Behind the Scenes: In My Life and On Set of JBird Fitness

I wanted to continue our conversation about infusing more happiness into your life and how to actually get the job done. Then, I remembered a JBird Fitness Blog I wrote back in April and realize it would be a perfect how-to.

Although the newsletter was about “Kicking Bad Habits” the same methods can be used to start new GOOD habits. To read the whole blog click HERE. But the highlights were:

  • Decide you want to make a change.
  • Make appointments for yourself.
  • Take action.
Pumpkin Picking 2017

I followed these steps this past week and had great success in spending quality time with my kids without worrying about work or household chores. Was it perfect? No. But it certainly got me a step closer to my goals and…made me HAPPY :)

How about you? Did you experiment with happiness this past week? Email me your story at or share in the comments below..

So, on to another joy in my life. Music. I have mentioned in the past that I was trying to get back in the swing of things, of seeking out music for inspiration. It has taken a few month’s for me to get there but I am finally back to my old iTunes searches, creating playlists and listening to new music regularly.


I have been sharing single songs under the “Inspiration” heading of my newsletters to help keep me on track and to spread the joy but for this week I want to share a full playlist I put together that I can’t stop listening to. I listen to it when I am working, driving, while spinning, working out with weights, and so on. You name it, it works with it.

(Click the picture of the playlist below and go right to Spotify to listen)

Yoga Fitness Video Reverse Warrior

Weekly Inspiration:

JBird Fitness New Release -  Transform: Yoga Abs

The main attention in this video is on Abs but you are going to feel this EVERYWHERE in just 13 minutes. So roll out your mat out and get ready to move.

Click HERE and become a member!

Lastly, I'll be making a full announcement about the upcoming #feelgoodfitness Challenge soon, so keep your eyes open and calendars free to fit 15 minutes of JBird Fitness into your daily life starting on November 6th. It may be called a challenge but it is going to be a lot of FUN and seriously going to make your body feel so good you won't want to stop after the 14 days. Mark your calendar, now!

With Love,

P.S. If you missed it, I posted a vlog on You Tube giving you a Behind the Scenes look at a day in my life shooting a JBird Fitness workout series. From make-up & hair to rehearsal and the final shoot. It’s only 3 minutes so take a look HERE.

Core Circuit make you strong & happy!

What makes you feel happy?


With this month being about transformation and moving toward positivity I am looking to infuse the things in life that make me feel grounded and simply happy more often. The concept being, the more happiness in your life, the better choices you will make for a healthier life.

When I dig down deep I notice 3 things that lift me up.

One of them being, seeing other people succeed and experience eye-opening moments in life. It's what I have always loved about teaching fitness classes. And now I am noticing it clear as day with my own kids. Now this is not shocking. Most parents are elated to see their child accomplish new feats and overcome obstacles. The big accomplishments are easy to be engaged in but I want more. I have noticed I am often thinking of work or other things at times I am with my kids. Totally normal? Yes! But I can do better.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

So this upcoming week I am working on being more present when I am with my children. Now that does not mean I am going to let my kids run my day or let myself go to sh*t because I am so focused on them. I am simply going to organize my daily schedule better, so when my children are in my presence I am fully there.

This way I'll be able to experience more of their small discoveries & accomplishments on a daily basis.


I’ll be talking about the other things that move me toward more positivity in the newsletters ahead but allowing myself to not take on more than I can chew and focusing on one joy at a time.


Since we are stronger together let’s work toward our goals together. Let me know one thing that has the ability to increase your happiness and next week I’ll share with you how I plan on filling my days with more of the above and to help motivate you to do the same.

Email me at or share your thoughts on the JBird Fitness Blog page HERE.

To keep you centered and save you time to move toward your positivity, I’ve got a workout below to energize you:

Core Circuit Workout


  1. Side Bend with a Knee Lift - Lift your knee out to the side & up while moving your elbow toward that knee. Keep your chest open and elbows out wide. Do 15 reps on one side then switch to the other side.


  1. Plank - Hold plank for up to one minute. Hands underneath the shoulder, looking about 6-8 inches in front of your finger tips. Create a long line from the crown of your head to the backs of your heels. Breath naturally while drawing your belly button and ribs inward. Squeeze the butt. If you need support for the back, place your knees on the ground.


  1. Roll Up to Squat - Start in a deep squat. Roll playfully back, keeping the knees tucked toward your chest and close to your butt. Use the strength of your abdominals to roll right back up onto your feet. You can use your hands to help get you off the ground and work your way up towards the no hands version. Do 15 reps.


  1. Knee Tucks - Sit on your bum with your hands behind you, elbows bent & pointing back. Chest open. Draw the knees into your chest then stretch the legs out as far as you can. Repeat 15 - 20 times. If you need more support, keep one foot on the ground, tuck only one leg for half the reps, then switch legs.  

This can be used for a quick 5-7 minute workout or you can repeat all 4 moves for 3 sets and you've got yourself a 15 minute Core Circuit.

Weekly Inspiration:

Music: Glorious by Macklemore Feat Skylar Grey


JBird Fitness New release -Transform: Arms

This 13 minute workout will strengthen your upper body with high reps and light weights. And bonus, it will make your arms look great too :)

To become a member go to the JBird Fitness website HERE and start moving TODAY!

Lastly, keep your eyes open for the JBird #feelgoodfitness Challenge starting on November 6th.  And get yourself geared up for 15 minute workouts a day to strengthen, tone and make the body feel oh so good in 14 days.

