15 to 60 minute Barre Workouts

I took a little trip into NYC this past week and was reminded of how life changes yet some things stay the same. Like…I still love my cup of coffee from the same place and sitting in Washington Square park people watching is so much fun but yet my perspective on things & life have changed, pretty dramatically.


Diving back into your old life can be so insightful! For me, the visit to my old stomping grounds was not only fun but it checked off a much needed visit with an old colleague/friend, gave my a look into the world of fitness tv show making and dare I say, it was relaxing. 


Yes, relaxing. Not possible in NYC? I would have agreed with you 2 years ago when I was still working there but being able to be a fly on the wall, with no pressure to be anywhere and even taking my mommy hat off for the day was a much needed change of pace. Even if it was only for a handful of hours.

Check out my VLOG on You Tube (by clicking the picture below) to get a peek at my day in NYC and subscribe to my channel, as I am planning on chatting it up on camera more often and giving you a little look into my crazy life as a fitness mom trying to start a business.

Beside chillin’ in the city, the visit started to bring back memories of different places & classes I used to teach. Even though I’ve taught Dance, Spin, Step, and Strength classes throughout the years, when I left Manhattan my schedule was mostly packed with Barre classes.

Ironically, Barre is the theme for September at JBird. So, here are 4 different exercises from each one of the videos released this past month for you to try. 

Quick Total Body Barre Workout

Do all four exercises for a total body workout. I suggest doing 16-20 reps of each exercise one time through. Then repeat the circuit for 2 more rounds.

(Click on the picture to watch the 30 sec. demo video)

If you have any questions about the workout (ex: technique, modifications, intensifying etc...) don't hesitate to email me at janine@jbirdfitnes.com

To workout with the whole workout video series (1 hour workout), click HERE, then go to the Workout Video Library to find “Barre Express” and have FUN!