What Happens When You Stop Procrastinating...

I don’t know how this happened, but it was a good thing I finally did a major clean out of my closet because the temperatures have been frigid here in PA the past few days. Not only did I have sundresses & tees taking up precious real estate but I have also been in desperate need of a good cleansing, and man, did it feel goooooood.


Beside being stuck between seasons, I had an obscene amount of clothing taking up room in my itty bitty closet I hadn’t worn in years.


So even though I would've rather been relaxing, I had to take the time to pull out the winter layers from the attic and de-hanger to re-hanger the heck out of my wardrobe.


Then replace the storage bins with donation boxes.


Yes, I finally got rid of the non-fitting, over worn and out dated styles that have been making me feel claustrophobic.


It was a workout!


But now that it's done, I can pour a glass of wine, kick up my feet with a smile, and have peace of mind. The clutter is gone and I’ve got a fresh begin to a new season.


I can’t help but think how this relates to Fall and how trees shed their leaves.


By "cleaning house" I was able to look at what I really wanted hanging in my closet and more importantly on my body plus get it in line with how I want it to express my personal style, in this moment in time (not five years ago nor pre-kids).


I procrastinated, griped and moaned about doing it but now it’s like a weight off of my shoulders.


Sometimes you got to do something uncomfortable to be the most comfortable in your own skin.

So I ask, what can you do this week in your fitness routine that will bring a little discomfort but be oh so gratifying?


If you’ve been thinking about doing something different, let me know in the comment section below this blog. Make yourself accountable and get the job done. Seriously, you will feel amazing afterward.

If you are not sure what to do, try this workout:

(click the picture to access the video)


We did this routine on Day #2 of the #feelgoodfitness challenge and Christine A. from NJ said, “Butt Killer!!!” and my response...

“Thank you for making my day. Not only did your comment make me LOL but it also made me feel better because I was thinking the same exact thing, after doing the challenge workout myself!.”


The video is 15 minutes in length. So I know you can squeeze it in by tomorrow.

Why tomorrow? Because it will only be available for viewing until midnight on Monday. I want to empower you to take charge NOW and do something different. It will make a positive difference in your day. Even if it is just for the sake of your butt ;)


I also want to share a new song I've been playing over and over and over again while working and working out.


Click to listen:  I Like Me Better With You by Lauv


We may not be lovers, like the song, but I definitely like ME BETTER WITH YOU! Since we only meet up in your inbox once a week, I would love to see you more.

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