Keep moving and smiling,

6 Tricks to Positivity for a Fit & Healthy Life

After last week's events, the one thing I knew I could count on was the power of positive thinking. Now, she is not always the easiest thing to stir up but you can't deny her ability to have a profound effect on our everyday life and the people who you love.


So I am sharing with you some tricks to keep your spirits up, even when things look down:


  1. Move Your Body Daily.
  2. Eat Thoughtfully.
  3. Sleep Well.
  4. Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back. 
  5. Add Value & Positivity to Someone Else’s Life.
  6. Take Life a Little Slower to Enjoy the Everyday Simple Things.


I will admit, #1 is the only one I can honestly say I’ve got down pat. And everything else is a work in progress.


As for #5, I can’t help but think of a video I saw this past week that a friend posted on Facebook. Maybe you saw it? It was about a grandfather/retired Marketing Executive who twice a week goes to his local hospital in Atlanta to hold and spend time with newborn NICU babies, who’s parents can not be with them. And get this...he has been doing this for 12 years. When I saw this video it warmed my heart. The nurses said this act of kindness helps the babies' gain weight faster and become stronger and the nurses, themselves, treasure his donation of time and nurturing. 

I know most of us don’t have the time right now to do something like this but it really got me thinking about the things I could be doing, like being more patient with my kids (even when they are driving me crazy, LOL) or simply saying good morning & smiling at a stranger passing by on a sidewalk. I know when I have taken the time to be kinder, all the other things on the list are more manageable.


Every bit helps make the world a better place.

I promise to keep working on the above and I’ll continue to motivate you to move your body.

The Clam Exercise

Challenge of the Week:  Make a positive change to your hips & butt with this exercise.

  1. Lie on your side with your knees bent and your head either elevated on your hand or reclined.
  2. Head, shoulders, hips and heels in line.
  3. Then get into starting position by lifting your heels up in the air.
  4. Open & close the thighs to create the shape of a diamond for 12-15 repetitions before switching to the other side.
  5. One set is great and you can build your stamina up to 3 full sets.

King Dancer Yoga

This Week's New Release

Transform: Legs

You will see the move above in this video, as the focus is hips, butt & thighs. It's a quick 15 minute workout to really concentrate on these areas and I'll warn you now, you will definitely feel the burn but in the best way possible!

Click HERE to go directly to the workout video. 

If you are new to JBird Fitness or you are not a member yet, you can still workout with us by clicking HERE, for a free trial.

I hope this newsletter has inspired you to start off your week on a positive note. Feel free to forward this to anyone who you think could benefit from this message and keep moving, my friend.




P.S. Click HERE to see the amazingly generous grandfather video I was talking about. 

Fall Fitness: Thrive on Change

Fall Pedicure

My pedicure color has changed as the leaves have started to change their colors and the Fall season has begun. I absolutely LOVE this time of the year. Being in the Northeast means a crispness in the air, playfully layering clothes, and pumpkin festivals galore. But even if you are not from this area, the season known for change and transformation is upon us.

And taking notes from Mother Nature is always a smart and, I think, FUN way to keep things in life fresh & exciting.

Thrive On Change
Change can mean a lot of different things to different people so let’s narrow down some ideas for you to modify your fitness program so it doesn’t disrupt your daily life but lights a spark of positivity on your movement practices.

Yoga Seated Twist

1.  Shake Things Up - If you are not seeing the changes you want in your body, your energy level or even your sleep patterns, you most likely have reached a plateau or you’re not challenging your body in the ways it needs to be challenged. There is no one size fits all fitness program. Sometimes it takes a little trial & error and a willingness to play with different options. And the world is filled with so many fitness options there is no reason to keep doing the same things over & over again, if it’s not working. So, try something new. Even if that means just once a week. That one change will transform your body’s whole outlook and interaction with your other beloved workouts.

Yoga Wide Legged Forward Fold

2.  Flip It - Hate change or fear a complete overhaul may throw you off course? One easy way to make a change but keep things the same is to flip your workouts upside down. Two ways you can do this…1) Write down your weekly workout plan and simply reverse the days, by doing your Friday workout on Monday, Thursday on Tuesday, and so on or... 2) On strength day reverse the exercise order you usual do or go crazy and begin your yoga practice with savasana. Literally flip your workouts upside down. Your mind will be stimulate and your body will need to make adjustments in its rhythm & recovery.

Yoga Cross Legged Pose

3.  Respect “The Ruler” of your domain (your body!) - Take cues from your body. For example: Has your body been feeling sore? Replace one of your cardio or strength days with a yoga or stretch practice. Or maybe you always find yourself having to ask someone to open the jar of sauce for you…add an arm workout to your repertoire.

These are just a few ideas of ways to spice things up but are not the only ones. If you have a FUN way to make positive changes to your fitness program, I’d love to hear about. Email me at or even better yet, share it with the JBird Fitness community by leaving a comment below.

While writing this newsletter the song "Be The Change" kept popping up in my mind. I used to play it often in my yoga classes a few years back but, listening to it again, I realize this is a great tune to move in any way that works for you. Take a listen and let me know what you think. 

Be The Change - MC Yogi


Transform Total Body Workout

A quick & easy way to change things up…join us on JBird Fitness,where one 15 minute workout will wake up your body and send your mind on a fitness high. Cheesy? Yes! True? Absolutely! So, click HEREand join us NOW!

