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Meet Tiffany
"I'm loving the JBird Fitness workouts! They are effective, efficient and offer great variety for me as a working mom who is trying to maintain my fitness and build strength while on a tight schedule. I love that I can mix and match from a great library of cardio, legs, arms and core workouts depending on how I'm feeling that day."  - Tiffany
"Have weights, have blanket, have Jbird Fitness... can travel! Janine and Jbird Fitness help me keep my fitness goals on track while away from the gym. Even better, I'm motivated to get OUTSIDE and MOVING!" 
- Debra

"JBird Fitness is a great place to find unique, specific workouts to spice up your routine!!  I enjoyed piecing several together into one longer workout or finding one that would meet my needs after a run.  The ab workouts are great bc you are not just laying on a mat.  You are learning how to incorporate abs into cardio.  It's not the standard crunches.  And lastly, it's great that you can access JBird Fitness from just about anywhere!!"

"As a busy mom of three JBird came into my life just at the perfect time...it allows me to squeeze in a really great workout even on the craziest of days! It is great to be able to choose from a 15 minute session on those busy days, or a few in a row to create a more extensive workout. I also love the variety to choose from; it is impossible to get stuck in a workout rut! Can't wait to continue on with JBird!"

- Natalie

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"I enjoy running and have no problem logging my weekly runs. However, in order to prevent injuries and increase my overall athleticism, I know I need to do a better job focusing on general and targeted strength training. Enter JBird Fitness! Janine’s workouts are fun, challenging and effective. The shorter length of each segment allows you to mix and match as you wish. Don’t underestimate the burn you will feel after a 15 minute workout! Thank you so much for motivating this tired mama and offering doable workout options that won't break the bank."
- Tracy

What members are chatting about:

Laura W. - "Love this! Sometimes I finish a half hour of yoga and I feel like I barely got a workout. I felt the burn in the first 5 minutes!" about JBird's Dynamic: Yoga video.


Jessica S. - "Loved this blend of balance and strength building!" about the Balanced Body: Total Body video.


Jenn Z. - "WOW, girlie....you have an incredible fire inside of you that is contagious."


Tracy M. - “I wasn't expecting to get as sweaty as I did in 15 minutes, but this was a great workout to get the heart rate up and the blood flowing. Just what I needed as I get ready to tackle the never-ending to-do list! :)" Balanced Body: Mobility & Abs


Debra P. - "I will try to send pics but know your workouts were done ~ 9000 ft today in Quito, Ecuador! When you say, 'breathing hard?' Yes!!!!"


Natalie B. - “I’m sweating!!!! I've never done a ballet/barre inspired workout before...it is no joke!” Talking about Total Body Strength: Legs


Diane P. - “Loved the variety of moves in this one! My core is feeling it!” Aspire: Arms & Abs 


Melissa H. - “My Go To after a run!! I love this one!” Barre Redefined: Yoga


Jessie R. - “This one really got my heart racing! Thanks Janine!” High Rep: Cardio Legs


Angie R. - “Thanks for a great core workout!! I did it at the gym and it was a nice change from my regular ab routine! The straight leg switches were a killer!!” Wake Up Call: Core


Melanie T. - “I spent the morning driving my kids around to various appointments and needed something to get the blood flowing... Wow. My triceps are definitely feeling it! Will use this workout again when I'm short on time but need to awaken the muscles. Thanks, Janine!” Work It: Total Body


Jen E. - “Arms were burning right away! Great stretches!” Wake Up Call: Arms


Heidi W. - “So much fun! I felt like I was in ballet class all over again. What surprised me the most was how my arms were burning while I was also working my legs.” Work It!: Standing Legs


Tiffany H. - “Great cardio workout--I felt good, energized, but not over-cardio'd and exhausted, which I sometimes feel like after doing a HIIT workout. I like the leg/strength work paired with the cardio.” Barre Redefined: Cardio


Lauren L. - “Uncomfortable is right! I love the challenge of working the legs, core and arms all at once. Boom. I'm ready for you, Monday!” Work It!: Arms & More


Jamie T. - “I loved this workout. Lots of active stretching which I really needed. And the length is perfect when I really don't feel like working out during my afternoon quiet hour.” Work it!: Total Body


Beth C. - “I just love that I can get the blood pumping and my body moving in the middle of the day when I think I'm too tired or don't have enough time!” Wake Up Call: Warm Up & Abs


Angie - “Awesome flow!! Felt like I could use some extra ab work and stretching and this was perfect!!” Wake Up Call: WarmUp & Abs


Tracy M. - “Love, love, love this one! Super challenging and I feel like this kicked my metabolism into overdrive!” Flow Series: Core & More


Allison V. - “That was TOUGH!!! Those little pop up motions were intense!! Core is feeling it for REAL.” Work It!: Core


Jenn D. - “Loved the fast flow of movement-heading out for a run and decided to warm up with JBird Fitness--sweating already! Whoo!HOO!” Wake Up Call: Warm Up & Abs


Noelle F. - “Fun! Quick and concise and was just the right amount of challenge!” Precision: Total Body