3 Steps To Find Balance

Balanced Body is the featured workout series for the month of March but NOT because I think there is really such a thing as balance.


Life is more like a juggling act and we can either be really clumsy at it or find our grace.


Now I will fully and openly admit I am feeling like a huge klutz at this moment in time. I’ve been juggling too many balls at once (Gosh, that sounds wildly inappropriate) and I’m working on re-prioritizing so I can feel sane again.

A Walk In The Park

First step, get some fresh air. 

Yesterday, I went for a short walk along Lake Galena here in Doylestown to restart my day. I had woken up late and was frustrated with how the morning had unfolded.

Funny, it wasn’t the walk that gave me the new perspective I was looking for...

...it was glancing at the only other car in the parking lot.


I looked because it had snowed lightly through the night, was super windy and cold and I was curious who else was out here with me. It turned out to be an older gentleman with silver hair, a rugged look (he’d gotten out for a moment to put something in his backseat) and a cup of coffee, just like me.


Both of us sat there, for quite some time.


I can only imagine he was doing the same as I. 




We both had a spectacular view to gaze upon.


And then it struck me.


I’m not alone.


We all have days where we feel scattered.


It’s how we refocus which makes all the difference in our next steps.


And that, my friend, is how balance is created. 


Our ability to notice something is off is a gift. It’s a sign that change needs to be made. Finding “balance” is honestly listening to our own thoughts and desires. Then taking action to bring it all harmoniously together.


There is no quick fix for this one. But each step you take will bring a glimmer of gratification and hope for the future.

Find Balance

When I started this blog I wasn’t expecting to be so “philosophical” but it’s what was on my mind.

Play with this idea in the days ahead and let me know how it goes by emailing me at janine@jbirdfitness.com.


Now on to my way of finding “balance”...
Continuing to explore my desire to bring more dance into my fitness life.


My latest dance-inspired combo.

Don’t just watch. Get Up and Join Me!

(Click on the video below)

The Moves:

  1. Alternating Shoulder Rolls
  2. Double Shoulder Rolls
  3. Alternating Pivot Lunge with Arm Sweep
  4. Jumping Jacks with Free Arms
  5. Angled Low Knee Repeaters

Music: Wait by Maroon 5

Balanced Body Workout Series

Members: Click HERE to go directly to the Balance Body video series.

Non-Members: Try it for FREE by clicking HERE with our 3-day trial.

The Balanced Body Series includes 4 workouts: Mobility & Abs, Total Body, Hips, Butt & Core and Yoga, each 15 minutes in length. You can pick one and have FUN, mix n match for your needs or do the whole 60 minute workout.

Remember, it's... 

With Love,

The Fit, Peppy & Un-Pretty

I was sick for the majority of February. Got hit with a nasty cold then bashed in the head with the flu, now have a clogged ear. I know…it sounds horrible and I’ll admit it totally sucked but in the past 10 days I have been getting back in the swing of things. It hasn’t been easy but patience and my determination to stick to my goals have been fueling my persistence.


I wanted to get back into a routine of two cardio, two strength and two yoga days. They certainly weren’t the prettiest or strongest of workouts but I have gotten over the first hurdle. Yippee!!!

My lack of energy was the hardest struggle I needed to overcome but since I knew working out gives you energy, I was self-motivated.

Fitness Energy

Set goals, stick to the plan, give it everything you can. Repeat.

I usually like to fuse cardio, strength & flexibility training into one workout but that can take a lot of brain power and pre-organization, which I just didn’t have these past 10 days. So going back to fundamentals and keeping things simple was a part of my attack plans.


Sharing with you (below) a go-to weighted workout I like to do which combines core, upper body & lower body all-in-one. I did this routine two times in the past week and already feel stronger and more connected to my body.

I LOVE it because you can do the whole circuit by doing 16-20 repetitions of each exercise in just 15 minutes, if you are short on time, or extend the workout to 30 mins. (2 sets) and even 45 minutes, for the ultimate pep in your step, by doing three sets of the circuit.


Try it and let me know what you think.

Email me at janine@jbirdfitness.com or leave a comment at the bottom of this blog.

(Click on the video below to see each exercise in action and click & print the picture file below to workout on-the-go.)

Exercise to Boost Your Energy & More...

JBird Fitness


Yes, I am pointing at YOU!

I want more from you because…you deserve more. 

I touched upon this idea in last week’s blog but in the past 7 days it has really taken hold of my drive & desire to get you moving.



I started the “I workout because________” campaign because I want us to shift gears, stop think about how working out is going to change you physically and start embrace how much it can change you spiritually.


Listen, I am not the yogi sitting in the corner for hours on end, chanting another language and wearing all white in the hopes to cleanse myself. But I am about moving past the attachment I have to exercise only being for the sake of getting back into pre-baby jeans.


This month's theme at JBird Fitness has been transformation and it has come very clear to me that 2018 is about not only changing our body but changing how we look at exercise and connecting more deeply to how movement changes us emotionally.


My personal mission for the New Year is to have as much FUN possible with fitness as I can. For you it may be about using exercise as a tool to clear your thoughts and be more present in your day to day life. Or you could be searching for a way to feel more confident & sexy.


It’s all possible. 


It’s like a smorgasbord of emotional transformations sitting right in front of us and all we need to do is get up and move.


So enough talking and more moving. Here are three ways you can completely change your emotion state in minutes:


Now, get moving!!!!

Looking for a Boost in Energy?

I, myself, am on a transformation journey and not even sure where it is going to lead but I know it is making me happy to explore it. Sharing with you is the cherry on top. So I hope you are enjoying the new dance-inspired twist I am playing with on JBird.

Click on the video below and follow along...

The Moves:

  • Butterfly - Feet wide, arms expand open & close 3x, followed by hands to heads and down
  • Swivel Lunge Low 3x with palm press across low, middle and high followed by 2 Jacks
  • Alternating Punches to the Sky 4x with Step Touches followed by 2 Arm Circles & Hip Pops

Having Trouble Focusing?

Hone in on your center by doing Tree Pose. 
By clearing your thoughts to focus on balancing, you will disregard anything that is not important and re-center your priorities.

Tree Pose Yoga

Tree Pose How-to:

  • Step 1 Stand tall, shoulders back & down and the crown of your head reaching to the sky.
  • Step 2 Activate your right standing leg. Keep your hip bones level and pointed forward. Turn your left knee out and draw your left foot to the side of your shin or to your inner thigh, above your knee. Pressing your foot and thigh together strongly, press your left knee back, keeping your hips stable.
  • Step 3 Bring your palms to your heart in prayer. Lengthen your tailbone down and lift up through your torso. Stretch down through your leg. 
  • Step 4 After three to five breaths, release your arms and your left leg, bringing your foot back to the floor. Repeat all on the other side.

Want to Ignite Your Confidence?

