A Fitness Transformation, Right Before Your Eyes

When I started this conversation, a few weeks back, I didn’t mean for this to turn into a “mini-series”. But sometimes things in life just happen.


So let’s dive into the final Follow-Through Method. And if you missed any of the newsletters these past few Sundays, click HERE to catch up.

Being thorough with school work has been an ongoing theme in our house, since my first 2nd grade parent-teacher conference at the beginning of the year. 


My 8 year old daughter, Sierra, loves to finish first. Which sometimes means she misses something along the way. I totally blame this on my husband, as he's the one with the uber competitive nature. The exact opposite of me. I’m the person, in a race, who slows down at the end waiting for the last person in line so we can finish together. And sports? Never on my radar, unless I know someone on a team. Then, I’m the crazy lady screaming on the sidelines.

My never-in-a-rush, cross every t & dot every i personality, drives my husband CRAZY! But when it comes to fitness, it has served me well.

Particulately when it comes to form and getting the most out of my workouts. And if you've taken class with me, that means yours too 😁

So #3 in our Follow-Through Method is (drum roll please)...

Untitled (1).jpg
  1. Form & alignment always trump speed and pizazz. 

  2. Before you start an exercise make sure you're in optimal position and know where you should be going next. 

  3. Line up your joints to support your body and create specific angles & shapes to mindfully get your body in prime working position.

  4. Click on the video below for an example of what I'm talkin' about.

Fit Tip: "Keeping Good Form" on the JBird Fitness You Tube Channel

Now when it comes to starting smoothly & finishing with finesse, you can start playing around with the thoughts & ideas below to amp up your workout routine even more:

  • Think about your joints just as much as your muscles. How?

  • Incorporate circular motion into your routine. Like...wrist circles, before you do push-ups or torso rotations, after ab work.

  • It will trigger your thoughts to hone in on your next moveand lubricate the joint for smooth action & a little extra cushion, if you do it before an exercise.

  • And it can prepare your body for a deeper stretch or simply release any built up intensity, if you do it afterward. Either way, it's all good stuff :)

  • This only takes seconds to do. Seriously! 5 wrist circles in one direction, 5 in the other and you are ready to go. Just like your bones need calcium to be strong and your muscles need movement to be agile, your joints need some love too. So give em the love they deserve.

Lastly, when it comes to form, use every tool you have. Like holding onto a counter top or high back chair to help with balancing postures, such as stationary lunges or rear leg lifts (that's arabesques for my barre & dance peeps), until you feel strong enough to do them freestanding or when you want to feel secure in your form but start to work on your depth & range of motion.

And don't be afraid to stand in front of a mirror to check your alignment. 

I know looking in the mirror can sometimes stir up negative emotions. But you've got to throw that aside to make a positive change. And the AWESOME thing about it, you will literally be able to watch the transformation happen right before your eyes.

I am here for you.

Not sure about a certain exercise and want to double check you're doing it right?

Shoot me an email at janine@jbirdfitness.com or write a post on the JBird Fitness Facebook Community page HERE and we'll work together to get the most out of every second of your workout.

I want you to feel confident in your fitness journey, so please don't hesitate to reach out. It's what I ❤️ to do!

With Love,

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NEW Class Starting in April
If you missed the announcement, I have a new class on my weekly schedule.

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