3 Ways to Keep Smiling At Your Body Moving This Summer!

Between summer being in full swing and JBird Fitness celebrating its one year anniversary, I feel like I am on a roller coaster ride.

I am finding that as much as I try to plan even just one day's events, my schedule is thrown in all kinds of directions. So I am going with the flow. 


When I have conceptual ideas about where JBird is going next I quickly write it down, realizing Nora may pull me away to show me a butterfly or Sierra might ask me to go play basketball.


I don't want to miss these special moments with my kids or any moment right in front of me for that matter. Being creative, unconventional and open to new ways of working, keeping the house together and exercising have been extremely helpful.


So I want to give you ideas to keep your mind thinking of alternatives ways to continue moving, stay healthy and feel happy.

Idea #1 - Workout with the kids
It doesn't sound ideal and even practical but this one works better than you think. 3 things to consider:

1. It becomes playtime with purpose. If you have young kids it teaches them how to focus on specific tasks. If you have older kids, it helps them create a connection & confidence in their body.

2. You become yet another great role model for them, as a health conscious mentor.

3. THIS IS A BIG ONE! They learn mom needs time to nourish herself too.

Idea #2 - Go for a walk

My best thinking time is when I simply go for a walk. Whether I am day dreaming, thinking of days past or getting geared up for the future, walking has a therapeutic effect. The cool thing is, you don't have to plan this one. Even if you only have a 15 minute window before you need to meet up with someone or pick up the kids, put down the phone, get out of the car and WALK!

Idea #3 - Scrap doing your normal workout and try something different. 
If your typical workout takes an hour that is a lot of minutes in the day to take away from spontaneity. So do this quick full body circuit to jump start your day and then enjoy whatever comes your way.

Full Body Workout Circuit: 3 Rounds of 4 Exercises
1. Side Bend Crunch - do 12-16 reps on the right then the left.
2. Plank - hold plank for 30 seconds, working your way up to 1 minute.
3. Knee Tuck with Tricep Dip - do 16-20 repetitions.
4. Deep Squat with Straight Arm Forward Raise - 12-16 slow reps. (only go as deep as it feels appropriate in your body)

Tips: Listen to your body, support your body by engaging in the core in all exercises, breathe naturally and enjoy connecting to your body.

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Cheers to FUN days in the sun and enjoying the beauty surrounding us!