Fall Fitness FUN! Workout below…

Picking different exercises and styles of movement to use while you are working out has the power to wake your body up and keeps life interesting. So, let’s take ourselves out of the usual & play. 

To get you started I have put together four moves you don’t normally see together because I want you to be efficient and savvy at the same time.

By combining moves from Bootcamp class, Barre, Sports Conditioning, and Yoga you will have the advantage of working stamina, strength & mobility all in one quick workout!


The workout is below and can be used as an add-on to your already existing workout program or you can schedule yourself to do this sequence for 15 minutes, 3x this week.


The choice is yours.


Enjoy and have FUN with it!



15 minute Total Body Fusion Workout
Complete one full round of each exercise then repeat 2 more times.
(click the video to view the demo of exercises)

1. Bootcamp - Shuffle Forward, Touch Down Squat, Shuffle Back, Touch Down Squat (1 minute)

2. Barre - 2nd Posiiton Plié with Slide (optional: Passe Balance) (30 seconds Right / 30 seconds Left)

3. Sports Conditioning - Alternating Plank Walks  (1 minute)

4. Yoga - Bridge (hold for 30 seconds then rest; repeat 4x)

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Want more exercise ideas and inspiration? 
Piece together the routine above with this week's featured workout video, play the tunes from my latest Spotify playlist while you are working out or come play with me in person!

Your Featured Workout of the Week
Kick it!: Cardio
Be prepared to SWEAT, as you kick, punch and hustle in this heart pumpin' workout. Keep a towel & bottle water nearby ;)

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Quick Cardio Kick Workout Video

My Latest Spotify Music Playlist

It's named Barre October '18 but don't let the title fool you. This playlist it GREAT for any workout and even just to turn on & UP in the background while you're cookin', workin', and playin'.

Never used Spotfity? No worries. You can listen for free. Just click the playlist picture and ENJOY!

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Class Schedule:
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