All you need is 14 minutes and the drive to wake it up!

Transform: Total Body was one of the featured workouts for February and now you get a chance to build your confidence and strengthen your body in one.

Click the video below and get ready to move...


Let me know what you think of the exercises and workouts above by emailing me at janine@jbirdfitness.com or leaving a comment below, on the blog.

Why Exercise? That Is The Question.

A couple of weeks ago I had taught at the Athleta here in Philadelphia and when I put the class together I decided to combine three different JBirdFitness.com workouts.

Athleta Rittenhouse Square Athlete

1... because I wanted the participants to experience our JBird style.

2... because I wanted to play with the idea of mixing and matching workouts, by using the short 15 minute JBird video routines to create a longer 45 minute session.

3... because I like sharing what I love and the workouts I chose are my go-to routines for myself.

But strangely enough, ever since that day, I have been thinking about "why do I even workout".

Odd because I have made it my life's mission to bring you fitness but not strange because we all go through stages in our lives where we need to reset, prioritize and shift gears.

I wasn't questioning the importance of exercise but I realize we, as a society, are going through a change. Crazily enough I overheard some guys talking about it on ESPN. 

No, I was not watching ESPN. Yes, my husband, Ryan, obsessively watches it and you know what they were saying...

"Exercise is not the #1 way to lose weight. Eating right is."

Holy CRAP! Really?

YES! YES! and YES!

But here is the problem. When you hear little sound bites like that, you go off the deep end, de-prioritze movement & exercise, and go straight to the diet jugular.

Diets are NOT the answer but eating healthily is, for sure.

The most important take away here is finding balance.

Movement is essential.

Your body was meant to move and the beautiful thing is that you get to decide how it moves in this world.

This is why I need you to scrap the idea that exercise is for weight lose and begin to embrace it for different needs in your life.

I am starting a campaign called:

"I workout because__________"

And I want you to be the first to start filling in the blank.
 Well, make that second because I asked Sierra the other day and she said "...it makes us strong".

So, we posted this:

Mom Fitness

But I want to know your thoughts too.

I pledge we make 2018 about building our workout emotional wardrobe for the positive. Huh? Yes. Every time you step on a mat, start up a JBird workout video, or go for a walk in the park, ask WHY? And write it down in a log ( I love using my Notes App on my iPhone for things like this). This way, on a day you are not so inclined to get moving, you can look at your log for motivation, choose the emotional shift you need and take action.

If you already have an answer to "I workout because______" email me at janine@jbirdfitness.com. Like I said I want your thoughts on this too.

If not, no worries, fitness and understanding what makes us tick is always a work in progress, but I will be asking again in the weeks ahead, so think about, jot it down and KEEP MOVING!

This month's featured Workout Collection is the Transform Series for a reason. I want you to start noticing how moving and exercising transforms you, not from the outside in, but from the inside out.

Workout Video Collection

Members: Get Moving by clicking HERE

Non-Members: Become A Member HERE or if you are new to JBirdFitness.com take advantage of our 3-day FREE TRIAL and start to transform your life TODAY!

Say No To Judgement...

Today I have a phrase I want you to say out loud...

Love by Fitness

There has been a lot of lovin’ going around today. I am imagining you said Happy Valentine’s Day to lots of people in your life whether it was a spouse or a partner, your kids or your friends, maybe even your coworkers... but don’t forget to say it to yourself before the end of the night. 


Valentine’s Day couldn't have come at a better time because it’s about six weeks since the New Year started.  You had goals you may or may not have started and usually right about now you start to think that you haven’t done enough.


I am here to tell you, you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing, unless you’re sitting on the couch. LOL And even if you are sitting on the couch, let the judgment go because the only thing that it’s doing is holding you back.


To keep going and move forward with your dreams and your goals you’ve got to have a positive attitude and you’ve got to start loving yourself.


Gosh that sounds cheesy, but you know what, sometimes cheesy is the truth.

Social Share:

I want to share with you a post I put out on social media this week. My apologies if you have already seen it but I want to really drive this message home, so here it is.

The picture below was posted on my Monday Instagram & Facebook feeds:

The Fake Run



“Ok, I will admit this pic was a BUST! This is me doing “the fake run” LOL. But I’m okay putting it out there because this was my first “action” photoshoot ever. And beside my engagement/wedding photos, it was only the 2nd time I met with a photographer. The point…

It’s the time of the New Year when you start thinking about quitting on your goals because things are not turning out the way you thought they would. Maybe you thought you would have lost more weight, had six pack abs by now or you’d be waking up singing every morning with boundless energy.

The reality: Life doesn’t work that way. You’ve got the keep moving forward one step at a time and work through the crud to get to the good stuff. How? Look at the positive and have a sense of humor.

I look at this picture and laugh. But I also look at this picture and say I’m proud of myself for doing something a little uncomfortable (which you may not know is being in front of a camera) to get closer to my dreams and goals.

Keep Moving, my friend! One step forward means you are that much closer to your dream.”


Did you hear that? 


Every step you take, moving in a forward direction, gets you closer to your goals & dreams.


And when you do that, it’s like giving yourself the BIGGEST HUG EVER! 


What better way to love yourself than to take care for your health, positively go after your dreams and make new strides everyday.


Here’s a hug from me to you, to say:

“I believe in you, keep moving forward, my friend”.


With Love,



P.S. Another FUN You Tube video to inspire you to embrace & love who you are. And shout out “This Is Me” to the world!

(click on the video below to view)


Dreaming About Fitness

It has been a very exciting week so far in JBird Land.

First, the Super Bowl happened. If you are a Patriots fan I'm going to kindly ask you to allow me to enjoy this win. Not because it meant the world to me but because it meant the universe to my husband. And, as you can imagine, makes for a happy house. Just watching and listening to Ryan's reactions throughout the game made my week. And my girls...Loved It!

Even if you are not a sports fan, you have to admit, it's FUN when the competition is good, the game is super close and the completely unexpected happens. I can say so because I, myself, am not a sporty chick.

Fitness pro, yes...sports enthusiast, nah.

Which is making me laugh right now because, if you haven't heard, I am on mission in 2018 to infuse dance into JBird Fitness and my own workouts, yet every time I start playing with choreography it's filled with athletic movement. So you know what? I'm not fighting it anymore. 

Starting this week I got back in the classroom, as a student, and was inspired to start working on my mission. So I filmed a quick video in honor of the Eagles Super Bowl WIN! Wahoo!!!

(yes, I said filmed, showing my age and proud of it)

Click HERE to see the video. It's only 15 seconds long but will give you a quick look at where we are going in the weeks ahead.


Music by Carrie Underwood (feat. Ludacris) "The Champion"

Otherwise, Friday I have another FUN day planned.  I will be going into the Rittenhouse Square Athleta store, here in Philadelphia, to get outfitted for my debut on Saturday. Their new spring line is now available and I'm super excited to get some new workout gear.

