Uniting To Live A Happy Fit Life

The other day I started to write down my thoughts. In my head I was having a conversation with you. I was hoping by jotting it down on my laptop it would give me greater insight to where JBird is flying to next.

Even though it's incomplete I want to share it with you.

Dear Friend,

I want to start having more conversations with you. 


I miss chatting with clients, students and members at the gym.


You are my peeps now and we are in touch but it's not enough.


What if we could check in with each other every now and then?  Hell, what about everyday?

Wouldn't it be FUN to be engaged in conversation with people like ourselves more? Not just peeking into people's lives on social media but actually meeting up at the end of each day, supporting each other when it's crazy and celebrating the good times together!


I'm talking about our real lives. Not the perfectly posed picture posts we see on Facebook or Instagram.


I'm talking about sharing the real everyday you. 


The girl who wakes up in the a.m. with no make up on and hair a mess.


The mom who forgot to brush her teeth because you got interrupted in your morning routine.


The sweaty chick getting your workout in.


The lady who smiles at everyone to lift up their day but has a hundred things on your mind.


And even...


The woman who jumps out of bed to do one last things, because a woman's work is never done.


I know what I am suggesting is not the norm in today's day in age but it would be so liberating.

Our little secret girlfriend group.


True girlfriends.

The completely non-judgmental, totally there to lift you up kind of girlfriends!

Real girlfriends, moms, working women, and forever chicks.

I haven't put together all the pieces of the puzzle and normally I would be afraid to put any incomplete thought out there. My perfectionist self feels like I have to give you a polished blog every week about "how to get fit". But I'm letting my hair down and getting real with you. 

Yes, this is what I look like in the morning.

My journey in developing JBIrd Fitness has been exhilarating and exhausting. But I know these thoughts, the thoughts above and many others, do not come to me because I am crazy or alone. 

Living a happy fitness lifestyle is WAY more than dialing in a workout here & there.

Happy is the key word. Happy is the feeling I want you to feel about yourself when your exercising and when you're not.

Wouldn't it be better to do it together?

I am working hard to figure out the next steps but as I continue working toward making JBird a place where you feel excited, free and happy, I need your help.

I want your insights.

I respect you.

I need a real girlfriend moment right now.

Please let me know what this email stirred up in your mind.

Even if just one word popped into your head, email HERE and let me know.

I will also be posting this on the JBIrd Fitness Blog page HERE. If you are daring to be different and get real with me right now, leave a comment below. 

Either way, let's get the conversation going.

With Much Love & Appreciation,

P.S. If you have a friend, sister, mother, aunt, cousin, colleague, etc..that you think should share in our conversation feel free to forward this email or share the blog page on social media.

The more like minded women we can rally up the more FUN this is going to be! 

3 Ways to Keep Smiling At Your Body Moving This Summer!

Between summer being in full swing and JBird Fitness celebrating its one year anniversary, I feel like I am on a roller coaster ride.

I am finding that as much as I try to plan even just one day's events, my schedule is thrown in all kinds of directions. So I am going with the flow. 


When I have conceptual ideas about where JBird is going next I quickly write it down, realizing Nora may pull me away to show me a butterfly or Sierra might ask me to go play basketball.


I don't want to miss these special moments with my kids or any moment right in front of me for that matter. Being creative, unconventional and open to new ways of working, keeping the house together and exercising have been extremely helpful.


So I want to give you ideas to keep your mind thinking of alternatives ways to continue moving, stay healthy and feel happy.

Idea #1 - Workout with the kids
It doesn't sound ideal and even practical but this one works better than you think. 3 things to consider:

1. It becomes playtime with purpose. If you have young kids it teaches them how to focus on specific tasks. If you have older kids, it helps them create a connection & confidence in their body.

2. You become yet another great role model for them, as a health conscious mentor.

3. THIS IS A BIG ONE! They learn mom needs time to nourish herself too.

Idea #2 - Go for a walk

My best thinking time is when I simply go for a walk. Whether I am day dreaming, thinking of days past or getting geared up for the future, walking has a therapeutic effect. The cool thing is, you don't have to plan this one. Even if you only have a 15 minute window before you need to meet up with someone or pick up the kids, put down the phone, get out of the car and WALK!