Tomorrow’s NEW RELEASE: 

"Transform: Total Body"

With Love,

15 to 60 minute Barre Workouts

I took a little trip into NYC this past week and was reminded of how life changes yet some things stay the same. Like…I still love my cup of coffee from the same place and sitting in Washington Square park people watching is so much fun but yet my perspective on things & life have changed, pretty dramatically.


Diving back into your old life can be so insightful! For me, the visit to my old stomping grounds was not only fun but it checked off a much needed visit with an old colleague/friend, gave my a look into the world of fitness tv show making and dare I say, it was relaxing. 


Yes, relaxing. Not possible in NYC? I would have agreed with you 2 years ago when I was still working there but being able to be a fly on the wall, with no pressure to be anywhere and even taking my mommy hat off for the day was a much needed change of pace. Even if it was only for a handful of hours.

Check out my VLOG on You Tube (by clicking the picture below) to get a peek at my day in NYC and subscribe to my channel, as I am planning on chatting it up on camera more often and giving you a little look into my crazy life as a fitness mom trying to start a business.

Beside chillin’ in the city, the visit started to bring back memories of different places & classes I used to teach. Even though I’ve taught Dance, Spin, Step, and Strength classes throughout the years, when I left Manhattan my schedule was mostly packed with Barre classes.

Ironically, Barre is the theme for September at JBird. So, here are 4 different exercises from each one of the videos released this past month for you to try. 

Quick Total Body Barre Workout

Do all four exercises for a total body workout. I suggest doing 16-20 reps of each exercise one time through. Then repeat the circuit for 2 more rounds.

(Click on the picture to watch the 30 sec. demo video)

If you have any questions about the workout (ex: technique, modifications, intensifying etc...) don't hesitate to email me at

To workout with the whole workout video series (1 hour workout), click HERE, then go to the Workout Video Library to find “Barre Express” and have FUN!


Health & Fitness: My Favorite Things

Have you ever had a week where things were just crazy? Nothing out of the ordinary happening, no special functions to get ready for but for some reason time was flying by and you were just hoping you’d get everything done on your list.


Well that's the kind of week I had and I thought it would be FUN to share with you some of my favorite things that helped me get through this week feeling like I still had my head on straight and surprisingly, feeling good :)

Athleta Box Jump Tank

1. The Box Jump Tank by Athleta to “Workout With Confidence”

So I have been on a long search for the ultimate tank and I can't believe I not only found it but it also has a built in sports bra that, get this, has GREAT support. WHAT?!? I know. It's crazy. I bought the Box Jump Tank at the beginning of August and I'm so addicted to wearing it, I bought another one. Now I know Athleta is pricy but remember you are getting 2-in-1. Plus you can pair it with playful capris, like I did here, for less than $20 from Marshalls.

Hello Fresh

2. Hello Fresh to "Enjoy Our Family Meals Together"

I have to say I am surprised I like this service so much. I actually like food shopping but with mommy & work demands coupled with having to come up with ideas for dinner, getting a list going and actually find time to not be rushed at the store just hasn’t been happening.

We tried Hello Fresh last year and enjoyed it but life wasn’t as hectic. Now with two kids in school, extracurricular activities for all (not just Nora & Sierra, but Ryan plays soccer two days a week too) and me diving deeper into JBird, something had to give. So when I got a “we’ve missed you” offer from Hello Fresh we tried it again and I am loving it. Not only is it convenientbut it broadens our meal selections as a family. Oh, and P.S. my kids are usually like “what’s that?” with a voice of “I’m probably not going to like that mommy” but miraculously they have eaten everything so far, knock on wood, and hopefully will continue to open their eyes up to new healthy foods.

Tip: If you have little ones like I do (a 3 & 6 year old) you could get away with ordering meals for 2 and then just supplementing a salad or fruit on the side.

My Flo Tracker

3. The My Flo App to "Confirm I’m Not Moody"

Ok ladies, this is way more than a period tracker and it only cost $1.99. Since I have been using this app I feel more in control of my emotions than ever.

Well, let’s be honest, before I had kids I was a pretty even keeled person and bordered on the edge of miss positivity most of the time. But with relationships, not just my husband & my kids, but also my new relationship with myself as a new business owner, life’s emotional gauges have been all over the place. But this app has given me a ton of insight into my hormonal shifts during each week of my cycle and has been eye-opening to say the least. So much so, it has helped me interact better with my family and even given me permission to respect my body by being productive when it’s optimal yet chilling out when it’s not. Seriously, you need to check it out.


4. Shutterfly to "Create a Book of Memories"

Starting back when I was a little girl my mom would find me in her closet pulling out boxes of old pictures and sorting through them. Eventually when I got older I helped her put them into photo albums and still love to do the same now with my own family’s memories.

With my iPhone being the main source of picture taking these days, I have had to make an effort to stay on top of things. So every year I make an album for each of the girls on their birthdays, so we can see their growth and look back on their last year and I also make one family album for each summer. Honestly, I didn’t have the time to do it this past week but I knew if I didn’t it may not happen. Luckily Shutterfly forced my hand by sending me a “free album” promo code. So even though I had to stay up until midnight on Monday to complete it. I did it and I’m glad one family tradition is marked off the list and I’m really looking forward to share the album with Ryan, Sierra & Nora when it arrives.