Which outfit do you like best?


I would LOVE to know your favorite pick from the outfits above. Email me HERE or leave a comment below this BLOG.

And to watch one of these amazing outfits in action you must come take class with me THIS SATURDAY!!!

Details below, click HERE to register.

Athleta Event Free Class


Take note, it is only Wednesday and already my week has been full of great experiences... but only because I have been taking action. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, "creating opportunity takes work and time". I've been working toward new goals and now slowly but surely seeing my ideas & dreams taking shape.

You can do it too!

If there is an idea stirring in your mind, share it. Email me at janine@jbirdfitness.com or post in the comments at the bottom of this blog post.

If you are dreaming about fitness, whether you need to start making your New Year's resolution a reality or you want to spice things up, come workout with me on JBirdFitness.com by clicking HERE for a FREE 3-day trial. 

No matter what, remember... you not only have the ability to dream but you have the strength & courage to make those dreams come true.

Take Action TODAY!

With Love,

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Your Body!

January has been a whirlwind. But even though the weather has been chaotic and life has been unpredictable the one thing you can count on is your workout. That is, if you have made a commitment to stay on track and you have been respecting & appreciating your body.

Respecting your body means... you have the willingness to assess where your true fitness level is and you are taking the right steps to progress gradually. 

Did you hear that one? Gradual progression is the key.

Trends are exciting, fads are fun but you, my friend, are way more than a fly by the night cause. You are worth taking the time to be nurtured into a strong & confident being.

When you take this approach, I promise you, you will be on track for a fit life for the long haul.

Last week I made a trip into NYC to be on the cast of the Daily Burn 365 LIVE morning workout show. I'll admit, part of why I went was purely for FUN but another part of me knows meeting like-minded people is a great way to fuel the fire in me, to keep YOU moving.

(I was sporting my bright blue capris and my new white sneakers. Can you believe white sneakers are back in play?)

Daily Burn 365

That day I met Cindy, the only blonde on set, and after the show we had a little chat. She told me about her fitness journey and immediately the bells in my head started ringing. Cindy is in her 60's (which you would have never guessed) has 6 kids and is a grandmother, who's weight had fluctuated for years. She, like most people, couldn't find a consistent workout program. Finally 2 years ago she realized it was getting into a fitness regiment that was realistic and would slowly build up her stamina, strength and endurance which would make all the difference. There was no burn out stage, no over training with injuries, and no excuses because it was a manageable 30 minutes a day/ 3 days a week program which gave her options throughout the workouts.She could customize it to her abilities and see small but continuous growth, giving her the long term reward of losing 35 pound and feeling great in her body.

I LOVE when I hear stories like Cindy's because it is what I have been preaching since I began my career 20 years ago.

I want this for you.

I want you to not only feel good now but to feel confident forever.

Fit For Life Check List:
1. Pick an exercise program that makes you happy.
2. Choose a flexible fitness program that will fit into your current lifestyle.
3. Be willing to start with the basic moves and slowly build your stamina.

If you follow this formula you will undoubtably set yourself up for success.

With Love,

Exercise For the Week: Squat Thrust

Whether you are attending classes at your local gym, working out on your own or even doing a JBird workout video, this popular move has many different variations. To help with our Fit For Life cause, here is a video of how to progress a squat thrust. 

(click on the video to view) 

Upcoming Events: JBird Fitness featured at Athleta

I am excited to announce I will be teaching a FREE workout at the Athleta Rittenhouse Square in the heart of Philadelphia.

Date: Saturday, February 10th 2018
Time: 9:00am-9:45am
Location: Athleta, 
1722 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
Class: Transform
Description: A 45 minute high intensity core workout. Transform is a pilates-inspired class designed to fine tune your muscles and get you in a feel good fitness vibe. Be prepared to work your whole body, sweat and have FUN!

Click HERE to reserve a spot. Space is limited.

Mark this one in your calendars, it's going to be a BLAST! 

Music Inspriation:

Respect by Aretha Franklin

Click the link above and get down & groovy with this dance inspiring song from the legendary Aretha Franklin!

Do Whatever It Takes. Be Brave!

The pressure to have new pursuits and desire to make 2018 THE BEST YEAR EVER! had quickly brought on this sinking feeling that I was already failing, even though my sensible mind knew better. I had high hopes of jump starting my new year with renewed energy and a pep in my step but then reality hit.


I would have surely been sunk if I hadn’t remembered…


Creating Opportunity Takes Work and Time.


Patience is vital in achieving your greatest goals. The goals you know are going to be a game changer. The goals you know will have a impact not only on the now but for the long haul. The goals you dream about and just the dream itself brings a smile to your face & a warmth to your heart.


That’s why I needed to shake off the days missed from school snow days, the hours stolen from distraction, the minutes wasted on doubt and I have found new inspiration by reaching out. Reaching outside myself. Instead of looking at the old ways I would have once found break throughs, I scrapped it all and started fresh.


I am taking the first steps on a new path. And it’s not just about doing, doing, doing. A new direction takes thought and cultivation. It takes courage and creativity. There will undoubtedly be adjustments to make, flexibility needed in my mindset and a willingness to be open to trying new things. But even though it will be work, it will most definitely be rewarding.


How did your New Year start out?


If you are soaring high, BRAVO! Share, I want to hear about it.


If you’ve had set backs…I’m with you. 


BE BRAVE and do whatever it takes to move forward. If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! 



With Love,


Music Inspiration Overload:

Fitness Music Imagine Dragons Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons

This song couldn’t have come at a better time. Whether you are having a challenging day or an excellent day, this tune will elevate you to a whole new level. You gotta listen:


Click HERE to hear the magic and be prepared, you’re going to want to jump out of your seat and pump your fist in the air. (Well, at least, that’s what I do every time I hear it, LOL)


Chorus from the song:

Whatever it takes

'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins

I do whatever it takes

'Cause I love how it feels when I break the chains…

JBird Fitness

This spot was reserved to reveal new things down the pipeline for JBird Fitness in 2018, but I am going to need a little more time. Remember patience is key and I promise it’s going to to worth the wait and FUN to reveal.

Bring On The Fitness


If you read my newsletters regularly, fitness is always on your mind. I know it is and you know I am a HUGE fan of changing things up. So here’s your chance to tweak, renew and re-energize your workout program.


Join us on JBird Fitness. The library has grown to 85+ videos. I know, CRAZY! And we’ve got everything you need from cardio to strength, yoga and more. "But I don’t have time, Janine?" No problem. There are workouts as short as 15 minutes, yet have the capability of building up to full body 60 minute sessions. All on YOUR TIME!


Come on! Be brave and have FUN in one :) Click HERE and start NOW!

Strong Flexible Happy Fitness

Be Happy...Fitness For YOU!