Idea #3 - Scrap doing your normal workout and try something different. 
If your typical workout takes an hour that is a lot of minutes in the day to take away from spontaneity. So do this quick full body circuit to jump start your day and then enjoy whatever comes your way.

Full Body Workout Circuit: 3 Rounds of 4 Exercises
1. Side Bend Crunch - do 12-16 reps on the right then the left.
2. Plank - hold plank for 30 seconds, working your way up to 1 minute.
3. Knee Tuck with Tricep Dip - do 16-20 repetitions.
4. Deep Squat with Straight Arm Forward Raise - 12-16 slow reps. (only go as deep as it feels appropriate in your body)

Tips: Listen to your body, support your body by engaging in the core in all exercises, breathe naturally and enjoy connecting to your body.

Want more? Take advantage of the Guest Pass on JBirdFitness.com. It is only going to be available for the next 3 days. The workouts are quick, can fit into any nook & cranny in your day and even go on vacation with you. CLICK HERE to sign-up now!

Cheers to FUN days in the sun and enjoying the beauty surrounding us!


Workout Music To Get You Moving!

My head is spinning.

Once again I have been a little quiet on the social media scene and for good reason.

JBird Fitness is fast approaching it’s one year anniversary and instead of partying it up and spreading the exciting news, like most businesses in my position do, I have been doing a lot of soul searching.


Don’t worry, I’m not going to go too deep here, but I have learned so much in the short period of time I have been on this new venture with JBird. I have had times where I found myself completely clueless of how to move forward next, some crazy breakthroughs, and major moments of reflection.


I have been in the fitness biz for over 20 years. When that number hits my rational mind, I think “how can that be?” And then I pull myself together and say, “Because you love this sh*t!” And when I say sh*t, I don’t mean it in a bad way. On the contrary, it’s in the best way possible.


Since the very first days I stepped into a classroom as a fitness instructor I knew I had to pursue this career. I love seeing your face light up when you’ve finished an amazing workout and that smile you give when you are walking out the door, saying “thank you”, when all I want to do is give you a huge sweaty hug back and say ”No! Thank you!”.


Not to reveal too much, but I want you to know I am working on getting those moments back into our lives. I am determined more than ever to be connected as a fitness community and bring the FUN back into exercising & moving.




There are some logistics I need to work on but stay tuned because it’s about to get a little CRAZY on JBirdFitness.com.

Otherwise, I am here to bring more inspiration your way and since I, myself, was looking to shake things up guess where I went?…iTunes, of course!

I’ve been so busy, I hadn’t made a summer music playlist yet and you know from my blogs past music really gets me inspired & motivated to take on any job in front of me and bonus, it always brings a smile to my face.

So I am passing on the joy. Click HERE to listen to my Summer 2017 Playlist on Spotify. It’s totally free to listen, you just need to set up an account. But I get it if signing-up for yet one more app is not what you were lookin’ to do. So I am posting a picture below of the playlist so you can also browse and use whichever music searching/downloading/listening means you wish.

Music has the power to move you in ways I never could, so listen up and enjoy!

Workout Music


Warning: Not all of these songs are squeaky clean. I like music with a great message but sometimes I just simply like the beat. 


Have FUN listening and I’ll be in touch soon, when all the insane ideas swirling around in my head have taken shape & are ready for you to enjoy.


Until then, keep working out with a smile and remember laughter is the best ab exercise!  :)


Set Yourself Up For Fitness Success!

Are you ready for this weekend? 

For me that means bracing for impact, as my brother-in-law & sister-in-law throw an annual 4th of July party down at the Jersey Shore.

Although the weekend is filled with fireworks & fun, I prepare myself mentally for the whole family taking a trip to nuttyville. All rules go out the window, our 2 1/2 year old will be up until all hours of the night partying with her older cousins, there will be drinking (birch beer for the kiddies and a margarita machine for the adults), my 6 year old will ask for a hundred treats and I will give in because it's that kind of weekend, and no one, I mean NO ONE will get much sleep.

