Big Announcement!!!

JBird Fitness Membership

Have you heard?


We are getting the New Year’s celebration underway early, starting today JBird Fitness Memberships will be just $9.95!


In 2017 we were able to build a video library of over 85 workout videos and hone in on our mission to bring you fitness into your craziest of days with a smile :) The quick & effective workouts with mix n match capabilities have proven successful in getting your body in shape, your mindset focused and your heart happy.


So for 2018, I am fully committed to getting the most out of EVERY JBird workout video and helping you create balance in your life & body. 


I have some FUN & excited ideas, motivational tools and interactive play for us in the months ahead, using featured JBird videos, challenges, connecting on our private Facebook Community page and so much more.

So click on the button below and say YES, to fitness, fun, and happiness today and for the 2018 New Year.


The next few days is still about celebrating and enjoying a shift into the New Year, so go, HAVE FUN!


Keep moving, my friend & dive into the New Year with your whole heart.


With love,



P.S. If you are still reading, look back up and click that pink button NOW! It will change your life!


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