Back in December I had been interviewed by the hosts of the Love Yourself To Happiness Show and it aired last week. It is always a little strange hearing yourself whether it’s on a podcast, like this interview, or on video but I was so glad I took the time to listen to the whole interview. I have been making plans for the JBird Fitness New Year and the words Maia, Michaela and I exchanged last month really drove home the reason why I have made it my mission to not only keep you moving but to also continue to send the message that fitness is not just about your body.


As we head into 2018 I want it to be clear, I am here to show you how to build a strong, free, and happy body. Mind/Body was once just a yoga and pilates thing but not anymore. We are in a new age where any movement practice whether it be sport, dance, cycling, weight lifting, you name it…it can and actually needs to be mindful to last you a lifetime.


So what is all this mindfulness business about?


To me, it is the connection you make between your thoughts and your body and can be applied to how you move, a.k.a conscious movement, but is also your acknowledgement of how exercise plays a role in how you feel.


Keep in mind (no pun intended) we are not just talking about when you are in class, doing a JBird video or even going for a run. We are talking about how it effects you when you are playing (that’s what I call exercise) and even when you are not.


I have always preached to my students that they may have showed up to class for six pack abs and I’ll get you there, but my main purpose as your teacher is to keep you moving freely… for a lifetime. I want it all. For you to look good and to feel good, for as long as you are on this planet.


So what do you say…are you with me?


Say YES!!!


It’s going to be a GREAT year, so be prepared to sweat, feel & love every bit of your body and have FUN doing it!I


Next week I will be sharing a new project I am working on but until then keep moving my friend.


With Love,


Things I want to share:

Love Yourself To Happiness Podcast


The Interview:

In the Love Yourself To Happiness interview I shared my philosophy on how to dream big and find balance as a modern day women. Lots of personal chitchat about my journey as a fitness professional as well as becoming a mother. To listen to the interview:

Click HERE to access directly.

Or click HERE to access via iTunes and subscribe to the show series.

One Foot by Walk The Moon

Music Inspiration:


My Favorite New Song is One Foot by Walk The Moon.

Why? With the New Year and new goals we simply need to remember it just takes one foot forward at a time. Keep moving forward and you will reach your destination or even better yet…discover a whole new place you love that you didn’t even know existed.

Happy Fitness

Thought of the Week:

Move to feel great in your body, confident in your stance & happy in your soul.

Setting Your Fitness Game Plan

I can’t believe it’s a snow day here in PA. I was really looking forward to getting back into a routine this week. But you know what? Even if this storm didn’t hit my little town of Doylestown, I probably would have been off kilter from the holidays still anyway. So I’m throwing my hands up and surrendering.


But before I do that, let’s make a game plan, while the kids are distracted.


Write these down, whether on a pad of paper, in your phone or on your laptop.


First, what do you want to get from your fitness program in 2018?

For me it’s about getting back to the basics, fusing together different movement practices I love and having more FUN! 

Now you…(go ahead, write)


Second, when are you going to workout?

Don’t just think about time of day, think more about time of opportunity. Listen, if we could go back in time when no one else needed our attention and we could workout when it was ideal, we would do it. But that’s not the case. Life is demanding but don’t let it throw you off course. Opportunities like, when you are waiting for the school bus to arrive, or while dinner is in the oven, and even between loads of laundry have great potential. Moments like these happen everyday, you just need to see them as unique times to take care of YOU.


Lastly, where are you going to workout? 

Think out of the box. If you have a gym membership, GREAT, get there when you can. But when you can’t be resourceful. Any space will do. And I mean ANY! Hallways are awesome for walking lunges and vinyasa flows, you can do step ups & tricep dips on your stairs and kitchen counters make for a great “barre”. Hell! I have my spin bike in my garage. The general rule is if you can lay down a yoga mat in a space, you are good to go.


Ok, did you write all of the things that came to your mind. If not, do it now before you get pulled away to do something else.


I am here to motivate & inspire you but the desire needs to come from you.


A quote I heard this week:


You Must Believe To Achieve.


Believe in your dreams to create change and feel GREAT in your body. You desire it.


I’d love to hear about your 2018 fitness goals so definitely leave a comment below or email me at janine@jbirdfitness.com


Now that we’ve had a moment to reconnect after the holiday madness and start of the New Year, I am going to shut down my laptop, ask Ryan to start a fire and I am going to snuggle up with my girls on the couch. Surrendering can be sweet, if you let it.


Enjoy your day, wherever you are and I’ll see you again soon.




JBird Fitness membership
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Big Announcement!!!

JBird Fitness Membership

Have you heard?


We are getting the New Year’s celebration underway early, starting today JBird Fitness Memberships will be just $9.95!


In 2017 we were able to build a video library of over 85 workout videos and hone in on our mission to bring you fitness into your craziest of days with a smile :) The quick & effective workouts with mix n match capabilities have proven successful in getting your body in shape, your mindset focused and your heart happy.


So for 2018, I am fully committed to getting the most out of EVERY JBird workout video and helping you create balance in your life & body. 


I have some FUN & excited ideas, motivational tools and interactive play for us in the months ahead, using featured JBird videos, challenges, connecting on our private Facebook Community page and so much more.

So click on the button below and say YES, to fitness, fun, and happiness today and for the 2018 New Year.


The next few days is still about celebrating and enjoying a shift into the New Year, so go, HAVE FUN!


Keep moving, my friend & dive into the New Year with your whole heart.


With love,



P.S. If you are still reading, look back up and click that pink button NOW! It will change your life!


P.P.S. Spread to word, share this email and tell everyone you know. JBird Fitness is now available for just $9.95!

Stay Healthy, Keep It Simple & Stay Energized...

It’s cold season, life the next 2 weeks is unpredictable and we will be eating our way through the holiday parties. So what can we do to keep our spirits bright and our body healthy?


I’m asking because I have noticed in our house we’ve gotten lazy with meal planning & have been ordering out or grabbing things on the go. Both Ryan & I have been distracted by holiday shopping, the kids activities and the extras that come about with the season. Like us, setting yourself up for the next 2-3 weeks is key.


To help you along I am sharing 3 things I am doing to stay healthy, keep things simple and stay energized.


1. Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning.

Lemon Water

Our household got hit hard with a sickness this past week and we have all been down for the count at some point. Happy it wasn’t on Christmas Day but crappy none the less. So I started to think back about simple ways to fight off the cold season and drinking lemon water popped in my mind.

“Lemons contain Vitamin C. They also contain potassium. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning gives the body a chance to absorb these vitamins effectively and can provide a little immune boost.Vitamin C is also good for the adrenals and can potentially help reduce the affects of stress.” says WellnessMama.com.

Yes, that’s right! So I am getting back on the lemon water kick today!
It’s simple:

  1. Warm 24 oz. of Water
  2. Squeeze 1/2 a Lemon into the Water
  3. Swirl & Drink 

Drinking lemon water also helps digestion, helps produce healthier skin and boosts your mood.


