C-H-A-N-G-E Your Perspective For The Better!

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A special note to all of my fellow moms:

Have you ever stared off, looking at someone passing by or scrolling though social media and think "Gosh, she really looks awesome. Why can't I get my sh*t together?"


Well I am here to tell you, "You're doing a great job."

It may not feel like it, especially when life feels chaotic and the unpredictable happens, but you really are doing a GREAT job.


You can be the most amazing planner and still something goes awry. And the more you fight it, the worst it feels.


As your fitness trainer, I am here to say...give yourself a break every once in while. No one's life is perfect. So enjoy the messiness of life. And when it comes to your fitness goals... do the best you can.


Isn’t that what we tell our kids?


Give it what you can, when you can.


My 20 something self would be surprised I’m saying this. Back then I would've been your cheerleader giving you a "Ra Ra Sis Boom Bah... You Can Do it! You’ve just got to commit to it." But with a family and work on my plate now, I see things in a different light.

Here's the catch though...

You can't give up, simply stay with the status quo, or just go through the motions. If you do, you're a goner.

And before you know it, life will feel like Groundhogs Day or you'll skip out on taking care of yourself, first chance you get.

Listen, learning a discipline or honing in on your technique is GREAT but just sticking with what you know because it's comfortable isn't going to cut it because:

  1. Over time, it won't work.

  2. It could possibly cause injuries or overuse issues.

  3. It gets B-O-R-I-N-G BORING!

(yes, I'm still cheering )


This is the time of the year to go for it, take chances, switch things up, shake those winter blues right on their ass!


So do it!

Here comes the final cheer.

(wait for it)

When you can...give it EVERYTHING you can. And it WILL certainly change things for the positive.

I believe in you. You really are doing a GREAT job taking care other people. Now is the time to take time for yourself, even if it’s only 15 minutes a day

Let's spice things up, make life interesting and have some FUN along the way.


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P.S. I really was a cheerleader in high school and still have a mean split jump, so don't you even think about messin' with me. (said with the most ridiculously huge smile on my face and feathered hair from the 90's)

What's Happening with JBird Fitness:

Looking to change things up but time is limited? I hear you. 

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That's why we started the #28DaysToChange Movement Challenge on JBird Instagram & Facebook Community page.

It only takes one minute a day and will wake your body up for sure.

Join us! 

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I leave the power in your hands...



Featured Workout of the Week
Transform: Total Body

I strategically chose the Transform Workout Series on JBirdFitness.com to be your focus this month because we are honing in on how every small movement and small change in our daily happenings can shift our perspective, make us more body aware and appreciate the body we live in everyday.

The Transform: Total Body workout video is chocked fulll of moves to wake up your body as a whole. No muscle gets unnoticed. They collectively make up YOU and all of YOU matters. 

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Class Schedule:


Barre Fusion
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Wednesdays  11:00am-11:55am
Saturdays          8:45am-9:30am

Saturdays         9:40am-10:20am

At The Central Bucks YMCA - Doylestown


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