Workout Programs

JBird Fitness is all about fitting fitness into your current lifestyle. Our workouts are short, sweet and to the point and the workout programs below will make it even easy to get moving, spice up your routine and have FUN!

7-day quickie fitness fix Program

Feel changes in your body is just 7 days with The Quickie Fitness Fix Program. It will jump start or re-ingnite your fitness routine and put a smile on your face before you have even completed the program. 

14-day feel good fitness Program

Ease into a new workout routine by playing with The Feel Good Fitness Program. The workouts are quick in the beginning to give you a boost in energy and gradually get longer to build your endurance by the end of the 14-days.

21-day Strong + Fun + flexible Program

You want it all? Then The Strong + Fun + Flexible program is for you! An exciting way to create a strong foundation in your fitness routine yet accommodating to even the craziest of schedules.