What's Your Favorite Workout Do?

Let’s talk hair!

A couple of weeks ago I started to teach a dance class at Nex Level Fitness, here in Doylestown, and a new member came in saying she had no idea what she should be wearing to class. Was she supposed to wear the same workout gear she wears for Boot Camp class or Spin? Or did she need to wear something flashy and funky?


I’m a believer in dressing the part but before I knew it, the words “it doesn’t matter to me what you wear but you should definitely keep your hair down” were coming out of my mouth.


New Member: “Really?”


Me: “Yep…It’ll remind you to let loose and relax”


My reply made me chuckle but when I thought about it some more, I realized I definitely have hair do’s for each fitness class I teach.


I’ve got my...

Barre Hair - "The Twisty Mid-Bun"

Barre Hair

The high bun is all the rage right now, but I’m sticking’ with what I know and do well. I struggled for years to keep my fine yet over abundant hair back while teaching fitness, until my hairdresser showed me the twists.

Thank God!!!

I could finally keep my hair back for the whole day without fussing. And it even gives me a little extra style, making people think I actually take time to do my Do. In reality, it’s a done deal within 2-3 minutes. Bonus: it’s a perfect style for barre since it’s got that ballerina flare.

Next, I have my...

Yoga Hair

Yoga Hair - "The High Pony"

Why? I like my hair back so it’s not in my face while I’m hanging upside down in downward facing dog. But I get so frustrated with a bun, especially in savasana, because I can’t wind down with that damn bun getting in the way. It’s even worse if you have bobby pins in and they are piercing your scalp.

The high pony tail allows for my hair to be back but also flips up and away, bump free, while I find my zen in our final resting pose.

Dance Hair

And finally, my..

Dance Hair: "Fly Free" or "Hat It Up!"

This one is tricky because there are a few factors that come into play. The biggest factor is my mood but music definitely plays a role. If I know I’ve got some latin, sexy tunesin the playlist, flying free is going to win. But let’s be honest here. If I haven’t washed my hair and it’s all kinds of greasy matted down, the hat WINS!

So there you have it. Probably didn’t think it was so technical, did ya?


Well, it is ;)


Dressing the part (or in this case, setting your hair) gets you in the mood, preparing you to Rock Your Workout with the right attitude!


So go get’ em this week and Rock that Do!


Do you have a favorite Workout Do?


Tell me about. Email me at janine@jbirdfitness.com or leave a comment at the bottom of this blog.

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  4. Diagonal Heel Forward/Back/Forward - Slide 4x
  5. Pivot Turn 2x (right) - (quick) Triple Heel Digs
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