Back-to-School = Back to YOU!

Last week we were talking about the summer coming to a close with vacation times wrapping up and I had said "What's wrong with that?".

Like everyone else I love down time and getting away from the day to day grind. But there is something also to be said about the routine and order that comes with going back home and the Back-to-School time of year. Now my kids are still pretty young. Sierra is only going into 1st grade and Nora is in Preschool, but I am actually looking forward to a more structured schedule in the weeks ahead. 

Is that crazy?

A good night's sleep

I like to think of the Back-to-School time to be more like New Year's resolutionsSo after Labor Day (because that is when our kids begin school) I am going to be going to bed, no matter what, at 10pm. This is going to be so hard for me. But I know if I can prioritize sleep and get it as regular as possible (let's be realistic, I still have very small kids in the house, and I hear it doesn't get any better HA!), I will be able to not only take care of our home, and my business better, but I will be able to take care of myself BETTER!

And all because vacations are ending and school is going back into session.

Is there something you'd like to get back on track in the upcoming weeks?

If exercise is one of them, I'd love to help.

The members of JBird & I have been chatting on the website and our private Facebook group the past couple of months and it has made working out at home so much more fun!

Fitness Community Online

Since we have actually one more week until the kids go back to school and are lucky enough to have a brother-in-law & sister-in-law who own a beach house, Ryan, the girls, and I are headed to Spring Lake, NJ  for most of this week. I will certainly be working out and most every day be doing at least one JBird workout.

I'd love for you to join me and also join in on the conversations we are having on .

If you have never tried JBird before, click HERE to join us for a 3-day trial.

And start off the new school year setting yourself up for an A+ in physical education ;)

See you on the website,