Get into Fitness...Be Inspired to Move!

Summer is here, so what are you going to do about it? Plenty! There is so much inspiration surrounding you and you probably haven't even noticed it. Well open your eyes and choose to have FUN this season by looking at the things closest to you to get you moving.


Be inspired! by…

Nature - Summer is a brilliant time of the year to take advantage of sunny days and warmer weather. Take a tip from nature to get out and enjoy it. Hiking, biking and swimming are just a few ways to get your body moving and have FUN!

People - For me it’s watching my kids and remembering the times in my life when working out was actually play time. For my moms out there, when you're child is asking for help on the monkey bars don’t just carry them across but do a little swinging yourself. Be that “crazy” mom, you'll be smiling and so will your kids. If you're at an office all day, chat it up with your co-workers about what they do to keep moving or challenge each other to try something new together. And if you work from home, like I do, ask friends on Facebook what they are doing to stay in shape for the summer or join us on the JBird Fitness FB page, where I'll be chatting about ways to #BeMovedToMove all week. The people in your life are a trusted source of things you hold dear. See life and fitness through their eyes and you may discover something new. 

Yourself - Remember the above ideas are great but not unless you, on a personal level, have a curiosity or connection to these fitness lifestyles. Know that you are smart, clever and an inspiration to yourself. Think back on the days of your younger years when exercise wasn’t exercise and movement was FUN!

Do the things that make you happy. If fitness didn't enter into your life until later, don’t hesitate to jump in a pool because your self-conscious of yourself in a bathing suit or haven’t swam in ages. Life is too short to focus on the negative voices in your head. Embrace yourself, think positively and get excited about all the FUN playtime you could be having when you take action.

Finding a blend of activities will keep your summer days feeling fresh and FUN! Look to the sunshine as a reminder of happy times and start this season sharing your fitness adventures with mother nature, friends & family and embracing who you are.

Check out this week's JBird Fitness Fit Tip on how to fine tune your Warrior 2. With the days of summer being long, it will increase your stamina and encourage you to be a fierce warrior, unafraid to try new things and play freely.

Afterward, put your Warrior 3 into action with a yoga practice or this week's JBird Fitness video release "Dynamic: Yoga".

Members, this is a GREAT workout to add into your routine. I love it because I can squeeze it in during my craziest of days being it's only 13 minutes long and not only is it playful & fun but it incorporates core/ab work to get flexibility & strength in all at once.

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P.S. YOU are my inspiration. Thank You!