Fall Fitness: Thrive on Change

Fall Pedicure

My pedicure color has changed as the leaves have started to change their colors and the Fall season has begun. I absolutely LOVE this time of the year. Being in the Northeast means a crispness in the air, playfully layering clothes, and pumpkin festivals galore. But even if you are not from this area, the season known for change and transformation is upon us.

And taking notes from Mother Nature is always a smart and, I think, FUN way to keep things in life fresh & exciting.

Thrive On Change
Change can mean a lot of different things to different people so let’s narrow down some ideas for you to modify your fitness program so it doesn’t disrupt your daily life but lights a spark of positivity on your movement practices.

Yoga Seated Twist

1.  Shake Things Up - If you are not seeing the changes you want in your body, your energy level or even your sleep patterns, you most likely have reached a plateau or you’re not challenging your body in the ways it needs to be challenged. There is no one size fits all fitness program. Sometimes it takes a little trial & error and a willingness to play with different options. And the world is filled with so many fitness options there is no reason to keep doing the same things over & over again, if it’s not working. So, try something new. Even if that means just once a week. That one change will transform your body’s whole outlook and interaction with your other beloved workouts.

Yoga Wide Legged Forward Fold

2.  Flip It - Hate change or fear a complete overhaul may throw you off course? One easy way to make a change but keep things the same is to flip your workouts upside down. Two ways you can do this…1) Write down your weekly workout plan and simply reverse the days, by doing your Friday workout on Monday, Thursday on Tuesday, and so on or... 2) On strength day reverse the exercise order you usual do or go crazy and begin your yoga practice with savasana. Literally flip your workouts upside down. Your mind will be stimulate and your body will need to make adjustments in its rhythm & recovery.

Yoga Cross Legged Pose

3.  Respect “The Ruler” of your domain (your body!) - Take cues from your body. For example: Has your body been feeling sore? Replace one of your cardio or strength days with a yoga or stretch practice. Or maybe you always find yourself having to ask someone to open the jar of sauce for you…add an arm workout to your repertoire.

These are just a few ideas of ways to spice things up but are not the only ones. If you have a FUN way to make positive changes to your fitness program, I’d love to hear about. Email me at janine@jbirdfitness.com or even better yet, share it with the JBird Fitness community by leaving a comment below.

While writing this newsletter the song "Be The Change" kept popping up in my mind. I used to play it often in my yoga classes a few years back but, listening to it again, I realize this is a great tune to move in any way that works for you. Take a listen and let me know what you think. 

Be The Change - MC Yogi


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