Holiday Fitness Guide

It’s here.


With Thanksgiving behind us the December holiday season is knocking on your door…and it’s not a subtle knock.


You: Eehhhhhh!


Stop, Don’t Freak Out. You’ve Got This!

You just need to take a deep breath, do a little re-organizing & change your mind.



Yep, I need you to stop thinking you are going to be able to workout like you have been.




I know I am usually here to encourage you to workout more, but not this season.


Nothing worse than planning a workout, getting swamped and then getting frustrated or disappointed in yourself for not checking it off your list.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to hang up your spandex and wait to dust them off in January. I simply want you to be realistic with your time and give yourself goals you KNOW you can achieve.


The good thing is you have been working with me the past couple of weeks on being more efficient & effective with your workouts. So even though you need to shave some time off of your fitness schedule to fit holiday events, shopping, etc… into your days, you won’t be slacking off by any means.


In fact, you will be working smarter, getting more done than you would have before and still feeling great in your body during this busy time of the year.


So for the first time ever, you are going hear me say “take setting your expectations high off the table and let’s be realistic”


Think about the best week you have EVER had getting your workouts in. Was it 6 days? Was it 4?


Now, cut it in half.


Let your main focus be on how WELL you are working out, not how much.


Yep, less will be more for the next several weeks. 


Your first task to get the job done is a mindset shift.


Preparing yourself mentally for the changes to come, excepting the inevitable yet keeping a positive outlook, knowing you can have your cake & eat it too.


Yes! Your can stay fit and enjoy the holiday season. But you have got to be willing to make some changes.


Your Focus for the End of 2018:


  • BE CREATIVE with your workout schedule. Just because you normally workout Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, doesn’t mean “oh well, this week I can't exercise Monday or Friday so I’ll bag it”. You need to look at Tuesday and/or Thursday. How about skipping the gym but working out at home instead? That will save you at least 30 minutes. Be creative, not stubborn with your time. 

  • GIVE IT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. Your concentration on exercise form is going to be your best friend this upcoming month. Get more bang for your buck, while you commit to working out at your highest level of effort possible, in order to save time & feel great in your body.

  • ENJOY EVERY MOMENT. Thinking positively & being fully present while you are working out will help you relax into the holiday season stress-free, happy & staying on your health track.

IMG_5913 (1).jpgJBird Fitness Janine Boland

Like I said, "You've got this!"...and now you can open your door with a smile.



P.S. If you missed the exercise technique tips, click on the pink highlighted exercises here for details on The SquatThe Push-Up or The Tick Tock. (once you are on the Blog page scroll down for pics & descriptions)

P.P.S. If there is a different exercise you would like guidance on, by all means, email me at . I'd be more than happy to help.

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