2. Pre-preparing Meals.

To avoid ordering out and eating junk, I made my favorite recipe this weekend. It has veggies & protein packed into a cute little cup that even the kids love to eat. And bonus, they are great leftovers, perfect potions for the kiddos lunchboxes and freeze well too!

    Turkey Meatloaf Muffins
    1 large or 2 small Zucchinis
    1 large white onion
    1 red pepper or
      1/2 bag of baby carrots
    1 lb. ground turkey
    1/2 cup uncooked couscous
    1 egg
    2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
    1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
    1/2 cup barbecue sauce

    1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray 18 muffin cups with cooking spray or use silicone liners. (My kids get excited to choose which color they want.)
    2. Place zucchini, onions and red pepper into food processor and pulse several times until finely chopped. Be sure to pulse and not liquify. Pour veggies into cheesecloth or paper towels and squeeze out excess liquid. Place the vegetables into a very large bowl and mix in ground turkey, couscous, egg, Worcestershire sauce and Dijon mustard, until thoroughly combined. (I use my hands, it's soooo cold but gets the job done.)
    3. Fill each prepared muffin cup almost to the top. Tip: I use an ice cream scooper to make it easier. Then spread about 1 teaspoon of barbecue sauce on each muffin.
    4. Bake in the oven until juices run clear, about 25 minutes. Let stand for 5 minutes before serving.
    Turkey Meatloaf Muffins Healthy Meals

    The cupcake size makes them great for serving different portions for all the different age groups in your family. And it’s everything you need in one small package... but I also really like to serve this with a Caesar salad :)


    If you have a go-to recipe for when time is tight and the whole family enjoys, I’d LOVE to hear about it. Email me at janine@jbirdfitness.com or share with the community on the blog HERE.


    3. Working Out.

    You knew I was going to say that, you had to. But I am going to admit, especially with our house just getting over a sickness, I have not been full force at the gym. It’s just not possible. But when I am feeling off and start getting grumpy I know it’s time to put everything down and just move. Even if it is only for 15 minutes. And you know what? It works every time. Afterward I feel like I have more energy, it’s clear the things that absolutely need to get done and the others that can wait and simply stated, I’m happier.

    Arm and core Workout

    So join us this week in the new JBird Fitness Video Release -

    emBODY: Arms & Core

    We are saying cheers to our arms & core in this workout and finishing off 2017 strong.

    Members: click HERE to go to the workout.

    Non-Members: click HERE for a trial & go to the video library for the workout.



    Here’s to staying healthy, keeping things simply and living it up during the holidays.


    With Love,


    Your Fitness State of Mind

    Temperatures are dropping and snow has already covered our streets & backyards here in the Northeast, so singing "Let It Snow" is the perfect tune for me right now.

    It's such a happy tune but the moment someone starts warning us of weather change everyone seems to get in a tizzy. 

    So what can we do about it...

    Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go!

    Yoga Let It Go

    There are some things in life out of our control. And 'tis the season for all kinds of crazy. How we handle the crazy is what will determine our health & well-being throughout the remainder of the month. So I encourage you to breathe and let it go, my friend.

    Recognize life's twist & turns, manage the ones you can modify to your advantage and chill out about the ones you can't.

    This reminds me of driving with my husband. Ryan gets so pissy behind the wheel. Seriously! No one knows how to drive except for him. And I always say, "Why do you get yourself all worked up over someone you can't change?" 

    So I started listening to my own advice. After 11 years of being together, I have stopped telling him to stop getting all worked up over other drivers on the road. It wasn't easy...but now I sit in the passenger seat and enjoy the ride.

    Morale of the story: Enjoy the ride of the holiday season because before we know it, it will be over.

    What's Happening:

    Leg Workout

    New Video Release:

    emBODY - Legs

    This workout clocks in at 15 minutes and 52 seconds to keep you moving but save you time for holiday shopping. Even better yet...no equipment is needed, so click play anywhere you are and get your exercise in for the day with just you & your body NOW!

    • Members: Click HERE to go directly to the workout.
    • Non-Members: Click HERE for a free trial and then go to the Workout: Video Library page of the website to get moving.
    Fitness Challenge

    The 7-day #ThankYourBody Challenge is still going on until the New Year. 15 minutes of movement a day will be a holiday treat for your body. Click HERE to access.

    Dance Fitness

    Exciting news Bucks County! There has been a change in plans. I am continuing to teach the 9:35am Monday Transform class (Dance Conditioning meets Cardio Dance) at the Central Bucks Family YMCA for 2 more weeks. I want to see you there tomorrow morning!


    Enjoy the Holidays REALLY!!!!


    My Fitness Gift Wish List...

    Every year it gets a little bit harder.

    I’m asked “what do you want for Christmas?” and every year I draw a blank.
     Not only do we live in a world where, when we need or want something, you Google the best deal or go straight to Amazon and you receive it in 2 days. But I am also living in a very different place than I was 6 years ago. Since I have become a mom I have taken a backseat. When I'm asked what I want, I can only think of things for the house or for my kids, not myself.

    So this year I had the brilliant idea of starting a "Janine" list a few months back and this is how pathetic my list was:

    JBird Fitness 10

      Pathetic because I only came up with 3 things and all 3 have a ridiculous story behind them.


      The frame is for a painting I love but has been frameless in not just 1 house but the past 3 houses I have lived in.  As for my favorite pair of black sneakers, they are 5-6 years old and have been worn in so much they now have a hole in them. Seriously, I can wiggle my pinkie toe through the hole but I still wear them. And finally, the bra. The bra is on the the list because I just noticed 2 weeks ago the black bra I have been wearing is a DD. I bought it over 3 years ago, after having Nora, to accommodate my postnatal/breastfeeding boobs and I have since deflated to probably a B.  But who the heck knows.


      Now looking at the list, I started to think...beside those 3 things, do I really need anything else? Do I actually need even those 3 things?


      Ok, so the black bra would be helpful for underneath dark shirts or dresses. But the painting has been naked for several years and surviving and I have a pair of purple sneakers I love.


      So what do I really need or more importantly, WANT?


      My NEW & Improved list:

      Fitness Gift List
      1. Home accents to create workout space in our basement. I have been wanting a small outcove in our basement to become a workout/work space for me but felt selfish for taking away part of the room from the kids. Sorry girls but mama needs a space to play in too LOL. So bring on the throw pillows and accessories.
      2. Dance-inspired fitness gear. I have been missing my black baseball hat drawn down to my nose (for attitude, of course) and my oversized sweatshirts with baggy pants. I think a small change in wardrobe will spark some new energy.
      3. A class on my schedule that I love & look forward to every week. I realize no one can gift me this, but Ryan has been really cool with me running off to sub local classes the past two weeks. Finding the right studio/gym/space to teach in at this stage in the game is really important to me. So knowing Ryan's got my back and taking care of my girls is truly a gift come early.

