When To Move & When To Snooze

I ❤️  friends. 


They remind me that I’m not going insane, give great tips on how to get through life and are just FUN to shoot the shit with.


I was draggin’ my butt around this past week & I couldn’t it figure out why.

Then, I was sitting with my friend, Nicole, outside of our kids karate classroom and she says “I’ve been dying the last few days with this stupid time change. I can’t seem to get adjusted.”

And then...BAM!


It hit me.

Duh...Why didn’t I think of that?


That’s what was throwing me off. 


I felt scattered, unfocused and more tired than usual.


Now that I was reminded and realize I’m not the only one, I can move forward, work through it and know there is light the end of the tunnel, as they say it takes a good 7 days to acclimate.


No joke...Harvard Medical School recently published an article about it. (click here to read)


So thank you to Nicole and Harvard for making this tired mama feel a little better about herself.


Now comes the good advice that I can’t do myself but wanted to pass along.


Another friend, Charlene, takes naps. When I asked “how do you do that with everything going on?” She said, matter of factly, “I schedule it.”


She actually puts it in her calendar and when it pops up, she takes a nap.


How long? Charlene says anywhere between 15-60 minutes.


Now I feel like crude, when I sleep during the day and have never been able to get myself going again, which in my world means major time lost. But for her, it gives her just that extra pick me up to re-energize her day and get things done on her to-do list.


So this newsletter is a 2 for 1. One, recognition for time lost, literally.

Reminding you (& me) to forgive ourselves for things which are out of our control.

And two, always looking for new ways to balance life out.

There will be times when movement is going to help ignite your day but there is also times when getting rest re-energizes your spirit.

Moving forward into a new week with longer daylight hours, enjoying more sunshine on our faces and figuring out when to move & not to move :)


How to know which one is the best choice? Well, that’s a work in progress for all of us. But...

I am here with you, my friend, and I say we take it day by day…together.

With Love,

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