Side note: 1) Shutterfly does these promotion often and I mean often! I always wind up paying a little because you only get a certain amount of pages free, but it’s still a hefty discount and is fun to piece together. 2) Yes, I was a naughty girl and stayed up after 10pm (which I said I wasn’t going to do in the newsletter a few weeks back) but I think it was worth it ;)


5. JBird Fitness to "Top Off My Nights"

Yes, this is a shameless plug but for good reason. I have been doing 15 minutes of Yoga or Stretch each night with myself, LOL, and I have been sleeping a whole lot better. Now granted with little kids a full nights rest is 50/50 but while I am sleeping, it’s oh so good!

My point in sharing this with you is to encourage you to take advantage of the things that are around you to give you a boost and help with your day to day life. Check out my favorite things if they made you curious and ask friends & family their tricks to make life a little smoother. 

And on that note, I'd absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear about your favorite things. So click HERE to share on the JBird Fitness Blog page, HERE for the JBird Facebook page or email me. Any chance I can get to make my life easier and happier I'm on it and I want that for you too.

Until next week, keep moving and smiling.


What's Your Next Move? Make It A Thoughtful One.

V Sit

I was thinking last week about when I first started teaching fitness classes, back in my early twenties. I taught a Body Conditioning class at an all women's health club on Long Island and I can remember it like it was yesterday. Every Tuesday morning, barely awake, I’d drag my feet through the door with my black Nike swoosh baseball hat brim pulled all the way down to guard my eyes from the brightly lit room. As I would walk over to the stereo to set up for class, I’d hear all the peppy voices around me. The class was mostly filled with moms, moms eager to get moving and do something for themselves for the day before their schedules were hijacked by grocery shopping, laundry and after school activities.


I’d quickly realize in those moments I’d better give them everything I have because I had heard it’s not easy getting to class on time or sometimes at all for that matter.


Boom! The music would come on and I would be a whole new person. Ready for action and ready to whip those ladies into shape.


What I hadn’t realized then is they were the ones whipping me into shape.Shaping and molding me to be the instructor I am today. The moment I saw their minds wander off to “Gosh, I hope Lucy is warm enough at recess” or “Oh geez, I totally forgot to reschedule that dentist appointment for Mattie “, I’d reel them back in. Even if it was only for that moment, I wanted them to know they matter, they are strong and they really should get to know themselves better because I thought they were spectacular.


The best way I knew how to get their attention back on themselves was to be very specific with my exercise cueing. Instead of saying “ok, lay down on your side and lift your leg up & down”, I’d get nit picky. I’d use more words like “super straight leg with your toe pointed sharply” and “draw a line with that toe down & up with control”. FOCUS. BREATHE.


They would be in the moment and so was I. Together we became a greater version of ourselves be simply paying attention to exactly what we were doing and who we were in that very moment.


We were now all fully awake.

Have you ever experienced an awaken like this, share it below in the comment section. I'd love to hear about it.


If you are going to exercise, be in it! I mean really in it! Get to know every little nook and cranny in your body and I promise you will see results faster, be excited to come back for more and appreciate everything you are made of.


Concentrate. Listen to who you are. Move with grace.


To get us moving in the right direction I want you to try the move (pictured below) after an exercise session you do this week.

Forward Fold Twist

How-to: Wide-Legged Forward Fold with a Chest Opener

  1. Take your feet nice and wide with your toes pointed forward.
  2. Inhale and lengthen your torso, reaching the crown of your head up toward the ceiling.

  3. Exhaling, fold forward at the hips and look through your legs.

  4. Bring your hands to rest on the floor. If your hands do not come to the floor, rest them on your thighs or a chair. As you keep your left hand in place, bring your right hand to your right hip. Keep your spine and the front of your torso long.

  5. With an exhalation, straighten your right arm and reach toward the ceiling. Your arm should be vertical and your fingertips should point to the ceiling. Keep your hips as level as possible, twisting through your torso instead of the hips.

  6. Turn your head to gaze up at your right thumb.

  7. To release, slowly unwind and return both hands to the floor. Then, bring your right hand to the center and repeat the twist to the left for the same amount of time. Return to center.


  • If your shoulders feel constricted when you reach for the ceiling, place your top hand on your hip.

  • If your neck hurts when you turn your head, keep your gaze downward.

  • Do not lock your knees.

  • Aim for aligning your ankles, knees, and hips. It’s common to lean back, placing too much weight on the heels.

  • Never force the twist! Only turn as far as it feels healthy and comfortable; then, gently deepen the pose from there.

The benefits of this pose:

  • Stretched hamstrings, calves, hips, low back, and spine

  • Stretched and strengthened upper back and shoulders

  • A calmer mind

  • Relief from stress, anxiety, and mild depression

  • Opened hips

  • Relief from neck and shoulder tension

After you have tried this move, meet us on the JBird Fitness Facebook page and let us know how it made you feel HERE and feel free to forward this message to anyone you know who would benefit from moving and connecting to their body.

This week's JBird Fitness workout video release is:

"Barre Express: Arms"

Barre Arms

Grab a pair of light weights, have a chair nearby and get ready to work your upper body & more in this new barre style arm workout!

Not a JBird Fitness Member yet? Click HERE for a FREE 3-day trial.

See you at the next workout!

What's Your Happy Place?

I love sitting by the edge of the ocean. 

The ebb & flow of the water.

The reminder of how immense our world really is.

Low tide and high tide, dictated by the moon. 

The sound of the waves coming ashore and the calm of the ocean breeze.

It takes some responsibility off my shoulders.

It puts life into perspective.

It helps me hear my thoughts, memories and dreams clearly.