      So what I really want for the holidays this year is... a feeling.


      It’s not what I get, but how those things are going to make me feel which counts.


      I know it’s not New Year’s yet and trust me, I am not rushing us to get there. But I am keeping in mind what I want for 2018 and I am basing my list on those dreams and desires.


      How about you?


      What do you want this holiday season?


      Email me at janine@jbirdfitness.com or leave a comment below.

      What's Happening:

      emBODY is the new workout series being released for the month of December.


      Embody:  to realize
                     to personify
                     to embrace & express


      It relates to the above idea.

      emBODY who you want to become.
      Embrace your ideals, your dreams, your desires.


      Be YOU, all of YOU!


      The first workout is emBODY: Total Body. No better way to dive in then to embrace your whole body and give it some love.

      Total Body Workout


      Members: Click HERE to access the workout video


      If you’re not a member yet, you can still check it out by clicking HERE. Here you will sign-up for free access to JBirdFitness.com for 7-days. You can play freely in the video library or do the 7-day #ThankYourBody Challenge.

      Go ahead. Give your body an early present for the holidays this year. 

      With Love,

      P.S. Bucks County Peeps: Last chance to DANCE with me tomorrow morning 9:35am at the Central Bucks Family YMCA. New Year class schedule TBD. Hope to see you there :)

      3 Ways To Stay Fit For The Holidays

      This is the BEST, MOST JOYOUS, yet CRAZIEST time of the year. If you thought you were busy before the holidays, brace for impact. It’s inevitable. Your personal, everyday self-care rituals will fall by the waistside to make room for gift shopping, festivities and the kids being off of school.


      But this is the MOST IMPORTANT time of the year to save even just a few minutes a day for yourself.



      Wheel Pose Yoga

      First, your body still needs to move. Just because the holidays are in full swing doesn’t mean your body is okay with taking a back seat. In fact, it needs to move more than ever. I don’t think I need to remind you of the extra goodies you will be enjoying.

      Listen, I am all for it. You should indulge. But when you workout, you have the tendency to indulge a little...rather than a lot. So do your body a favor and... Keep Moving!

      Second, even though this is a special time of the year, it can also be a stressful time of the year. 

      Happy Fitness

      Once again working out can help. It alleviates stress, clears your mind and really opens up your heart to thoroughly embrace all the positivity of the holidays.

      So maintaining your fitness routine will make your body feel good and you get to have FUN during the holiday season guilt free.


      Sounds like a no-brainer to me.


      Bonus: when New Years pops up, you will be ahead of the game.

      3 Ways To Stay Fit For The Holidays
      From now until the New Year begins there will be a major drop off in gym and group fitness attendance. The reality: time is tight and our energy is focused elsewhere during the holidays. But as I have mentioned before, I have made it my mission to keep you moving NO MATTER WHAT! So here are 3 different ways you can stay active and on track with your fitness routine during the next 4 weeks.

      1. Make it a Game. 

      For every cookie you eat - do 20 squats

      For every second helping - do a 1 minute plank 

      For every drink (that’s not water) - do 10 push-ups

      For every party you go to, where you are already full on the apps before the dinner is even served - do 20 jumping jacks

      Holiday Workout

      You don’t have to do them right on the spot. I mean let’s get real, people might look at you funny if you start exercising in the middle of a dinner party. So to keep people from thinking you’ve gone off the deep end, make a mental note to yourself or schedule it in your phone for the next morning. It will take 2-5 minutes to do, but make you accountable. Gosh, I hate that word. It sounds so serious to me. So instead make it more playful by thinking of it as a game. Like, when I bride my kids to eat their veggies :) 

      2. Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People.

      It's like picking a drinking buddy who's got your back but this time it's an ally who's a reflection of how you would like to keep the holiday season happy & healthy. No one needs to take your car keys, I mean the cookie out of your hand, or anything. Simply choose wisely who your hangin' with.

      This does not mean you stalk the chick at the party who only eats the carrot sticks. It does mean find friends who know how to find a nice balance between being mindful as well as enjoying the celebrations. 

      3. Do the #ThankYourBody Challenge

      I have set-up the #ThankYourBody Challenge to now be open through the New Year. If anything throws you off track, JBird is here to catch you.

      It's FREE and you can sign-up HERE.

      #ThankYourBody Fitness Challenge

      The Challenge gives you 7-days access to JBirdFitness.com. You can explore & play in the video library or simply go to the Challenge page where you can start the workout videos from Day #1 and work your way through to Day #7. The workouts are balanced between cardio, strength & flexibility and I promise once you have completed each 15 minute workout you will feel like you can take on the holidays with a smile on your face,

      So raise your glass and let’s cheers to keeping our bodies moving from now through the New Year.

      With Love,

      The BEST Kind of Spontaneous Fitness!

      Not sure if you saw my social media posts early last week but I am still laughing inside about my venture to Giggleberry Mountain.  Right as last week’s Newsletter was being delivered to your inbox, I was spontaneously taking a day off to have fun with my family. 


      Day off? Yes. 


      My Sundays are regularly scheduled as family days but I had a lot of unexpected distractions the week before. In order for me to re-focus and get a jump start on this past week I had asked Ryan to have a Daddy/Daughters day. Anyway, long story short…I woke up on Sunday and said in my mind “Work is going to have to wait because today I really want to be with Ryan & the Girls”. 


      I am going to be completely honest here. Our family spends A LOT of time together. I think A LOT more than the average family. Have I emphasized A LOT. Because we do. And there are days I am so thankful for it but there are also days I want to ring everyone’s neck.


      So when my gut said DON’T WORK, BE WITH THEM, I had to listen. Even stranger, I couldn’t get out of my head that we were supposed to go to Giggleberry Mountain. 


      A little back story. Sierra asks every weekend if we can go to GM and specifically requests me to go in with her.


      If you don’t know, Giggleberry Mountain is a made-for-kids, 6-tiered obstacle course built within 3 floors. As a parent and adult sized human being this means crouching down and army crawling your way through pint-sized doorways, scaling rope ladders made for little hands & feet, bobbing & weaving through obstacles, and much more.


      Plus, being shot at by the Berry Blasters. Don’t worry. They only shoot nerf-like berry colored tennis-sized balls that don’t hurt except when you get pegged in the face.  And you DO get pegged in the face.


      We have been there before. A few times, in fact. And every time I am like “Nope, Mama is not going in there, sorry kiddo.” As a fitness professional one would probably think this would be right up my alley, but in the past you couldn’t have gotten me in there for a million dollars.


      Well maybe a million but nothing less.


      So, I thought, why am I craving time with my family at Giggleberry Mountain and envisioning myself actually going inside this place I have recently considered a parent’s nightmare.


