Plan Ahead & Feel Free to Play

Did I get your wheels turning last week, thinking about different ways to keep moving this summer? Good, because this week I want to talk about your new aspirations, setting a plan to stay on track and having FUN while you are doing it!

Truth: You & I both know once this summer gets into full swing our lives are going to be turned upside down and we may get swept up in the moment. But there is a way to have your cake and eat it too. 

My first question, "what do you see yourself doing, beside sipping on margaritas"?  Yes, I will be having a few of those myself but I also see myself spending more time outside playing with my kids. We just got them kites & fishing rods to add to the mix. I am also always up for a bike ride and want to have more family outings before it gets to be 100 degrees here in PA . And lastly, I want to get out on the water somehow. I'd love to try paddle boarding this year.

For you it could by waking up early before the rest of the household gets up and getting a few miles in on those running shoes in the quiet cool summer mornings. Or maybe your local pool offers lap time or water aerobics and you are looking forward to moving in the water. I also know some friends who plan on hitting every amusement park within a days drive of their home, so roller coaster rides & a ton of walking are in their future.

It all sounds fun to me. But will it happen.

Think YES, and it will. 

Don't wish your time away. Aspire to put these visions in your mind into play and creating AMAZING experiences your memories will cherish for a lifetime.

How? Make a plan. 

This one is tough for me. I'm not a planner but with 3 other people in my family I have learned if I don't set up a plan and then communicate that plan to my family, it most likely won't happen.

So here is your chance, before the summer gets away from you.

Set up a calendar. Write down all of the scheduled activities/work/occasions that are already on the board. And not just everyone else's activities, you deserve some time to dream, move, and play too.

Then start to fill in the gaps. Oh, and make sure to fill in a few days of chill time.

No one says this schedule is etched in stone. In fact I still use mini post-its on our family calendar just in case things need to get juggled around.

But if you have a personal goal, talk to the people in your life and look to them for encouragement, support and even companionship during these next few months.

It will keep things light, fun and interesting and make your visions come to life.

Aspire to be your visions in play.

You are definitely going to need a lot of energy for all the summer activities coming up and with such a busy schedule, well, a JBird workout is PERFECT to keep you ready for anything that comes your way!

For the month of June, I named the next workout series "Aspire" not knowing I was going to be writing this blog but as life always shows you, there is a reason for everything :)


So get excited for the new release tomorrow "Aspire: Cardio, Mobility & Core". Yes, we get all 3 and more in just 15 minutes. Let it move you into summer feeling pumped up for all the FUN and new adventures to come.

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Oh, and definitely watch the JBird Fitness Fit Tip of the week HERE. It's another time saving move you can integrate into any workout routine or use on its own to wake that summer body up!

Enjoy the sunshine and embrace the rain!