A Gift From Me To You

WARNING: THIS BLOG CONTAINS A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF WORDS AND NO PICTURES. So, not me. But when I started to write, I couldn't stop myself, I got so fired up. I promise you it is worth reading all the way to the bottom and when you do, there is a gift waiting for you. Yes, a little (well, actually BIG) gift at the bottom of all of this. So, get reading. 

After I wrote my blog last week I started to laugh at myself. It probably seemed a little ridiculous I was so proud of myself for starting to prepare my kids lunches the night before school. It certainly isn't a mind-blowing, never-been-done-before concept, especially since my social media news feeds nowadays are flooded with week long "meal prep" ideas. And then...I started to smile real big because I realized why I was so happy with the little changes to my daily schedule and how I could better relate it to you.

See, the people posting these amazing looking meal prep posts have me hooked until they say, it only took me 3-4 hours to cook all my food for the week. 

3-4 hours?!?

I don't have 3-4 hours in any given day to do that. I would love to. But it's just not realistic. At least right now.

My life is full. Yes, FULL.

To take a large chunk of my day to do something like that isn't practical, but if I could spread it out to 15-20 minutes a day (hence, making the kids lunches the evening before) I could manage it and feel accomplished.

(the big aha moment)

Hey, wait a minute...That's what JBird Fitness is all about.

HOLY CRAP, that's why it made perfect sense to me.

No, this is not me going off on a tangent or rant. It's the WHY I created JBird in the first place. The very WHY IT EXISTS and why we are even chatting right now. 

I started JBird Fitness to help anyone knowing they need fitness integrated into their life or are missing something in their current routine and need a manageable & accessible solution.

This is going to sound like a cheesy infomercial but I don't care because you need to know exactly what JBird Fitness offers in order for you or someone you care about to take advantage of it's benefits.

So here it is:

Did you have a life changing event happen (ex: got married, broke-up with someone, had a baby, lost your job, got a new job, lost someone you loved, fell in love, etc...) that got you off track from your fitness lifestyle?

Is your life busy?

Do you have responsibilities that consumes the majority of your day?

Does it feel impossible to add one more "to-do" on to your list, but you KNOW you should be working out?

Do you feel like you are missing something in your current fitness regiment?

Does your weekly fitness program have a healthy balance of heart pumping movement, strength conditioning and flexibility/mobility training?

Do you look at other people integrating fitness into their life, feel their positive energy/happiness and want that same thing for yourself?

I ask these question because I developed JBird Fitness to help put a positive spin on all of your answers.

Whether time is tight, life is unpredictable or your're looking for balance, I've made working out attainable and totally do-able in your current lifestyle without throwing off your complete schedule.

How, you ask? 

I have broken down workouts, which I used to teach as a one-hour routine, into 12-15 minute segments, including cardio, body conditioning (traditional and barre) and yoga/stretch. And I have layered in modification & challenge options throughout the videos so you can start off slowly or make it as intense as you'd like.

This way, if 12 minutes is all you can spare one day, you can still workout and feel great in your body.

But it gets better... (WOW, infomercial cheesy to a whole new degree, LOL)


If you have more time or still love a longer workout, each video (released every Monday) eventually goes into the video library (filled with 40+ videos) and at the end of every month, those videos create a Workout Collection, which can be pieced together or done in it's entirety to create a 30-60 minute routine that is completely cohesive. No repeat exercises or patterns, working your body from head to toe and fusing together all the fitness modalities (cardio, strength & flexibility).


The crazy thing is, we have:
people getting back into working out
moms with little kids
moms with big kids
people who work from home
people who travel for work
people who work crazy hours
men (yes, MEN) and
women (ha, had to write it)

The site is so versatile, most everyone can benefit from it.

So I need your help.

Spread the word. 

Tell everyone and anyone about JBirdFitness.com, because we ALL need to move our bodies to live a happy  long life. Our bodies are meant to move, so MOVE THEM! And...HAVE FUN DOING IT!

And now I am going to make it easy for you. As I have said in the past, sometimes I am going to throw a little surprise at you and today is one of those days.

Because I get so amped up about helping people to move and want YOU involved, I am giving you a FREE membership to JBirdfitness.com for the next 2 weeks.

All you need to do is click on the link below, hit "START MY FREE TRIAL", fill in the info and you will have complete access to JBirdFitness.com for 14 days!

And to think... this all came from me chatting it up with you about prepping my kids lunches the night before. HA!

Well, this email has been long enough, it is time to get your butt moving. This offer is only available until next Sunday (March, 26th 2017), so sign up and spread the word TODAY!



With LOVE and excitement for you to get moving with us,