      I decide to forgo my past ideas of what my experience would be like inside, got properly dressed in spandex, put my hair up in a pony and said “Let’s get out of here” to my hubs and girls.


      Last week I talked about the importance of getting uncomfortable at times to be the most comfortable in your skin. The irony was when you were reading that Newsletter, I was in the thick of uncomfortable. After an hour of dodging swinging punching bags in a full bent over position, being tackled by Sierra at any given moment, helping Nora up, down and every which way possible through this maze and trying to keep up, yes, keep up with my 6 year old darting around at lightning speed, I was sweating bullets and after catching a glimpse of myself in the fun-house like mirrors, I looked like Medusa. But…I was also laughing my buns off and smiling from ear to ear.


      We had a GREAT DAY!!!


      I was originally going to write to you this week about how to stay healthy and fit during your long Thanksgiving weekend but I decided to scrap it because I thought talking about being spontaneous and listening to your gut was more important for today.


      I’m not saying I want you to scrap working out or making healthy choices during the next 7 days. But the reality is, this is a time to celebrate. And although continuing to move & CONSCIOUSLY indulging (ha, you like that one don’t you) is a really good idea. So is having FUN and being joyous.


      Next week I’ll give you 3 ways to keep moving and feel happy in your body during the holiday season. But until then, enjoy being where you are, who you are with and secretly take short snippets of time for yourself to smile at the present moments in life.



      P.S. I usually like to share colorful FUN pictures but I left my phone in my jacket pocket, on purpose, when we went into Giggleberry Mountain. And you know what...it felt good!

      But next week I'm sure I'll be back to my old self or maybe I should say new & improved self  ;)

      What's Happening This Week

      #ThankYourBody Fitness Challenge

      7-Day #ThankYourBody FC:
      Starts TOMORROW. Thanksgiving Week is one of the hardest weeks to keep moving a priority. Since we had so much FUN doing the #feelgoodfitness Challenge I decided to be spontaneous again & run one more Fitness Challenge for 2017. If you missed the last Challenge but want in on this 7-Days of determination, focus & FUN! Click HERE. And say thank you to your body starting at midnight tonight!

      (note: Members & #feelgoodfitness Challengees you are already automatically signed-up, details in your inbox as we speak)

      Back and Abs Fitness Video

      New JBird Fitness Video Release:
      The goal of Aligned Back & Abs is to give you a strong center. Time is tight with the holidays around the corner is no excuse. This workout is only 13:37 minutes in length but really packs a punch and gets the job done.
      Members Click HERE to go directly to the workout.
      Non-Members Click HERE for a FREE trial. This workout, plus 65 more can be found in the video library.

      Fitness Instructor

      NEW Transform Class:
      This is how excited I am to be teaching my signature class once again. If you live in the Bucks County area you MUST come! Transform is where barre-free dance conditioning meets cardio dance, to transform your body and get you in a feel good fitness vibe. Be prepared to work your whole body, sweat and have FUN!

      Where: Central Bucks Family YMCA, Doylestown, PA

      When: Mondays (for a limited time, so get your butt to class ASAP)

      Time: 9:35am

      What Happens When You Stop Procrastinating...

      I don’t know how this happened, but it was a good thing I finally did a major clean out of my closet because the temperatures have been frigid here in PA the past few days. Not only did I have sundresses & tees taking up precious real estate but I have also been in desperate need of a good cleansing, and man, did it feel goooooood.


      Beside being stuck between seasons, I had an obscene amount of clothing taking up room in my itty bitty closet I hadn’t worn in years.


      So even though I would've rather been relaxing, I had to take the time to pull out the winter layers from the attic and de-hanger to re-hanger the heck out of my wardrobe.


      Then replace the storage bins with donation boxes.


      Yes, I finally got rid of the non-fitting, over worn and out dated styles that have been making me feel claustrophobic.


      It was a workout!


      But now that it's done, I can pour a glass of wine, kick up my feet with a smile, and have peace of mind. The clutter is gone and I’ve got a fresh begin to a new season.


      I can’t help but think how this relates to Fall and how trees shed their leaves.


      By "cleaning house" I was able to look at what I really wanted hanging in my closet and more importantly on my body plus get it in line with how I want it to express my personal style, in this moment in time (not five years ago nor pre-kids).


      I procrastinated, griped and moaned about doing it but now it’s like a weight off of my shoulders.


      Sometimes you got to do something uncomfortable to be the most comfortable in your own skin.

      So I ask, what can you do this week in your fitness routine that will bring a little discomfort but be oh so gratifying?


      If you’ve been thinking about doing something different, let me know in the comment section below this blog. Make yourself accountable and get the job done. Seriously, you will feel amazing afterward.

      If you are not sure what to do, try this workout:

      (click the picture to access the video)


      We did this routine on Day #2 of the #feelgoodfitness challenge and Christine A. from NJ said, “Butt Killer!!!” and my response...

      “Thank you for making my day. Not only did your comment make me LOL but it also made me feel better because I was thinking the same exact thing, after doing the challenge workout myself!.”


      The video is 15 minutes in length. So I know you can squeeze it in by tomorrow.

      Why tomorrow? Because it will only be available for viewing until midnight on Monday. I want to empower you to take charge NOW and do something different. It will make a positive difference in your day. Even if it is just for the sake of your butt ;)


      I also want to share a new song I've been playing over and over and over again while working and working out.


      Click to listen:  I Like Me Better With You by Lauv


      We may not be lovers, like the song, but I definitely like ME BETTER WITH YOU! Since we only meet up in your inbox once a week, I would love to see you more.

      Whether you are a Facebooker, Instagram Peep, or You Tube Maven, like, follow and subscribe to JBird Fitness by clicking the links at the bottom of the page. And feel free to share this blog and the links with your friends.

      As I always say...we are stronger together! Let's build a community of girlfriends to inspire each other, keep each other moving and keep it real.


      The Ultimate Exercise


      This month JBird’s focus is alignment. We are going to explore ways to align your body through exercise to help get in line with your thoughts & the intentions you want to set in the months ahead.

      To start, I want to ask you one question:

      How do you feel about your body (when you look in the mirror, when you are doing your daily thing, when you are exercising, etc…)?

      I know, how rude of me, right! If you read the question and felt really vulnerable, you're not alone. Looking at ourselves honestly can be tough sometimes. We are all critical, especially after eating all that Halloween candy LOL. But don’t just look at the "flaws". I want you to think of one thing you would like to improve about your body and then one thing you LOVE about your body.

      You may have a different answer tomorrow than today, depending on how you are feeling. And you will notice, how your body feels dictates what your mind is thinking and vice versa. Play with it and let me know what you come up with.

      I have started the conversation in the comment section below and would love to hear your thoughts as well. Leave a comment on the blog or send me a private email at janine@jbirdfitness.com


      If you want to play with a move to help answer the question above, the plank is the ultimate exercise to tap into every inch of your body. You don’t need to be balancing on stones, like I am here, but follow the steps below to get you in the optimal position and get a total body workout in minutes.


