What To Do With Your Halloween Candy Overload...

Fitness Halloween Nightmare

Holy Crap, do you have this much candy in the house right now?


Seriously I think we doubled the amount of candy, that we even gave out. And what sucks is I work from home all day and it’s staring me in the face.

So for anyone that doesn’t know this about me, I am a sweets-aholic. I know, I know, you are thinking “I thought she runs a fitness company”....well, I do. But I also LOVE candy. Well let’s be specific…Chocolate. So right now I am in trouble.


But here’s the deal, being a “Mind/Body Exercise Specialist”… sounds so fancy right?….has really taught me a lot of things over the years. In my 20’s I was so hard on myself. I counted ever calorie I ate, had an eating disorder and exercised waaaay too much. And those are just the facts. The whole other side of things…the emotional side, was filled with guilt & insecurity. None of it was healthy. But from the outside I looked like I was in amazing shape and I even thought this way of living was good. And I’m not afraid to say now that I was wrong. Beyond wrong.


So here is what I have learned. I am going to eat some of this candy. That’s the truth. And here’s another truth…I get to decide if I want to feel crappy or guilty about it. 


I also get to decide everything else I do with my day. And I have found if I stay on track with the things I KNOW make my body feel good, I make better decisions. 


But here’s the kicker, if you bag everything else, start to scarf down the bucket of candy, stop exercising, order pizza instead of making dinner and on top of it feel shitty for doing it…well, I hate to say it, but you will be singing’ the holiday blues before the holidays even get here.


So what has teaching 20 years of fitness taught me? KEEP MOVING! YES! You have to make sure there is movement happening in your day and if you are strongly tempted by the Halloween candy in the house or anything else for that matter, working out earlier in the day is better than later because if you wait you may be tempted to scrap it and that’s the worst decision you could make.


See it’s not about the piece of candy, it’s about getting on a fitness track that works for you which will make your body happy and then when temptation comes, you will less likely over indulge.


I know, it sounds easier than it is. Beside being a sweets-aholic I am a realist. So that’s why, I am running a fitness challenge starting THIS Monday, November 6th.

JBird Fitness Challenge #feelgoodfitness

It’s totally FREE.

You only need to commit to 15 minutes a day for 14-days.

You workout with me via video on www.JBirdFitness.com

And we even have a Facebook group set up for you, for extra support and motivation.

Listen, you are not alone. I’m a fitness pro and even I struggle with this every year. But it doesn’t need to be a struggle.  You can have your cake (or candy for this matter) and eat it to. You just need to MOVE, KEEP MOVING and STAY MOTIVATED.


And I am here to help you with all of that.


So for more details and to register for the Challenge click HERE.


Because you deserve to feel good during this holiday season.


Feel free to email me at janine@jbirdfitness.com if you have any questions or thoughts.


And I am excited to get this challenge under way, so invite your friends and let’s keep moving together.

Love, Janine

P.S. If you have already signed up for the challenge. Pass this message on to everyone and anyone you know. Because fitness is more FUN with those we love :)