The BEST Ab Workout EVER!

I’ve said it before and I’m sayin’ it again.

The Best Ab Workout is...LAUGHTER!


Last month was all about quality over quantity and realizing you will get better results from your workouts if you focus on the details.


And I am still saying “Amen” to that. But this past week I was talking with a student of mine and it occurred to me, once again, how important it is to find the joy in it all.


Yes, you are going to be eating more than usual this month.


Yes, you may find yourself working out less during the next few weeks.


Yes, you will feel stressful moments with the unpredictability of this season.


But let’s flip this puppy upside down and instead of thinking of the “whoa is me” things, let’s focus on those which will have a positive impact.



Enjoying the gift of giving.

Thinking fondly of holidays past.

Making new memories with family & friends.

And, my favorite, the laughter and love shared by all.

So this is a friendly reminder to balance out how much craziness is swarming around you right now by truly take the time to breathe & soak up all the goodness.


With LOVE,


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Your Featured Workout of the Week
Barre Express: Abs (of course!!)

Even though I am wishing the most laughter filled holiday season for you EVER, I couldn't resist giving you an ab workout video for this week. And this one is super FUN & QUICK. So you will have time for both ;)

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15 minte Ab Workout Video
Group Fitness Class Schedule Bucks County YMCA Doylestown

THIS WEEK'S Class Schedule:

The holidays may be upon us but the gym's still open & I'm still teaching.

I would LOVE to see you in class.

Be sure to look at the schedule below, as I am subbing a ton this week!

At the Bucks County YMCA of Doylestown

Monday       10:00am-10:55am     Barre Fusion
Tuesday       11:15am-12;10pm     Vinyasa Yoga
Wednesday 11:00am-11:55am     Barre Fusion
Thursday       9:00am-9:55am      Interval/HIIT
Saturdays      8:45am-9:30am      Barre Fusion
Saturday        9:35am-10:15am    Pilates