3 Workouts You Can Do Anywhere!

When I say the word dynamic, what do you think?


My mind thinks of things that are big, bold, exciting and energizing.


And that, my friend, is why I picked the Dynamic Workout Series for January on JBirdFitness.com


To shake things up and get us moving with a renewed sense of energy.


Being the time of year, where resolutions are on your mind, we are expected to flip a switch and turn life upside down to make that promise happen, no matter what.


But where do you begin, how do you know it’s the right choice, what happens if it doesn’t work?


Wooo, slow down…don’t get ahead of yourself.


First, let’s think positive.


Second, let’s lay out all of the options.


Third, let’s get moving and see what fits best.




Sharing 3 workouts for you to play with. 


Yes, PLAY! Experiment. Have FUN! 


We’ll assess next week how it went, so get out of your head and into your body.

My Challenge To You...
This week I want you to mix it up and put a fresh new spin on your fitness program by throwing these next 3 mini workouts into the ring.

Guaranteed, they wake your body up and get you moving in the right direction.

First up, the Featured Workout of the Week on JBirdFitness.com
And no worries, if you're not a member yet. When you have 12 minutes, click on the pic below and get moving right away.

Next, a Quick Total Body Fusion Workout inspired by 4 different exercise styles. The ULTIMATE way to PLAY!

1. Bootcamp - Shuffle Forward, Touch Down Squat, Shuffle Back, Touch Down Squat (1 minute)

2. Barre - 2nd Posiiton Plié with Slide (optional: Passe Balance) (30 seconds Right / 30 seconds Left)

3. Sports Conditioning - Alternating Plank Walks  (1 minute)

4. Yoga - Bridge (hold for 30 seconds then rest; repeat 4x)

Complete one full round of each exercise then repeat 2 more times. (click the video below to view the demo of exercises)

Lastly, The Anywhere Barre Workout (extended version)

Did you see this workout in last week’s newsletter? Well, I’ve added to it. So, now you have 6 moves for a complete barre workout you can do anywhere.
(click on the pic below to download the PDF of exercises & descriptions)

After each workout, I'd LOVE to hear how it went, what you were feeling during & after the workout and how it effected the days to follow.

Email me at janine@jbirdfitness.com and/or post a comment on our private community group page HERE.

Not a part of the community page? It's super easy to sign-up. Click HERE, then join+ and within 24 hrs I'll confirm your request. After which, you can feed off of the feel good vibes of the whole JBird Community!

Have FUN and I'll see you next week!


What's Happening with JBird:

Now that classes are in full swing and everyone is back, with newcomers joining, I am SUPER excited about 2019. This past week I could feel your enthusiasm and I am with you. I LOVE IT!

Bucks County YMCA Doylestown

This week's schedule:

Barre Fusion
Mondays        10:00am-10:55am
Wednesdays  11:00am-11:55am
Saturdays          8:45am-9:30am

Saturdays         9:40am-10:20am

At The Central Bucks YMCA - Doylestown


If you have any questions about the classes above or missed me after class with a comment/question, feel free to email me at janine@jbirdfitness.com. I love hearing from you!

Otherwise, keep moving, have FUN and fly free as a JBird.