Dreams do come true!

It was #tbt (throw back Thursday) in social media land yesterday and I came across the photo below, from back in October.  I had first shared it on Facebook when I began JBird Fitness in my basement with my iPhone as the camera and a $70 studio lighting kit I had found on Amazon.

I KNOW fitness but camera experience, I had NONE! But something kept telling me I could do this.  In fact, something told me I needed to do this.  So, I trusted my gut and I went for it.   

Amazing what a dream can bring, if you just go for it!  I'm so excited for what has already been accomplished with JBird and even more excited to see what is to come. Do you have fitness goals & dream? I'd LOVE to help you make it happen.  

#livingadream #fitmom #letsworkouttogether #jbirdfitness #flyonafitnesshigh

PS Yes, those are the kids toys on "my first set".  Hence why mama had to change locations. LOL