your human-ness

Every day, take a step forward

See the glory in your strength

Embrace who you have become

Every day, get excited for what’s to come

See the path you wish to ride

Embrace every step you make

Every day, breathe deep & smile

See who you are, in this moment

Embrace every part of your being

Every day, slow down to smell the roses

See everything & everyone who is in front of you

Embrace those who surround you

Every day, hustle to make a difference

See your dreams come to life

Embrace even the smallest accomplishment

Every day, reach for the stars

See the sun on cloudy days

Embrace rain, the sunlight & the darkest hours of the day

Every day, believe “I can do it”

See the endless possibilities

Embrace life, right now


Every day, see & embrace who you really are and...move the world.

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Athleta Shopping Party

If you haven't heard, there is a new store in town, well...in North Wales, PA that is. And I'm super excited about it. One because I am the new Community Coordinator at the store, in charge of organizing events, classes and parties. But two because, as a FitPro for Athleta, I also get to host a shopping party just for you.

March 7th - March 11th is the Athleta Friends & Family Event

And unlike regular store friends & family sales, the discount of 20% off your entire purchase is exclusive. That means you gotta know someone to get it. And that someone is me.

If you are interested in joining the party I will be sending an invitation out in the days ahead, so I need to know...

Athleta Fit Pro

Are You Coming To The Party?

If so or even if you are just curious and want more details, click HEREor simply reply to this email and say I WANT TO SHOP WITH JBIRD.

Then, I'll put you on the list & when invites go out, you'll be the first to receive one.

P.S. When I say Friends & Family I mean ALL friends & family, so if you know someone who'd like to join us, have them email me or forward this newsletter to them and LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!


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