Are You Working Out Where You're Supposed To Be?

In the past few days I have found myself not only thinking about my fitness goals for 2019 but also everything else in my life.

The BIG three:


Now I know “myself” could include working out. But at this stage in my life, exercising in my book is a non-negotiable. I’ve gotta move to stay healthy & strong. So, taking it off the list of wants because it’s really a need. Hoping you feel the same way. And if not…in the next few months I’ll convince otherwise.


So, let’s move on.


Right now I’m laughing because I have a feeling you're going to say, "but wait…aren’t family & work a need to take care of too?" 


They are needs, as in they need a hell of a lot of your attention. But when I’m talking about the BIG three, I’m thinking in terms of things I WANT.


Like, I want to:

  1. Not feel stressed the moment I wake up.

  2. Be unglued from my phone, to enjoy more moments with my kids.

  3. Stop thinking “crap, I’m never going to get to all of this” as I look at my checklist for the day.

  4. Be okay when things don’t turn out the way they were “supposed to”…

  5. turn, be flexible enough to go with the flow.

  6. Stop having to get out of bed a 1,000 times because I forgot something.

Can you relate to any of these?


When I look at each one, then the whole, I find the common thread to be time.


The one constant always looming over my head is…TIME.


Ugh, that damn thing just ticks ticks ticks away and I never feel like I have enough of it.


I’ve never been good with my time. I’m the creative type, who likes to think I’m a free-spirit who thrives on the whims of life's happenings. 


But the bottom line is…family & work need timelines to get sh*t done.


So what’s going to give?


Most women I talk to say “the gym”.


Eeeeekkkk! That’s a fitness instructor’s worst nightmare.


But if I’m telling you the truth right now, I don’t have time to go to the gym.




The fitness pro. The one who LOVES this sh*t, doesn’t have time.


Gosh, I’m cursing a lot. But that’s because it’s FREAKING ME OUT!


I’m freaking out because it’s important to move your body on a daily basis. 


If you want to argue with me, then let’s take it outside. But I really don’t want to have to beat the living fitness into you. It’s meant to be uplifting, enjoyable, and FUN! So, let’s keeping moving here…


YES! Let’s keep moving.

So, what if you can’t take the extra time to go to the gym?

Have an unexpected meeting or appointment come up? The kids activities not ending until 9pm? You still need to go grocery shopping? (PSST! You could order online & have them delivered. Luxury, yes. Necessity, sometimes.)


  • Go for a walk around the block or park in the furthest spot in the lot.

  • Put your phone away and show your kids how it's really done on the playground.

  • Take the stairs, rather than the escalator.

  • After you order your groceries online, hop on and squeeze in a 15 minute workout. :)

  • Dinner in the oven? Do this barre workout at your counter top, while you wait for the buzzer to go off.

  • Go to "bed" early. But before you get under the sheets, do a mini yoga stretch session to quiet your mind (Gosh, that sounds delightful.)


It all counts. You count. So make every move count.


Question: Will I, Janine, go to the gym this week?

Truth: Yes. But when I can’t, I will do other things to connect to my body.

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After taking the survey, take a moment to think…Is that the best place for you to workout, considering the time you have and the things you want for 2019?


Would love to know your thoughts? 


So, email at or click HERE to leave a post on our JBF Community page. 


In the months ahead, I want you too rethink your workout strategy, not just in terms of what you do but where you do it and how it can change ALL the hours in your day.


With Love,


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