Ready to be confident, happy, and in the best shape of your life? Then let's do this! On my website you'll find fitness routines (added every Monday!) that combine the best aspects of cardio, yoga, and body conditioning; providing you with an incredibly effective workout that's challenging but doable, and totally fun! 

What I'm all about: Instead of having you master crazy complicated sequences and contortionist-like poses, my teaching style is all about creating natural movement patterns that are seamless and flowing. And if you need a little extra support, that's cool, too—I'll be doing live (skype-like) workouts where you can ask me questions, get tips and pointers, and learn even more. 

The physical & mental perks: As awesome as it is to build lean, metabolism-revving muscle (which you will!), one of the best parts of working out with me is the feel-good physical and mental rush that spills over into your everyday life, leaving you feeling powerful, confident, and ready to take on the world. So sign up today!


  • LIVE WORKOUTS with Janine
  • 40+ VIDEO LIBRARY accessible 24/7 
  • MIX & MATCH CAPABILITY for your fitness needs
  • Fitness Tips filled with exercise techniques & motivation
  • AN AMAZING FITNESS COMMUNITY at your finger tips

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Hi, I'm Janine, a fitness instructor, master trainer, and creative consultant, working in the health and wellness industry for 20+ years. I started off teaching at a local all-women's gym on Long Island when I was 19 years old, teaching Step & Body Conditioning. Since then life has taken me to the high seas as a Fitness Director for Norwegian Cruise Lines, I found a love for yoga (which this high energy soul never thought possible), moved back home, had the great opportunity to manage the group fitness programs at four different Equinox location in NYC, and landed my dream job as a Master Trainer for Reebok.

So, how did JBird Fitness come about you ask? I got married to my best friend (Ryan) we had two beautiful children (Sierra & Nora) and we all now live in Doylestown, PA to live closer to family & enjoy more open space. When we got here, I thought about all of the clients/members I've come to know all these years and I wanted to take another turn in my career. Everyone has always asked "Do you have a video?".  Well, now was the time to give you what you've been asking for and give me my "teaching fix", in the LIVE workout classes.  And so, JBird Fitness was born.