What's In Your Fitness Toolbox?

So how did you do with last week’s mini workouts? 


If you didn’t get a chance to fit them in but still want to, click HERE and catch up on the JBird Blog.


As for this week, I want to chat about going with the flow.


The flow of life.


It’s so hard sometimes to give up control. To change the way we do things. 


But sometimes, it’s necessary.


I have talked to so many women who have felt stressed or bad about themselves when things don’t work out the way they were "supposed to".Oh wait, that’s me. Oh yeah, and you too. I’ve heard your stories over the years. I really have been listening.


But having a family, working or having others who depend on you doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up YOUR goals, YOUR wants, or YOUR needs.


It simply means you have to be armed with more options than ever, to get the job done and also…and this is a big one.


Have an open mind to changing things up, to get what you want.


That’s why, last week, I gave you a few workout ideas to throw in the mix. (click on "workout ideas" if you missed them)



The more tools you have in your toolbox, the more equipped you’ll be to feel confident in moving your body to align with your 2019 dreams.

My goal for JBird in 2019 is to make you Armed & Dangerous! In the most FUN & HAPPY way possible 😄

And yes, you caught me. That's not actually my JBird toolbox. But rather Sierra's (my 7 yr old's) Hot Wheels tracks container. Best I could do under the circumstances. But you get my drift.



Are you with me?


Say Yes!




I couldn’t hear you.


Say it loud, so the neighbors can hear you. Be THAT neighbor. The one who everyone hates in the neighborhood because you're so damn happy!


But in all seriousness, let’s enjoy this new year with movement that works for us. Movement that works for YOU.

In a way that fills your life not just with skinny legs & a tight ass but also movement that makes you happy and fills up the remainder of your day with joy.


Cheesy? Yes. But oh so possible.

And I’m going to help you get there.

Keep moving. More to come, as always. And prepare to have FUN!




What's Happening with JBird Fitness:

The #28DaysToChange Movement Challenge

JBird Fitness

I already have my thoughts on February. Not because I want to rush things, although I would gladly say good-bye to the freezing temps we've been having here in PA. But because the next 6-8 weeks are critical. You are either going to fall madly in love with your movement practices or not. And if your heart’s not in it, you may stray. 


I’m not gonna let that happen.

First step in getting what you need from your exercise program is making a finite connection to your body. How? MOVE. Move in a ton of different directions and wake your body UP!

So here’s the plan.

During the #28DaysToChange Movement Challenge, I'll be sharing a daily exercise for you to PLAY with, which will make a complete full body workout by month’s end.

The details are to come. But this is all going down on my Instagram & Facebook pages, starting February 1st.

Today, all you need to do is click on the links below to connect with me on social media and let’s use technology for the POSITIVE.

Facebook. Instagram.

Fitness is so much more FUN when we do it TOGETHER!

15 minute total body workout video

Featured Workout of the Week:
Dynamic: Weighted Cardio

If you have a pair of 2-5 lb weights, grab 'em and go!. If not, no worries...you'll still get an AMAZING workout in just 15 minutes. Upper body and lower body activation at it's BEST! Go ahead...

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Doylestown ymca

Class Schedule:

Barre Fusion
Mondays        10:00am-10:55am
Wednesdays  11:00am-11:55am
Saturdays          8:45am-9:30am

Saturdays         9:40am-10:20am

At The Central Bucks YMCA - Doylestown

If you have any questions about the classes above or missed me after class with a comment/question, feel free to email me at janine@jbirdfitness.com or simply replying to this email. I love seeing you pop up in my inbox

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