Did I mention working out? Nope. I'll be lucky if I get a morning on the boardwalk.

But that's ok. 

In the old days I used to be obsessed with keeping a somewhat normal schedule, be critical of what was going in my mouth and without a doubt I would log in a couple of hours to exercise, no matter what.

I'm not say I'm going to go hog wild, stuff my face, drink like a fish and be lazy. But I am going to chill out, even throw my feet up and really enjoy where I am. 

Sierra and I even have plans to go fishing. I'll have to tap into my yogic patience for that one.

Now don't get me wrong...

I'll throw my running sneakers in the bag thinking maybe I'll get two days in but realistically only get one. Not to set myself up to fail or do less, but to be kind to myself when the unknown pops up and be happy that I at least will have one really great workout in rather than two half-a** ones or less than I was hoping. 

The key to having that GREAT workout, is having a quick, no-brainer idea of what you can accomplish in the precious moments you get to escape from the beach house, busting at the seams with guests.

Oh wait, that's me. But could be you too.

I'm not completely certain if it will be a walk, jog, or run. It'll depend on the particular morning I get out there but there are a few moves I keep in my back pocket to end my "outdoor" workouts so I feel strong and ready to take on the day.

Since they are a great combo together, hitting the whole body, thought I'd share them with you before the weekend begins.

(click the picture below to view the video)

At the end of my workout I'll most likely do 12-15 reps of each exercise, stretch and call it a day. But if you simply wanted to use this as your whole workout, go for it! 3 sets of 12-15 reps like a circuit would be awesome!!

Set yourself up for SUCCESS and you will be a Happy Camper this season!


P.S. Your success may be finally having chance to try JBirdFitness.com, so don't let me discourage you. The 7-Day Guest Pass is still available but will not be around forever. Last chance to have a free peek at the video library and everything we offer, as this offer will end soon. CLICK HERE to take JBirdFitness.com for a test drive, I promise you will LOVE IT!

Happy Summer Days & A Fitness Challenge For You!

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed it's been a little quiet on the JBird Fitness Newsfeeds but that's not because I have been putting my feet up & relaxing. In fact, my feet are still feeling the craziness of walking the equivalent of 150 city blocks and romping around an amusement park on back-to-back days.

It wasn't planned that way but when mother nature is calling for rain and you want to take a couple of day trips with the kiddies before camp starts, you do what you gotta do.

And it was AWESOME! Exhausting, FUN and awesome! 

So since I was so busy reminiscing in NYC and riding on monster trucks this week, I am going to keep this newsletter short.

Wishing any Dad's out there a Happy Father's Day and hoping you all had a wonderful week, celebrating the men in your life.

Challenge of the Week: Bridge


What does your body need this week or on a particular day? 

Bridges or Bridge Pose?

They are different. Very different. And you get to choose.

Bridges are to tone & strengthen your backside & core, including your gluteus maximus (I just wanted to say that LOL) a.k.a your butt, hamstrings, your back muscles and core. As you go up & down, consciously firm up your butt & hamstrings for a concentrated contraction and even get a little inner thigh work as you keep your legs parallel. Do 12-15 thoughtful reps, take a rest and repeat for 2 more sets.

Bridge Pose, on the other hand, is a great pose to hold as a heart/chest opener. Once you are up in the pose, keep the butt firm but not tight and the chin pointing up with the back of the neck long allowing the throat to be open. Take some deep breathes for 30-60 seconds and then release back down. If that felt good, feel free to go for 2 more. Bonus: Bridge Pose improves digestion, helps alleviate stress and calms the brain.

So you decide my friend, which one is for you. And when you're done let us know how it felt in the comment section on the JBird Fitness Blog page HERE.

This week:


The JBird Fit Tip of the week shows you a different way to tone & strengthen your thighs without having to do a squat or leg extension. Check it out HERE!

This week's new video release, "Aspire: Butt & Thighs". A killer workout for the lower body, requiring no equipment and only 15 minutes in length. It will be available HERE 6:00am EST tomorrow.

