How-to Guide to JBird Fitness

Hello there,

I received a GREAT question by one of your fellow members and I wanted to forward you a little cheat sheet, I sent her, on how to utilize JBird Fitness in an easy & FUN way.  

Debra's question was:

"What would you suggest to make it a full class workout like the ones you taught at Equinox? Is there a pattern of videos you'd recommend in a particular order?"

FABULOUS question, Debra! Thanks for asking :)

My Answer:

When you click the "WORKOUT" page on the website, the list of videos available will pop up.  

At the very top, are the newly released videos for the month.  As the month goes by, the videos will all have the same Title (ex: Barre Redefined) but the subtitles (Cardio, Legs, etc...) are different.  The videos all with the same Title compliment one another and, at the end of the month, they create a Workout Collection (full 45-60 minute complete workout).

At the end of the month, those videos are then put into the Video Library (in the lower half of the "workout" page)

I wanted everyone from the get-go to have full length workouts available.  So, I put 2 complete workouts in the Video Library for the launch.

The complete workouts Total Body Strength & Get Moving are ready to go.  I suggest doing them from top to bottom as listed on the site.
To make it SUPER easy to do a Workout Collection, simple click on a "magenta" Title (ex: Total Body Strength) and all the videos will pop-up on one page together in the sequential order I suggest.

You are also welcome to do them in a different order or Mix n Match with another collection, depending on your wants/needs.

WOW, that was a doozy! But, I want to make navigating JBird Fitness as easy as possible, so, like Debra, always feel free to reach out to me with ANY questions!

Got it! GREAT! Now, let's get moving :)