The Ocean

When I was a little girl I remember going to dance classes in the basement of my dance teacher’s house. The space wasn’t very big. It had one long wall of mirrors with a barre attached, a freestanding barre we could pull out to the center of the room when ballet class had over 10 girls, we used the laundry room to change from our school clothes into our leotards & tights and a small outcove with wooden benches was the spot to put on our dance shoes.


It wasn’t very big but it was a place where we came to be ourselves and dance our hearts out.


Our little happy place.


As I have gotten older my happy place has changed locations but the feeling I get when moving my body has remained the same. There have certainly been hurdles and changes over the years but when I am able to tap into the little girl that fell in love with movement so many moons ago, the smile is as genuine as it comes.


As we head into the Fall season remember this is a time of change yet introspection. This is a wonderful time of the year to recognize the things that make you happy, get rid of the things that you no longer need or want and embrace the new days to come with clarity.

Total Body Barre Fitness

The focus for JBird Fitness this month is Self-Awareness and the workout videos have a barre influence.
Why, you ask? 

  1. The barre format incorporates strength, mobility & flexibility training, allowing you to find a natural flow to your movement patterns.
  2. Barre workouts have a way of not only activating the large muscles in your body but also fine-tuning the small muscles as well. 
  3. The high repetition style gives you ample time to practice the exercises and go deeper into the movements if you feel ready.
  4. There is an emphasis on staying in touch with your posture and engaging the core.
  5. JBird style barre workouts take all the principles stated above and fuses them with athletic, dance and yoga moves to make it more FUN and remind you of the playful times in life when movement meant freedom.

Let the month of September be about tapping into your happy place. 


Let us know what & where your happy place is and how you plan on getting there, in the comment section below.

Be YOU! Embrace the changes ahead…create your happy place.


High Lunge Yoga

This week's JBird Fitness workout video release is:
"Barre Express: Total Body"

It is a full body routine that will look like you are in a ballet class but no barre or prior dance experience is required. Find the strength of your inner dancer and the endurance of your inner athlete, all wrapped up into a quick 15 minute workout.

Not a JBird Fitness Member yet? Click HERE for a FREE 3-day trial

Back-to-School = Back to YOU!

Last week we were talking about the summer coming to a close with vacation times wrapping up and I had said "What's wrong with that?".

Like everyone else I love down time and getting away from the day to day grind. But there is something also to be said about the routine and order that comes with going back home and the Back-to-School time of year. Now my kids are still pretty young. Sierra is only going into 1st grade and Nora is in Preschool, but I am actually looking forward to a more structured schedule in the weeks ahead. 

Is that crazy?

A good night's sleep

I like to think of the Back-to-School time to be more like New Year's resolutionsSo after Labor Day (because that is when our kids begin school) I am going to be going to bed, no matter what, at 10pm. This is going to be so hard for me. But I know if I can prioritize sleep and get it as regular as possible (let's be realistic, I still have very small kids in the house, and I hear it doesn't get any better HA!), I will be able to not only take care of our home, and my business better, but I will be able to take care of myself BETTER!

And all because vacations are ending and school is going back into session.

Is there something you'd like to get back on track in the upcoming weeks?

If exercise is one of them, I'd love to help.

The members of JBird & I have been chatting on the website and our private Facebook group the past couple of months and it has made working out at home so much more fun!

Fitness Community Online

Since we have actually one more week until the kids go back to school and are lucky enough to have a brother-in-law & sister-in-law who own a beach house, Ryan, the girls, and I are headed to Spring Lake, NJ  for most of this week. I will certainly be working out and most every day be doing at least one JBird workout.

I'd love for you to join me and also join in on the conversations we are having on .

If you have never tried JBird before, click HERE to join us for a 3-day trial.

And start off the new school year setting yourself up for an A+ in physical education ;)

See you on the website,

Back to Reality

Even before our vacation ended last week comments were being made like, “Only a few more days until we are back to reality” followed by a big sigh. 


I get it. It’s the “thing” to say. But two things come to mind when I hear this phrase:


  1. Don’t rush it!
  2. What’s wrong with that?


Let’s start with #1. We are living in an age where we’re always looking to the next thing. It seems like life is moving super fast because of technology but the truth is, it’s all in your mind. Time is time. It has been the same since the very beginning. There is and always will be 24 hours in the day. So why does it feel like we are moving at warp speed?


We are distracted.


And when we are distracted, time flies by and we miss the things happen right in front of us. When I think of it this way, it scares the heck out of me. 


But here is the good news.


You control how you interact with time.


What does this have to do with fitness, you ask?


A lot!


Working out gives you a great opportunity to tap directly into your real-time reality. Frankly, the only thing that really exists in your world is your body and your mind. Yes, your partner, kids, co-workers and friends all exist. But in order to have the ultimate healthy and fun relationships you are looking for with these amazing people, you’ll need to know who “you” are first.




By moving thoughtfully!


There is no better way to get to know who you are, in this very moment, then to move the actual body you are living in. The vessel carting around your thoughts day in and day out is not only extraordinary in it’s mechanics but your mind can connect to your body to make it…

Exercise to Feel

This is where consciously working out and the thought “don’t rush it” collide.

When you exercise, use and connect the dots between your body’s movement patterns and your thoughts. Throw away any ideas, lists or events, running through your mind and commit to being in the moment. When you do this and continue to practice moving with this method, the more it will spill over into your day to day life.


Be picky. Execute exercises like it is your business. Be focused. Mindful. And get to know yourself better than anyone else on the planet. 


