Muscles, Joints, & the Mind, OH MY!

I want to give you a heads up on some changes going on over here with JBird.

First, workout structure. 
Wow, that sounds so boring, doesn't it? 

But it's really not. In fact, it's what can make a workout boring or dull, opposed to exciting & enjoyable


How you layer your fitness routine makes a difference. More importantly, switching up and changing your workouts can make ALL the difference in seeing results, feeling positive effects and having FUN! 

And you know I am all about having FUN with fitness. There's no reason not to.

Back to "workout structure", or shall I say workout names. Going forward you will no longer see "warm-up" as a video title.

And here's why:

  1. Whether it is now or in the past when I was teaching class in a studio, students knew the moment we began, we were working. So, the phrase warm-up seems like an understatement.
  2. The purpose of these sequence of movements & videos are waaayyy more than just warming the muscles.
  3. I always thread core/ab work throughout every video.
  4. Addressing the movement of your joints and engaging your mind/body connection are equally targeted.

So..."Mobility" is going to be our new title name for these workouts.

Now you may just think this is semantics but it goes deeper than that. 

JBird Fitness is all about feeling great in your body by genuinely experiencing the effects of a movement practice. In turn, living life freely with curiosity & confidence. 

To do that, you must have a positive and playful mindset first. 

And the word mobility not only stands for literally moving easily/freely but it also embraces emotional flexibility and versatility.

Now, I mentioned earlier, the importance of layering your routines. I feel this name, Mobility, will make you realize these workout training techniques (or JBird videos) can be done at any point during your day or during your workouts.

Versatility in your mind as well as in your movement sequencing will keep you engaged, promote a healthier balance in your physical being and get you excited to come back for more.

More to come about that, next week. (hint: a new FREE workout video is coming your way, so be sure to look for your Newsletter again in your inbox on Sunday)

Talking about FREE...if you didn't notice, I've sent this email a little earlier than usual because I don't want you to miss out on the trial offer I had sent out last week.

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Oh my goodness! There I go again sounding like some cheesy ad, but I need you to understand I only get this excited about things I am passionate about. And I am over the top, beyond excited about everything JBird Fitness offers. 

So, go sign up, start moving and enjoy flying JBird style!

See YOU at the next workout :)

P.S. Coming up:

  • Tomorrow's Video Release: Grab a small towel for Fit Mix: Stretch, to de-stress your WHOLE BODY!
  • The Ultimate Dance Workout is BACK! Starting April 8th (details to follow)
  • 21-Day Challenge starts May 1st