A 7-DAY GUEST PASS is now available for anyone new to JBirdFitness.com. Come play with us, try the new workout above and 50+ other videos to choose from.

Have FUN,

Let The Fitness FUN Begin!

I can already feel the change in the air, how about you? There is a shift in everyone's happiness during this time of the year. Although I was a little sad to see Sierra finish her last day of Kindergarten, I couldn't help but be excited for the summer days ahead. Don't get me wrong, our schedule is jam packed with camps, get-a-ways and family/friend get togethers, but it is already starting to feel lighter, airy, and more carefree.

I even shamelessly took a day off this past week to hang out with Sierra, since her school had ended earlier than most here in PA.  And I'm going to tell you...it felt GREAT! It put a little pep in my step to get out of the groundhogs day we were living and to do something different.

I am going to openly admit though, our time together wasn't my most brilliant athletic moment.  

Sierra really wanted to play ball. She is a natural with a bat, mitt & ball. But I, on the other hand, have little to no abilities on the field. No seriously! I may be a fitness chick, but my background is dance and I don't have a competitive streak in my body.

So here we were, at our local Y, "playing ball" in front of everyone and I was horrible. So horrible we laughed our buns off about it. I couldn't throw the ball over the plate if my life depended on it. Humbling experience when your 6 year old needs to show you how to pitch. But you know what? I enjoyed it. 

I have been needing a change in my day to day. The sunshine sure did help, but also sharing my experience and doing something out of the norm sparked a new energy.

Hoping you are feeling the same vibe. If not, I'm encouraging you to get out there. 

It even made a difference in my workouts the days after. I was more engaged and more in tune to my body.

Happiness has a AMAZING ability to transform all aspects of your life.

So go, think out of the box. Create change and new insights will surface.

Have a dance party before the day even begins.

When drinking your morning coffee, go outside and listen to the birds chirp.

Change jobs with someone, whether it's at home or at work.

And before you go to sleep, do a slow vinyasa flow to quiet your mind and sit for a moment to think about all of the little things that brought a smile to your face.


If you want to be super silly, watch the JBird Fitness Fit Tip of the week HERE and join me in doing The Inchworm. Yep, you heard me. The Inchworm is a FUN exercise to do for the whole body, awesome way to wake up and perfect for the summertime, wherever you are, because you don't need any equipment. Just you & your body. It is GREAT for the core/abs, chest, & biceps. But I also love how it makes the hips and hamstring feel. 


We are doing this move in the new JBird workout video being released TOMORROW called Aspire: Arms & Abs. If you want to feel confident in your tanks and strappy dresses this summer, you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this workout. It targets all the right spots and flows from one move to another in just 16 minutes. Yes, I went one minute over my usual, but you'll enjoy that extra minute, I promise.

If you're not a member yet, check out the "Become a Member" page by clicking HERE.

I'll check in next week with some exciting new things happening over here at JBird but until then enjoy the start to your summer and go BE HAPPY already!


P.S. Finish off your summer nights peacefully and HAPPY by joining me for a vinyasa yoga flow practice on JBirdFitness.com . Members, CLICK HERE to go directly to the "Yoga/Stretch" workout page. Non-members this is the perfect time to try JBird by clicking HERE to begin your 3-day trial.

Plan Ahead & Feel Free to Play

Did I get your wheels turning last week, thinking about different ways to keep moving this summer? Good, because this week I want to talk about your new aspirations, setting a plan to stay on track and having FUN while you are doing it!

Truth: You & I both know once this summer gets into full swing our lives are going to be turned upside down and we may get swept up in the moment. But there is a way to have your cake and eat it too. 

My first question, "what do you see yourself doing, beside sipping on margaritas"?  Yes, I will be having a few of those myself but I also see myself spending more time outside playing with my kids. We just got them kites & fishing rods to add to the mix. I am also always up for a bike ride and want to have more family outings before it gets to be 100 degrees here in PA . And lastly, I want to get out on the water somehow. I'd love to try paddle boarding this year.

