It is truly AMAZING what can happen when you TAKE ACTION.

When I was 19 years old I remember being out of shape and getting into fitness by walking & doing fitness videos. It was a necessity, after gaining 25 lbs and being concerned about my physical & emotional well being, that quickly turned into a love and endless stream of curiosity still fueling my passion to today.


I would do the workout videos in my parent's basement and blast the audio, as I not only dropped the extra pounds but also started to feel alive again. Then I would rewind the tape. Yes, the VHS (LOL) and playback the video as I sat on the floor studying every move made and every word said. I knew right there I was going to be a fitness instructor. I knew, even then, I needed to pass along this incredible gift of finding the joy of moving your body.

Taking the steps to begin my career as a movement teacher has been extremely rewarding and, since the industry and people's needs are continually evolving, it keeps me on my toes and young at heart.

 What about you?

 What keeps your mind and body feeling alive and energized?

 Let us know HERE on the JBirdFitness.com Blog comments.

Continuing to move forward in my JBird journey with you, I have taken yet another step. See, when I was studying the words of Gin Miller in the Reebok Step video, I came to learn how important it was to be clear as an instructor for my students to thrive. So, to better the audio quality in future JBird videos & to boost your overall experience of working out with me, I joined up with a new production company last month.


So ecstatic I want you to experience it for yourself. And since I was all chatty about mobility last week, it only seems fit that I share my very first video with Janis Productions, Balanced Body Series: Mobility & Abs.

Now YOU CAN literally TAKE ACTION into your own hands and feel how
15 minutes can change your day.

Click the picture, below, to get FREE access to this video:

No equipment is need but be prepared to move your entire body!

In true JBird style, I ask you leave a comment below the video before and/or after you workout, so we can continue to build our community, supporting, sharing and lifting one another up!

Lastly, you will have two more opportunities to SPRING INTO ACTION in the weeks ahead.

  1. THE ULTIMATE DANCE WORKOUT, 6-week session starts THIS SATURDAY April 8th. To register and get more information click
  2. The 21-Day Spring Fling Challenge starts May 1st. This event will be a GREAT challenge before the Summer season to learn how to embrace & love your body. For more info and to pre-register click HEREBONUS: if you sign-up now, you get FREE Access to JBirdFitness.com until the challenge begins.

Excited to see your comments on Balanced Body: Mobility & Abs, so go, get moving!