Your Guide to a Mind/Body Transformation

Two happiness quests down and one to go. If you are just catching up on my JBird newsletters, I’ve been taking about how to infuse more joy in our lives and how it spreads throughout your day when you do.


My first happiness trigger was I love seeing success in the eyes of others. The second was listening and finding new music that moves me, physically and emotionally. And this week I wrap it up with my third “makes me feel so happy” moments and that is...teaching fitness classes. 


There is something that happens to me when I walk in a studio, turn the music on and start class. I feel more myself than ever. Although my mind is all on my students, the choreography and the energy of the room, the electricity running through my veins is so palpable I can’t ignore it.

So I am now asking you...

What is THE one thing that unexplicably lights a fire within you?

I'd love to know, so shoot me an email at or share with us in the comments below.

Weekly Inspiration:

The main theme at JBird this month has been Transformation and moving ourselves toward positivity. Moving being the key word here because we can dream about healthy changes in our life but if we don't take intentful action then nothing ever changes.

So this week, for myself, I handed in paperwork to start teaching class at a local gym. It’s been over 2 years since I have had a regular class on my weekly schedule and I’m ready to get back in the game. Simply because I miss it and it makes me happy.

Can you take action today to move toward a happier you?

Talking about moving, I've got something to get your body in motion. 

Fitness Challenge #feelgoodfitness

I am so excited about this challenge because I know how crazy it is going to get in the next 2 months and I am determined more than ever to keep you on track.

The #feelgoodfitness Challenge starts Monday, November 6th:

It’s FREE, so invite all of your friends.

It's going to be EXCITING. (hint: we are doing things a little different this time)

And by committing to just 15 minutes of movement a day, it's going to be LIFE-CHANGING.

Registration has already begun. So click HERE to sign-up today!

With Love,

P.S. The NEW JBird Fitness video release is Transform: Dynamic Stretch. This is not your typical "ho-hum" stretch routine. It's dynamic because you are going to be moving through most of the stretches and working your muscles at the same time. So get ready to move and feel great!

Members: Click HERE to go directly to the workout.
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