You live in your body every day, NOW OWN IT!

Let me tell you a story about Tiffany. Tiffany & I usually get to see one another during an annual family vacation while each of our families get away to North Myrtle Beach, SC during the month of August. Last summer we were settling into our beach chairs, after running around trying to apply sunscreen on our kids, and finally had a moment to catch up. After the usual banter about our family milestones of the past year our conversation changed direction toward the subject of working out. Tiffany is an avid runner and, well you know, I'm a fitness instructor so the switch was natural. I began to tell her about my new venture with JBird and in an instant I realized what I was creating would be perfect for Tiffany. She LOVES running and has been looking for ways to get stronger without interfering with her training regiment. 

I have heard similar stories before. Whether you love another sport, don't want to compromise your time with your children, have a job with specific time demands or a tight budget, your gut is telling you, you need a change but the traditional answers like joining a gym or working out for an hour a day are just not going to cut it.

It can be a body battle. One you fight daily, which turns into fatigue & frustration. 

Tiffany's story along with many others I have heard throughout my career from not only runners, but also cyclists, yogis, new moms, working moms, stay at home moms, and those getting back into fitness, were the inspiration for me to create JBird Fitness. See a fitness program could be the most amazing thing ever created but if it's not accessible or attainable, you're not going to do it. If you need to compromise your current lifestyle you're not going to do it. If you have to say good-bye to things you love because there aren't enough hours in the day to do both, you're not going to do it. 

Flash forward to the Fall season, I reached out to Tiffany and encouraged her to try JBird. Long story short, she's been a member ever since. Now Tiffany has always been a positive & upbeat gal but I can't help but get excited to see her comments on the website about how a certain video made her feel, like... "So much FUN!" or "My midsection feels so strong!". She has experienced the light bulb moment many times. The light bulb moment being the realization of your inner strength, your capacity to gain more intuitive power, own your own body and have fun learning new ways to use that power. It's brilliant!

Did you read last weeks Newsletter about fitness intuitiition? If not, no worries CLICK HERE to catch up. But more importantly I want to connect the idea of fitness intuition to the stories above. 

I want you to be able to listen to your gut and not feel guilty. I want you to listen to your body's needs and not feel like you can't be successful in getting there. I want you to listen to your fitness intuition and OWN YOUR BODY. Own your body to the point where you walk in a room and everyone smiles at you because the confidence & joy is radiating out of you.

I know I am going against the grain here and even my past life by saying, you don't need to join a gym or workout 2 hours a day to gain this amazing insight. Fitness intuition, the ability to know what your body physically needs on any particular day is yours for the taking the moment you wake up every single day. But you do need to tap into your strengths and even your weaknesses regularly. Weakness sound like a negative word to you? It's not. No one is perfect. We all have abilities and challenges. You are human. A weakness is only depilating if it's ignored. Embrace your differences and you will find humor, humility and find you are stronger than you know.

Take action, play with the exercises I send you in these newsletters, apply the fit tips to your already existing fitness routine and move 10-15 minutes daily as an amazing starting point to take back your body.

You live in your body every day, NOW OWN IT!

This upcoming week I am doing a LIVE workout on the JBird Fitness Facebook page. I want to see you there. I will be doing a 15 minute Abs/Core & Legs workout followed by a mini  Q&A session. I would love to discuss the topics above more. Let's open this conversation up and take back control of your lives and happiness!

LIVE Workout 8:30pm EST Wednesday Night: CLICK HERE for quick access and "like" us to follow every move we make (LOL) on FB.

In the mean while, check out the fitness tips of the week on JBird full length BLOG page or click HERE. There are 50+ fit tips on this page, so scroll down and have at it.

See you Wednesday night.