My Fitness Gift Wish List...

Every year it gets a little bit harder.

I’m asked “what do you want for Christmas?” and every year I draw a blank.
 Not only do we live in a world where, when we need or want something, you Google the best deal or go straight to Amazon and you receive it in 2 days. But I am also living in a very different place than I was 6 years ago. Since I have become a mom I have taken a backseat. When I'm asked what I want, I can only think of things for the house or for my kids, not myself.

So this year I had the brilliant idea of starting a "Janine" list a few months back and this is how pathetic my list was:

JBird Fitness 10

    Pathetic because I only came up with 3 things and all 3 have a ridiculous story behind them.


    The frame is for a painting I love but has been frameless in not just 1 house but the past 3 houses I have lived in.  As for my favorite pair of black sneakers, they are 5-6 years old and have been worn in so much they now have a hole in them. Seriously, I can wiggle my pinkie toe through the hole but I still wear them. And finally, the bra. The bra is on the the list because I just noticed 2 weeks ago the black bra I have been wearing is a DD. I bought it over 3 years ago, after having Nora, to accommodate my postnatal/breastfeeding boobs and I have since deflated to probably a B.  But who the heck knows.


    Now looking at the list, I started to think...beside those 3 things, do I really need anything else? Do I actually need even those 3 things?


    Ok, so the black bra would be helpful for underneath dark shirts or dresses. But the painting has been naked for several years and surviving and I have a pair of purple sneakers I love.


    So what do I really need or more importantly, WANT?


    My NEW & Improved list:

    Fitness Gift List
    1. Home accents to create workout space in our basement. I have been wanting a small outcove in our basement to become a workout/work space for me but felt selfish for taking away part of the room from the kids. Sorry girls but mama needs a space to play in too LOL. So bring on the throw pillows and accessories.
    2. Dance-inspired fitness gear. I have been missing my black baseball hat drawn down to my nose (for attitude, of course) and my oversized sweatshirts with baggy pants. I think a small change in wardrobe will spark some new energy.
    3. A class on my schedule that I love & look forward to every week. I realize no one can gift me this, but Ryan has been really cool with me running off to sub local classes the past two weeks. Finding the right studio/gym/space to teach in at this stage in the game is really important to me. So knowing Ryan's got my back and taking care of my girls is truly a gift come early.

    So what I really want for the holidays this year is... a feeling.


    It’s not what I get, but how those things are going to make me feel which counts.


    I know it’s not New Year’s yet and trust me, I am not rushing us to get there. But I am keeping in mind what I want for 2018 and I am basing my list on those dreams and desires.


    How about you?


    What do you want this holiday season?


    Email me at or leave a comment below.

    What's Happening:

    emBODY is the new workout series being released for the month of December.


    Embody:  to realize
                   to personify
                   to embrace & express


    It relates to the above idea.

    emBODY who you want to become.
    Embrace your ideals, your dreams, your desires.


    Be YOU, all of YOU!


    The first workout is emBODY: Total Body. No better way to dive in then to embrace your whole body and give it some love.

    Total Body Workout


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    Go ahead. Give your body an early present for the holidays this year. 

    With Love,

    P.S. Bucks County Peeps: Last chance to DANCE with me tomorrow morning 9:35am at the Central Bucks Family YMCA. New Year class schedule TBD. Hope to see you there :)