Appreciate your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses and make them work together to fully embrace what you have to offer the world.


Let’s try it!


Check out this Fit Tip by clicking the picture. Listen to my cues to get you in all the right places and enjoy your body today!


Next week we’ll finish this conversation of getting back to reality and why I say “what’s wrong with that?”.

Until then I challenge you to use this mind/body method in whatever exercise you choose to do this week, whether it’s swimming, running, spin class or even a JBird Fitness workout video.


Take your workouts to a new level and LIVE IT UP!

And if you know of someone who could benefit from this message, please forward & share it with them. 


Looking to spice up your workout routine? Check out how to become a JBird Fitness member HERE. New membership option have arrived for everyone and every body!

Music: Soul II Soul "Back to Life"

With Love,

The Unplanned Fitness Vacation

After working on cruise ships for 3 years, back in my late 20's, I have maxed out my days sippin' on pina coladas on the beach and have swapped out my vacations in the sun for more mountainous adventures.

Truth is, I spent my childhood going to the Adirondacks in upstate New York for family vacation time. And since I grew up on Long Island, 15 minutes from miles and miles of beaches, it was a real treat. 

The cool crisp air in the morning and evening, enough to throw on a hoodie, the calmness of sitting by the lakeside and taking a swim out to the raft or a row boat ride to go fishing, has always put a smile on my face and a lightness in my heart.

Now that is my kind a RELAXATION!

But this fitness chick always needs to throw in a little action. So this vacation we spiced it up with hiking and paddle boarding. And I even swam across the lake and back. 

Hiking in the Adirondacks
  • (top right) The Lahr Clan made it to the top. YEAH!! If you didn't know Lahr is my married name. :)


  • (top left) Nora, my 3 year old, did awesome! But in the end, mama had to help out a bit. I'd say I earned my beers on the beach later that day from the extra 30 lbs. I carried down the mountain.


  • (botton two pics) My husband, Ryan, putting on a show for the kids. It was his impression of JBird Fitness. LOL

So we made it up the pretty steep incline to overlook Loon Lake (where we were staying) with four kids, 7 and under. Not bad, right!

The next day we took a break to visit Bolton Landing, a super cute lakeside town on the west coast of Lake George and then headed down to the actually Village of Lake George.

But then the next 2 days we rented a paddle board from the local marinaand so glad we did. I have been wanting to try paddle boarding for some time now and not only did I enjoy it but everyone we were with loved it too. We were vacationing with our good friends and we all took turns floating & paddling our way up and down Loon lake, sometimes solo and sometimes with kids in tow.

Paddle Boarding

My last  "workout" of the week was an impromptu swim across the lake. Mind you, I am NOT a swimmer. In fact, swimming is something I know would be amazing to throw into my repertoire but I just don't love it. So when I get an urge to challenge myself and get to the yellow raft across the lake, I go for it! It only took 15 minutes to go there and back but let me tell, it was a tough 15 minutes. But I wasn't alone. Ryan had Nora and Parker, my friend's 6 year old son, on the paddle board riding along side of us and then Josh, Parker's dad, swam with me. 

Swimming Across The Lake

I was so excited to get back. It has been years, 3 to be exact, since I tried that and 3 years ago I was dying. This time, even though it was tough, I felt really good after. So, I sat on my beach chair and enjoyed a can of sparkling rose, wine spritzer. 

And boy was it tasty!

See fitness doesn't always have to be a chore, it can be fun and enjoyed with other people.

I'd love to hear about your summer adventures, whether solo or with friends and how you are making moving interesting and a part of your season's memories to come. 

Share below in the comment section.

And next week we will get back to talking about moving with precision and keeping the fun factor top priority on JBird Fitness.

Talk to you soon,

Moving With Precision

Do you happen to watch any of the dance reality shows? In the summer I’m not a big t.v. watcher but I do DVR “So You Think You Can Dance” and now, the new “World of Dance” shows.


I am in awe of the talent, the energy, the intensity and the vulnerability of these young artists. It really is an extraordinary art form. Back in my day, all we could take was tap, jazz and ballet. There was no offerings of Lyrical, Hip Hop or Contemporary, let alone Krump, Ballroom, or Animation.


If I have completely lost you, go check it out. It’s inspiring to say the least. The dedication and passion within the souls of these dancer’s generates unbelievable performances where the athleticism continues to elevate.


Can you tell I love dance? Ha!


I do have a point here, I promise.


I am sitting here thinking about this blog and wanting to tie in the theme of moving with precision and the above images keep popping up in my mind. As a dancer precision coupled with fluidity is the movement goal.


Maybe that’s why my brain can’t half-ass a workout. Form to me, as a fitness pro, is paramount...well, you need to be having FUN while you are at it too but if your form is sucky then crappy things happen.


You risk injury.

Your mind starts to tell your body to move badly, even when you’re not exercising.

You won’t see the results you want.


I didn’t mean for this to get so serious but I just realized why I am so sore today and why...

Doing Less Can Be More


Two days ago, I took a new class. The instructor asked us to do 40 reps of 6 different exercises then repeat all 6 exercises for 30 reps, then 20 and then finally 10 reps.  She encouraged us to work at our own pace and focus on full range-clean form. The catch, we only had 25 minutes to do the workout. As I glanced around the room I saw people whizzing through the reps, but I stayed steady in my rhythm, knowing I would be sacrificing my body position, the weight I knew I could handle and depth of movement, if I tried to keep up. And so glad I did.


