The Ultimate Exercise


This month JBird’s focus is alignment. We are going to explore ways to align your body through exercise to help get in line with your thoughts & the intentions you want to set in the months ahead.

To start, I want to ask you one question:

How do you feel about your body (when you look in the mirror, when you are doing your daily thing, when you are exercising, etc…)?

I know, how rude of me, right! If you read the question and felt really vulnerable, you're not alone. Looking at ourselves honestly can be tough sometimes. We are all critical, especially after eating all that Halloween candy LOL. But don’t just look at the "flaws". I want you to think of one thing you would like to improve about your body and then one thing you LOVE about your body.

You may have a different answer tomorrow than today, depending on how you are feeling. And you will notice, how your body feels dictates what your mind is thinking and vice versa. Play with it and let me know what you come up with.

I have started the conversation in the comment section below and would love to hear your thoughts as well. Leave a comment on the blog or send me a private email at


If you want to play with a move to help answer the question above, the plank is the ultimate exercise to tap into every inch of your body. You don’t need to be balancing on stones, like I am here, but follow the steps below to get you in the optimal position and get a total body workout in minutes.


The Plank

  1. Place your hands under the shoulders with your fingers spread out, as you look about 6-8 inches in front of your finger tips.
  2. Extend your legs behind you, balancing on the toes/balls of the feet and create a long line from the crown of your head to the backs of your heels.
  3. Allow the sides of the neck to be long by sliding the shoulder blades down the length of your back, opening your heart to your thumbs.
  4. Breath naturally while drawing your belly button and ribs inward.
  5. Keep your hips level with your shoulders and squeeze your butt.
  6. If you need support for the back, place your knees on the ground.
  7. Hold plank for up to one minute.


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