      The Plank

      1. Place your hands under the shoulders with your fingers spread out, as you look about 6-8 inches in front of your finger tips.
      2. Extend your legs behind you, balancing on the toes/balls of the feet and create a long line from the crown of your head to the backs of your heels.
      3. Allow the sides of the neck to be long by sliding the shoulder blades down the length of your back, opening your heart to your thumbs.
      4. Breath naturally while drawing your belly button and ribs inward.
      5. Keep your hips level with your shoulders and squeeze your butt.
      6. If you need support for the back, place your knees on the ground.
      7. Hold plank for up to one minute.


      Tomorrow starts the #feelgoodfitness Challenge and TODAY is the last day to sign-up. Yes, at midnight EST tonight registration will close and I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to slay the holiday season filled with confidence & pure joy!


      3 GREAT Reasons to Take the Challenge!

      #1 It’s ONLY 15 minutes a day that will bring you a Lifetime of Change - This small addition to your daily practice will have a lasting impression, positively effecting every moment of your day.


      #2 Fun & Exciting are the name of the game - new ways to move your body and the element of surprise will keep you on your toes and put a pep in your step.


      #3 Tis the Season to Be Happy - You deserve to be happy. So treat yourself to an early holiday present and give yourself a boost of joyfulness.


      Click the button below, to Take The Challenge. I promise, in 14-days you will be smiling from ear to ear!

      For more details click HERE and if you have any questions feel free to email me at janine@jbirdfitness.com. 


      What To Do With Your Halloween Candy Overload...

      Fitness Halloween Nightmare

      Holy Crap, do you have this much candy in the house right now?


      Seriously I think we doubled the amount of candy, that we even gave out. And what sucks is I work from home all day and it’s staring me in the face.

      So for anyone that doesn’t know this about me, I am a sweets-aholic. I know, I know, you are thinking “I thought she runs a fitness company”....well, I do. But I also LOVE candy. Well let’s be specific…Chocolate. So right now I am in trouble.


      But here’s the deal, being a “Mind/Body Exercise Specialist”… sounds so fancy right?….has really taught me a lot of things over the years. In my 20’s I was so hard on myself. I counted ever calorie I ate, had an eating disorder and exercised waaaay too much. And those are just the facts. The whole other side of things…the emotional side, was filled with guilt & insecurity. None of it was healthy. But from the outside I looked like I was in amazing shape and I even thought this way of living was good. And I’m not afraid to say now that I was wrong. Beyond wrong.


      So here is what I have learned. I am going to eat some of this candy. That’s the truth. And here’s another truth…I get to decide if I want to feel crappy or guilty about it. 


      I also get to decide everything else I do with my day. And I have found if I stay on track with the things I KNOW make my body feel good, I make better decisions. 


      But here’s the kicker, if you bag everything else, start to scarf down the bucket of candy, stop exercising, order pizza instead of making dinner and on top of it feel shitty for doing it…well, I hate to say it, but you will be singing’ the holiday blues before the holidays even get here.


      So what has teaching 20 years of fitness taught me? KEEP MOVING! YES! You have to make sure there is movement happening in your day and if you are strongly tempted by the Halloween candy in the house or anything else for that matter, working out earlier in the day is better than later because if you wait you may be tempted to scrap it and that’s the worst decision you could make.


      See it’s not about the piece of candy, it’s about getting on a fitness track that works for you which will make your body happy and then when temptation comes, you will less likely over indulge.


      I know, it sounds easier than it is. Beside being a sweets-aholic I am a realist. So that’s why, I am running a fitness challenge starting THIS Monday, November 6th.

      JBird Fitness Challenge #feelgoodfitness

      It’s totally FREE.

      You only need to commit to 15 minutes a day for 14-days.

      You workout with me via video on www.JBirdFitness.com

      And we even have a Facebook group set up for you, for extra support and motivation.

      Listen, you are not alone. I’m a fitness pro and even I struggle with this every year. But it doesn’t need to be a struggle.  You can have your cake (or candy for this matter) and eat it to. You just need to MOVE, KEEP MOVING and STAY MOTIVATED.


      And I am here to help you with all of that.


      So for more details and to register for the Challenge click HERE.


      Because you deserve to feel good during this holiday season.


      Feel free to email me at janine@jbirdfitness.com if you have any questions or thoughts.


      And I am excited to get this challenge under way, so invite your friends and let’s keep moving together.

      Love, Janine

      P.S. If you have already signed up for the challenge. Pass this message on to everyone and anyone you know. Because fitness is more FUN with those we love :)

      Your Guide to a Mind/Body Transformation

      Two happiness quests down and one to go. If you are just catching up on my JBird newsletters, I’ve been taking about how to infuse more joy in our lives and how it spreads throughout your day when you do.


      My first happiness trigger was I love seeing success in the eyes of others. The second was listening and finding new music that moves me, physically and emotionally. And this week I wrap it up with my third “makes me feel so happy” moments and that is...teaching fitness classes. 


      There is something that happens to me when I walk in a studio, turn the music on and start class. I feel more myself than ever. Although my mind is all on my students, the choreography and the energy of the room, the electricity running through my veins is so palpable I can’t ignore it.

      So I am now asking you...

      What is THE one thing that unexplicably lights a fire within you?

      I'd love to know, so shoot me an email at janine@jbirdfitness.com or share with us in the comments below.

      Weekly Inspiration:

      The main theme at JBird this month has been Transformation and moving ourselves toward positivity. Moving being the key word here because we can dream about healthy changes in our life but if we don't take intentful action then nothing ever changes.

      So this week, for myself, I handed in paperwork to start teaching class at a local gym. It’s been over 2 years since I have had a regular class on my weekly schedule and I’m ready to get back in the game. Simply because I miss it and it makes me happy.

      Can you take action today to move toward a happier you?

      Talking about moving, I've got something to get your body in motion. 

      Fitness Challenge #feelgoodfitness

      I am so excited about this challenge because I know how crazy it is going to get in the next 2 months and I am determined more than ever to keep you on track.

      The #feelgoodfitness Challenge starts Monday, November 6th:

      It’s FREE, so invite all of your friends.

      It's going to be EXCITING. (hint: we are doing things a little different this time)

      And by committing to just 15 minutes of movement a day, it's going to be LIFE-CHANGING.

      Registration has already begun. So click HERE to sign-up today!

      With Love,

      P.S. The NEW JBird Fitness video release is Transform: Dynamic Stretch. This is not your typical "ho-hum" stretch routine. It's dynamic because you are going to be moving through most of the stretches and working your muscles at the same time. So get ready to move and feel great!

      Members: Click HERE to go directly to the workout.
      Non-members: Click HERE to try this workout with our 3-day trial. Trust me! Your body will thank you :)