Dance Fitness Workout

This is crazy, but as I am putting this Newsletter together I just asked Alexia to play pop music and the first song she is playing..."Shut Up & Dance" LOL

Perfect for this new reveal, my latest dance fitness video creation.

Enjoy :)

The Moves:
1. Circling Hip Hinge
2. Alternating Forward Lunge with Torso/Shoulder Shifts
3. Pivot Lunge into Body Roll Down/Center Cross RT-LF at Chest
4. Triple Jack 2x into 4 Alternating Arm Circles Forward
5. Jump Cross Turn 2x into Alternating Angle Knees Pumps

Inspired by Drake's song "God's Plan"

(click the video below to watch the demo)

JBird Fitness Challenge

Hi there, I wanted to share a LIVE video from the other day because it give you all the details you need to join the FREE JBird Fitness Challenge. So, here you go:

- The challenge starts NEXT Monday November 6th
- It’s completely FREE, so invite all of your friends.
- You only need to commit to 15 minutes a day.
- And it’s going to get you in the rhythm of working out happily, so you feel GREAT for the holidays and jump start your New Year’s resolution.

Honestly, it’s a no brainer.

So go to to register NOW!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or email me at .

Mamas! How to Wake Your Body Up After No Sleep

I didn’t post this vlog last week because I am a perfectionist and you’ll see there are many reasons why someone like me would not post this video. But then I thought about why I am doing all of this. JBird Fitness that is. And it is to show moms that even when it’s tough, taking care of yourself, even if only for a few minutes a day, can make a great & positive change.

And be sure to take some time for yourself today!