I went into this class wanting to be challenged to work my muscles in ways I don’t normally move them. And even though I didn’t complete the workout in 25 minutes, I know I got the most out of my time.


Now the goal was not to get sore. But this is one of those sorenesses (is that a word?) that just triggers enough reaction in my body to wake me up.


It is making me sit taller.


It is making me appreciate the strengths I have.


It is making me aware of the things I need to work on.


It is making me think differently about the JBird workouts I create.


It is making me a better person.


By paying attention to the details, I found out new things about myself.


By not competing with anyone else, I rediscovered my ability to be committed to “me”.


By living in the moment, I found a new way to love myself.


Moving with precision whether in exercise or in your day to day biz can have a profound & positive effect on your everyday life.


Take advantage of your ability to hone in on your true being and LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!

Biking in the Park

If you have a story to share about eye opening moments, please share below in the comments.

The more stories we hear about life's discoveries and happy times, the more we can find it within ourselves to smile genuinely everyday at our own unique journey.

And if you know of someone who could benefit from this message, please forward it to them. 

With Love,

3 Different Women with the Same Fitness Goal in Mind

If you have ever worked out with me you know I LOVE options. Why? Because there is no single workout perfect for everyone. So I've decided to apply this same principle to the Membership Options on

I have come to realize in this past year of developing JBird that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to your workout needs. You may be looking for an affordable supplement to your already existing fitness routine, someone else could want a group fitness experience in the comfort of their home and others may need a more hand-held experience to fully get back on track.

Why limit ourselves as a community when we don't have to?

So I have re-invented the JBird Fitness Membership Plans to be "The Right Fit For YOU"!

3 Different Options For 3 Different Women...
with the same fitness goal in mind.


I am now offering three different plans.

Touch Down Squat

One for the self-motivator. You don't need anyone to wake you up to workout. Your eyes perk open before the sun rises and you are excited to go. Or maybe lunch/dinner comes second in line before you choose to sweat it out after work. Nothing distracts you from the one thing you look forward to everyday. 





One for the chick who loves the energy of a group fitness studio or being part of a team. You get excited to check off your daily workout and you surround yourself with women who aren't afraid to sweat.

Pigeon Pose






One for the woman who does it all've been focused on different aspects of your life. Working out was always way more than just burning calories. It made you happy for inexplicable reasons and you want that feeling back. You are ready now and more determined than ever. 




Which women are you? Click HERE, pick a plan and let me know.

3 Ways To Keep Summer Fresh, Light and Filled with Fitness Fun!

Right at the beginning of summer I gave you some ideas to shake up your exercise routine, by being inspired by nature, the people around you and even to listen to your own dreamy self. How is it going?

I ask because we are smack dab in the middle of summer and this is when everything goes awry. Vacations have either whisked you off to la la land already or they are about to and for the most part that is a GREAT thing. We all need to unwind and enjoy life's pleasures but completely letting everything fall by the waist-side can make you feel unhealthy & gluttonous by season's end.

So I am checking in with you.

Have you been enjoying your summer? How’s your energy level? Are you still moving your body everyday? 


Better yet, I want you to check in with yourself. This is a GREAT time to fine-tune how you plan to happily engage in the rest of your summer by finding a balance between playing, eating good food and relaxing.


Sticking to these 3 Simple Rules can help you have a summer bursting of fun filled times & memories without the blues come summer’s end.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

1. Wake up EVERY morning and move -  During the first couple of weeks in June I found myself getting distracted by the excitement of the season. So I had to alter my plan and make sure I worked out first thing in the morning. Normally being a midday exerciser this threw me for a loop but after 3 days I got used to it and was so happy to have “me” checked off my list for the day. 

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

2. Take advantage of summer's lite fare - Smoothies,Veggies and Fruit, Oh My! Start your day with this smoothie HERE or balance out the burgers and hot dogs with a side of veggies or fruit. I LOVE grilling up sliced zucchini, a mix of bell pepper strips and chunks of red onion on our veggie basket with just a drizzle of olive oil and a few cranks of salt & pepper. It only takes 10-15 minutes and it’s simple, healthy and feels light in your belly.

Tip from my husband, Ryan, be sure to toss the veggies every couple of minutes or they will stick and burn to the tray.  Don’t have one? I found the one we use on the Target website HERE, it’s only $19 and totally worth it. 


3. Once you have completed #1 & #2, rest up - Some days this might mean going to sit quietly on your porch, at a park or at the beach and reading a book. Other days it may be calling up some friends and enjoying a bottle of wine. I’m LOVING my Rose this season, so crispy, light and fruity. 

By simply following the above you will find a balance of body, mind and soul, feel great and enjoy the weightlessness of these last few summer week’s.

Weightless by Natasha Bedingfield

New JBird Fitness Membership Options Coming Your Way:

Last week I started a conversation about getting together more, supporting each other in our fitness goals and keeping it real. Well, I have come up with a way to do it all. Keep your eyes open on Wednesday for a follow up email letting you know about the new direction JBird Fitness is taking. I’m excited for you to see and join in. 

If you are not currently receiving the JBird Fitness Newsletter, subscribe here and you will also receive FREE access to one of our member's favorite 13 minute video workouts "Kick It!: Core".

Lastly, I have to give a huge shout out to my baby girl, Nora, who turns 3 TODAY! Oh my goodness, my baby isn’t so much my baby anymore but in my eyes she always will. This cutie is always so happy and ultra polite. No joke, she says please and thank you for everything, which adds to her cuteness. All that aside, she teaches and reminds me everyday that life should be light and fun. And…we should all SMILE MORE!