For you it could by waking up early before the rest of the household gets up and getting a few miles in on those running shoes in the quiet cool summer mornings. Or maybe your local pool offers lap time or water aerobics and you are looking forward to moving in the water. I also know some friends who plan on hitting every amusement park within a days drive of their home, so roller coaster rides & a ton of walking are in their future.

It all sounds fun to me. But will it happen.

Think YES, and it will. 

Don't wish your time away. Aspire to put these visions in your mind into play and creating AMAZING experiences your memories will cherish for a lifetime.

How? Make a plan. 

This one is tough for me. I'm not a planner but with 3 other people in my family I have learned if I don't set up a plan and then communicate that plan to my family, it most likely won't happen.

So here is your chance, before the summer gets away from you.

Set up a calendar. Write down all of the scheduled activities/work/occasions that are already on the board. And not just everyone else's activities, you deserve some time to dream, move, and play too.

Then start to fill in the gaps. Oh, and make sure to fill in a few days of chill time.

No one says this schedule is etched in stone. In fact I still use mini post-its on our family calendar just in case things need to get juggled around.

But if you have a personal goal, talk to the people in your life and look to them for encouragement, support and even companionship during these next few months.

It will keep things light, fun and interesting and make your visions come to life.

Aspire to be your visions in play.

You are definitely going to need a lot of energy for all the summer activities coming up and with such a busy schedule, well, a JBird workout is PERFECT to keep you ready for anything that comes your way!

For the month of June, I named the next workout series "Aspire" not knowing I was going to be writing this blog but as life always shows you, there is a reason for everything :)


So get excited for the new release tomorrow "Aspire: Cardio, Mobility & Core". Yes, we get all 3 and more in just 15 minutes. Let it move you into summer feeling pumped up for all the FUN and new adventures to come.

If you're not a member yet, check out the "Become a Member" page by clicking HERE.

Oh, and definitely watch the JBird Fitness Fit Tip of the week HERE. It's another time saving move you can integrate into any workout routine or use on its own to wake that summer body up!

Enjoy the sunshine and embrace the rain!


Get into Fitness...Be Inspired to Move!

Summer is here, so what are you going to do about it? Plenty! There is so much inspiration surrounding you and you probably haven't even noticed it. Well open your eyes and choose to have FUN this season by looking at the things closest to you to get you moving.


Be inspired! by…

Nature - Summer is a brilliant time of the year to take advantage of sunny days and warmer weather. Take a tip from nature to get out and enjoy it. Hiking, biking and swimming are just a few ways to get your body moving and have FUN!

People - For me it’s watching my kids and remembering the times in my life when working out was actually play time. For my moms out there, when you're child is asking for help on the monkey bars don’t just carry them across but do a little swinging yourself. Be that “crazy” mom, you'll be smiling and so will your kids. If you're at an office all day, chat it up with your co-workers about what they do to keep moving or challenge each other to try something new together. And if you work from home, like I do, ask friends on Facebook what they are doing to stay in shape for the summer or join us on the JBird Fitness FB page, where I'll be chatting about ways to #BeMovedToMove all week. The people in your life are a trusted source of things you hold dear. See life and fitness through their eyes and you may discover something new. 

Yourself - Remember the above ideas are great but not unless you, on a personal level, have a curiosity or connection to these fitness lifestyles. Know that you are smart, clever and an inspiration to yourself. Think back on the days of your younger years when exercise wasn’t exercise and movement was FUN!

Do the things that make you happy. If fitness didn't enter into your life until later, don’t hesitate to jump in a pool because your self-conscious of yourself in a bathing suit or haven’t swam in ages. Life is too short to focus on the negative voices in your head. Embrace yourself, think positively and get excited about all the FUN playtime you could be having when you take action.

Finding a blend of activities will keep your summer days feeling fresh and FUN! Look to the sunshine as a reminder of happy times and start this season sharing your fitness adventures with mother nature, friends & family and embracing who you are.

Check out this week's JBird Fitness Fit Tip on how to fine tune your Warrior 2. With the days of summer being long, it will increase your stamina and encourage you to be a fierce warrior, unafraid to try new things and play freely.

Afterward, put your Warrior 3 into action with a yoga practice or this week's JBird Fitness video release "Dynamic: Yoga".

