6 Tricks to Positivity for a Fit & Healthy Life

After last week's events, the one thing I knew I could count on was the power of positive thinking. Now, she is not always the easiest thing to stir up but you can't deny her ability to have a profound effect on our everyday life and the people who you love.


So I am sharing with you some tricks to keep your spirits up, even when things look down:


  1. Move Your Body Daily.
  2. Eat Thoughtfully.
  3. Sleep Well.
  4. Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back. 
  5. Add Value & Positivity to Someone Else’s Life.
  6. Take Life a Little Slower to Enjoy the Everyday Simple Things.


I will admit, #1 is the only one I can honestly say I’ve got down pat. And everything else is a work in progress.


As for #5, I can’t help but think of a video I saw this past week that a friend posted on Facebook. Maybe you saw it? It was about a grandfather/retired Marketing Executive who twice a week goes to his local hospital in Atlanta to hold and spend time with newborn NICU babies, who’s parents can not be with them. And get this...he has been doing this for 12 years. When I saw this video it warmed my heart. The nurses said this act of kindness helps the babies' gain weight faster and become stronger and the nurses, themselves, treasure his donation of time and nurturing. 

I know most of us don’t have the time right now to do something like this but it really got me thinking about the things I could be doing, like being more patient with my kids (even when they are driving me crazy, LOL) or simply saying good morning & smiling at a stranger passing by on a sidewalk. I know when I have taken the time to be kinder, all the other things on the list are more manageable.


Every bit helps make the world a better place.

I promise to keep working on the above and I’ll continue to motivate you to move your body.

The Clam Exercise

Challenge of the Week:  Make a positive change to your hips & butt with this exercise.

  1. Lie on your side with your knees bent and your head either elevated on your hand or reclined.
  2. Head, shoulders, hips and heels in line.
  3. Then get into starting position by lifting your heels up in the air.
  4. Open & close the thighs to create the shape of a diamond for 12-15 repetitions before switching to the other side.
  5. One set is great and you can build your stamina up to 3 full sets.

King Dancer Yoga

This Week's New Release

Transform: Legs

You will see the move above in this video, as the focus is hips, butt & thighs. It's a quick 15 minute workout to really concentrate on these areas and I'll warn you now, you will definitely feel the burn but in the best way possible!

Click HERE to go directly to the workout video. 

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I hope this newsletter has inspired you to start off your week on a positive note. Feel free to forward this to anyone who you think could benefit from this message and keep moving, my friend.




P.S. Click HERE to see the amazingly generous grandfather video I was talking about.