Are you in a sugar coma?

If your house is anything like mine, I am going to bet you are in a sugar coma. The urban dictionary defines this as "the mad rush that happens after a sugar high". I call it a sugar low though, because I feel down in the dumps after the initial bliss wears off. Don't get me wrong, when that Russell Stover's Chocolate-covered Marshmallow Bunny hit my lips, I was in heaven. But now that the jelly beans are settling in my belly I'm thinking, "how did this happen, when I said last month, I am not going to buy easter candy".

Listen, even if you didn't celebrate Easter this past weekend, it's likely you have had a binge like this at one point or another. It happens to all of us. What we do about it, is what makes the difference. One thing I have noticed is every year it gets a little better. Some habits can be kicked in an instant and some take years or a lifetime to change, but progress is progress.

Step one is deciding you want to make a change and coming up with ideas to set this plan into motion.

Step two is taking action and for those needing more help in this area, I am going to suggest you use technology to your advantage.

Put a note in your phone or on your computer for next March telling your future self to be good for the upcoming holiday. Then as the season approaches, you'll be reminded of how you felt this year and you will do a better job. In fact, sending notes to yourself on a monthly or weekly basis can have great benefits. They are reminders of your goals, giving you a nudge to keep moving in the right direction..

Talking about moving, have you been working out or staying active during this holiday week. I know, I know. Things get off kilter when holiday get-togethers are arranged or when the kids are off from school. I actually struggled myself at the beginning of last week (yes, me, no joke) but I quickly jumped back in the game by taking a really long bike ride with the familyin our new neighborhood, instead of going to the gym.

Blasphemy (to a fitness instructor) right? Hell, no! My husband asked me how I would rate our bike ride workout on a scale from 1-10 and my reply was... A BIG 10! I knew he was going to start saying he was referring to calories burned and muscle engagement so I quickly cut him off and said, "It may not have been the most challenging workout I've ever done but it certainly was one of the top happiest days I have EVER had!"

So, if you have been struggling with keeping up your exercise program or maybe you are in a rut...change it up. Even just one day of change can revitalize your spirits & create a shift, beyond a physical benefit.

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What's going on with JBird Fitness?

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P.S. Did anyone notice I was using toy microphones as weights in last week's newsletter pics?

Moral of the story, do whatever it takes to get the job done. Don't have weights? Use kids toys. Don't have a yoga strap? Use a towel. When there's a will, there's a way and you are resourceful. So, like I said earlier, set your intention and get things moving!