Happy Birthday Cutie Pie! We All Love You To Pieces!!!

Uniting To Live A Happy Fit Life

The other day I started to write down my thoughts. In my head I was having a conversation with you. I was hoping by jotting it down on my laptop it would give me greater insight to where JBird is flying to next.

Even though it's incomplete I want to share it with you.

Dear Friend,

I want to start having more conversations with you. 


I miss chatting with clients, students and members at the gym.


You are my peeps now and we are in touch but it's not enough.


What if we could check in with each other every now and then?  Hell, what about everyday?

Wouldn't it be FUN to be engaged in conversation with people like ourselves more? Not just peeking into people's lives on social media but actually meeting up at the end of each day, supporting each other when it's crazy and celebrating the good times together!


I'm talking about our real lives. Not the perfectly posed picture posts we see on Facebook or Instagram.


I'm talking about sharing the real everyday you. 


The girl who wakes up in the a.m. with no make up on and hair a mess.


The mom who forgot to brush her teeth because you got interrupted in your morning routine.


The sweaty chick getting your workout in.


The lady who smiles at everyone to lift up their day but has a hundred things on your mind.


And even...


The woman who jumps out of bed to do one last things, because a woman's work is never done.


I know what I am suggesting is not the norm in today's day in age but it would be so liberating.

Our little secret girlfriend group.


True girlfriends.

The completely non-judgmental, totally there to lift you up kind of girlfriends!

Real girlfriends, moms, working women, and forever chicks.

I haven't put together all the pieces of the puzzle and normally I would be afraid to put any incomplete thought out there. My perfectionist self feels like I have to give you a polished blog every week about "how to get fit". But I'm letting my hair down and getting real with you. 

Yes, this is what I look like in the morning.

My journey in developing JBIrd Fitness has been exhilarating and exhausting. But I know these thoughts, the thoughts above and many others, do not come to me because I am crazy or alone. 

Living a happy fitness lifestyle is WAY more than dialing in a workout here & there.

Happy is the key word. Happy is the feeling I want you to feel about yourself when your exercising and when you're not.

Wouldn't it be better to do it together?

I am working hard to figure out the next steps but as I continue working toward making JBird a place where you feel excited, free and happy, I need your help.

I want your insights.

I respect you.

I need a real girlfriend moment right now.

Please let me know what this email stirred up in your mind.

Even if just one word popped into your head, email HERE and let me know.

I will also be posting this on the JBIrd Fitness Blog page HERE. If you are daring to be different and get real with me right now, leave a comment below. 

Either way, let's get the conversation going.

With Much Love & Appreciation,

P.S. If you have a friend, sister, mother, aunt, cousin, colleague, etc..that you think should share in our conversation feel free to forward this email or share the blog page on social media.

The more like minded women we can rally up the more FUN this is going to be! 

3 Ways to Keep Smiling At Your Body Moving This Summer!

Between summer being in full swing and JBird Fitness celebrating its one year anniversary, I feel like I am on a roller coaster ride.

I am finding that as much as I try to plan even just one day's events, my schedule is thrown in all kinds of directions. So I am going with the flow. 


When I have conceptual ideas about where JBird is going next I quickly write it down, realizing Nora may pull me away to show me a butterfly or Sierra might ask me to go play basketball.


I don't want to miss these special moments with my kids or any moment right in front of me for that matter. Being creative, unconventional and open to new ways of working, keeping the house together and exercising have been extremely helpful.


So I want to give you ideas to keep your mind thinking of alternatives ways to continue moving, stay healthy and feel happy.

Idea #1 - Workout with the kids
It doesn't sound ideal and even practical but this one works better than you think. 3 things to consider:

1. It becomes playtime with purpose. If you have young kids it teaches them how to focus on specific tasks. If you have older kids, it helps them create a connection & confidence in their body.

2. You become yet another great role model for them, as a health conscious mentor.

3. THIS IS A BIG ONE! They learn mom needs time to nourish herself too.

Idea #2 - Go for a walk

My best thinking time is when I simply go for a walk. Whether I am day dreaming, thinking of days past or getting geared up for the future, walking has a therapeutic effect. The cool thing is, you don't have to plan this one. Even if you only have a 15 minute window before you need to meet up with someone or pick up the kids, put down the phone, get out of the car and WALK!

Idea #3 - Scrap doing your normal workout and try something different. 
If your typical workout takes an hour that is a lot of minutes in the day to take away from spontaneity. So do this quick full body circuit to jump start your day and then enjoy whatever comes your way.

Full Body Workout Circuit: 3 Rounds of 4 Exercises
1. Side Bend Crunch - do 12-16 reps on the right then the left.
2. Plank - hold plank for 30 seconds, working your way up to 1 minute.
3. Knee Tuck with Tricep Dip - do 16-20 repetitions.
4. Deep Squat with Straight Arm Forward Raise - 12-16 slow reps. (only go as deep as it feels appropriate in your body)

Tips: Listen to your body, support your body by engaging in the core in all exercises, breathe naturally and enjoy connecting to your body.

Want more? Take advantage of the Guest Pass on It is only going to be available for the next 3 days. The workouts are quick, can fit into any nook & cranny in your day and even go on vacation with you. CLICK HERE to sign-up now!

Cheers to FUN days in the sun and enjoying the beauty surrounding us!