Did You Miss The Resolution Window Too?

I know you weren't expecting me until Sunday and I hate to come unannounced but I had a thought and wanted to share.

More like a confession.

I'm sitting here in our public library because I was looking for a quiet place and, in all honesty, avoiding being surrounded by the still-need-to-be-desperately-taken-down Christmas decorations at our house.

After being on a mini-hiatus from work for nearly 2 weeks, I was dusting away the cobwebs in my brain and began to think. 

"I feel like I need to make a grand gesture here" being the New Year and all. But...

I'm not ready to dive in.

I know. If you read my newsletter from this past Sunday you may be thinking "But Janine, you said simply take 10 minutes for yourself and think about the positive changes you want to come in 2019."

And I meant it.

You are worth 10 minutes. Hell, you're worth a WHOLE lot more.

But what if, when I asked you to do that, you couldn't. Your brain, like mine, was still in mommy mushy mode and to make a realistic intention for your months going forward was unrealistic in itself.

I realize most everyone else is posting on social media these BIG ideas they have already committed to conquer, but until today I didn't even have time to pee by myself, let alone be fully engulfed in a resolution that was "supposed" to start yesterday.

I don't want to sound like a hypocrite. I really thought it was possible to just take 10 minutes but... I got interrupted. 

With pen & paper in hand (to write down my goals), I snuck into the closet, locked the door, closed my eyes for a moment to think, and then...."Mommy, where are you? I need you...." KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK "You in there?"

So I am here, telling my truth.

I didn't have the 10 minutes the other day, but I do today and making it happen.

First on my list:


Lesson learned from the above!



I may not always be able to make the deadline, but I won't let it stop me from moving forward and making progress.

If you ran into the same problem I did this past Sunday, it's okay. But now that the kids are back in school, let's get down to business. Our business. Our goals and no one elses. The ones which will put a smile on your face and in turn, put a smile on the people around you. Because without carving out time to simply be one with yourself, you lose yourself.

Let's be in it this year. Actually, let's be in it as much as we can possibly be.

In what?

In the present.

Not looking so far down the road, we lose sight of the progress we are making today. Giving ourselves a pat on the back for small accomplishments, feeding off that positive energy and letting it propel us forward into each & every day.


So, I ask again...what positive changes would you like to see for YOURSELF going forward, in this thing called Life.

With Love,