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Since the beginning of the new year I’ve seen a surge in my classes at the YMCA here in Doylestown. 


Totally normal phenomenon for this time of the year. But the one surprising thing was learning a good amount of my new students regularly do a much wider range of workout styles than I’ve noticed in years past.


Normally a barre-inspired class attracts past dancers, pilates-minded peeps and yogis. But I’ve been meeting Boot Campers, HIIT lovers, marathon racers, and even men, curious to do something different. I got the feeling they instinctively knew they were missing something in their workout routine but couldn’t quite put their finger on it.


When they heard I teach a fusion style workout, mixing different exercise principles and no former training of any kind was needed, they took a chance. The only thing I require is an open mind and the willingness to feel a little “uncomfortable” in the beginning.


I am beyond excited to say, they have been rockstars. Literally…


Looking a little blurry-eyed, drunk and wobbly for the first few classes, but rising to the occasion and now getting a standing ovation from yours truly.


What has gotten me smiling from ear to ear is their comments throughout this transformation.


“I feel different” (with a smile)


“I don’t feel like a klutz anymore”


“When I’m taking Boot Camp class, my form is better.”


“When I’m running, I’m more aware of my upper body and I feel stronger.”


“When I’m sitting in the car, waiting for school pick up, I hear you & I’m reminded to sit up taller.”


“When I walk into a room of people I know, I feel light & happy.”


“When I walk into a room of people I don’t know, I feel confident.”

I've heard these comments throughout the years and simply enjoyed hearing about your new, happy & positive connection to your body. But then, last month, we were in class and I said...

“It’s all in the follow through”. 


It was a passing comment, not planned at all but it got me thinking.


“That’s it!”


One of the whys. Why you’re feeling a difference and shift in your body.And then I went on to relate the principle of follow through to our attraction to a dancer’s movement.


Dancers…really GREAT dancers, have follow through & intention.


Their movement feels like it extends beyond their body.


No part of their being is just passing through time.


They are aware of every cell in their body.


It’s intriguing.


And since their reach is so far beyond themselves, they have the power. The power to change us emotionally as an audience.


You may be thinking “But, I’m not a dancer.


I’ll use a future newsletter to argue the point that “I think you are”. But today, the take away is…it doesn’t take a trained professional dancer to have intent and execute follow through.

It simply takes a change in your mindset when you are moving.

So this week, I want you to make an effort to move from the inside out.


Use intent to be your guide.

Your intent is why you showed up to workout. I don't care if it's at a gym or in your living room. Think before you move. Let it be your drive to get through the challenging times & allow it to fuel the excitement in every move you make.

Every day, every workout, every move you make gives you the opportunity to feel the light in you shine brighter.

Shine brighter than the day before. Because everyday in which life unfolds, you are more aware of who you are and what you were made to do on this earth.

Grab a hold of it, harness it & throw it out into the world unapologetically!

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Extend YOUR reach beyond your body and in turn, your body will move with more integrity, more positivity and more lightness than ever before.


I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve about how we can physically put the follow through method into motion but for this week focus on intent and start recognizing how your thoughts while you are exercising effect the quality of your movement.

With Love,

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