Members, this is a GREAT workout to add into your routine. I love it because I can squeeze it in during my craziest of days being it's only 13 minutes long and not only is it playful & fun but it incorporates core/ab work to get flexibility & strength in all at once.

If you're not a member yet, you can still play with us. Check out the "Become a Member" page by clicking HERE and join in on the FUN!


P.S. YOU are my inspiration. Thank You!

You live in your body every day, NOW OWN IT!

Let me tell you a story about Tiffany. Tiffany & I usually get to see one another during an annual family vacation while each of our families get away to North Myrtle Beach, SC during the month of August. Last summer we were settling into our beach chairs, after running around trying to apply sunscreen on our kids, and finally had a moment to catch up. After the usual banter about our family milestones of the past year our conversation changed direction toward the subject of working out. Tiffany is an avid runner and, well you know, I'm a fitness instructor so the switch was natural. I began to tell her about my new venture with JBird and in an instant I realized what I was creating would be perfect for Tiffany. She LOVES running and has been looking for ways to get stronger without interfering with her training regiment. 

I have heard similar stories before. Whether you love another sport, don't want to compromise your time with your children, have a job with specific time demands or a tight budget, your gut is telling you, you need a change but the traditional answers like joining a gym or working out for an hour a day are just not going to cut it.

It can be a body battle. One you fight daily, which turns into fatigue & frustration. 

Tiffany's story along with many others I have heard throughout my career from not only runners, but also cyclists, yogis, new moms, working moms, stay at home moms, and those getting back into fitness, were the inspiration for me to create JBird Fitness. See a fitness program could be the most amazing thing ever created but if it's not accessible or attainable, you're not going to do it. If you need to compromise your current lifestyle you're not going to do it. If you have to say good-bye to things you love because there aren't enough hours in the day to do both, you're not going to do it. 

Flash forward to the Fall season, I reached out to Tiffany and encouraged her to try JBird. Long story short, she's been a member ever since. Now Tiffany has always been a positive & upbeat gal but I can't help but get excited to see her comments on the website about how a certain video made her feel, like... "So much FUN!" or "My midsection feels so strong!". She has experienced the light bulb moment many times. The light bulb moment being the realization of your inner strength, your capacity to gain more intuitive power, own your own body and have fun learning new ways to use that power. It's brilliant!

Did you read last weeks Newsletter about fitness intuitiition? If not, no worries CLICK HERE to catch up. But more importantly I want to connect the idea of fitness intuition to the stories above. 

I want you to be able to listen to your gut and not feel guilty. I want you to listen to your body's needs and not feel like you can't be successful in getting there. I want you to listen to your fitness intuition and OWN YOUR BODY. Own your body to the point where you walk in a room and everyone smiles at you because the confidence & joy is radiating out of you.

I know I am going against the grain here and even my past life by saying, you don't need to join a gym or workout 2 hours a day to gain this amazing insight. Fitness intuition, the ability to know what your body physically needs on any particular day is yours for the taking the moment you wake up every single day. But you do need to tap into your strengths and even your weaknesses regularly. Weakness sound like a negative word to you? It's not. No one is perfect. We all have abilities and challenges. You are human. A weakness is only depilating if it's ignored. Embrace your differences and you will find humor, humility and find you are stronger than you know.

Take action, play with the exercises I send you in these newsletters, apply the fit tips to your already existing fitness routine and move 10-15 minutes daily as an amazing starting point to take back your body.

You live in your body every day, NOW OWN IT!

This upcoming week I am doing a LIVE workout on the JBird Fitness Facebook page. I want to see you there. I will be doing a 15 minute Abs/Core & Legs workout followed by a mini  Q&A session. I would love to discuss the topics above more. Let's open this conversation up and take back control of your lives and happiness!

LIVE Workout 8:30pm EST Wednesday Night: CLICK HERE for quick access and "like" us to follow every move we make (LOL) on FB.

In the mean while, check out the fitness tips of the week on JBird Fitness.com full length BLOG page or click HERE. There are 50+ fit tips on this page, so scroll down and have at it.

See you Wednesday night.