"Loved the blend of balance and strength building!"

- Jessica S. commenting about the Balanced Body Series

"Love this! Sometimes I finish a half hour of yoga and I feel like I barely got a workout. I felt the burn in the first 5 minutes!"

- Laura commenting about Dynamic: Yoga


"WOW, girlie....you have an incredible fire inside of you that is contagious."

– Jennifer Z

"I wasn't expecting to get as sweaty as I did in 15 minutes, but this was a great workout to get the heart rate up and the blood flowing. Just what I needed as I get ready to tackle the never-ending to-do list!"

– Tracy :)


"Thank you so much for motivating this tired mama and offering doable workout options that won't break the bank."

- Tracy, Ashburn VA

"JBird Fitness is a great place to find unique, specific workouts to spice up your routine!!  I enjoyed piecing several together into one longer workout or finding one that would meet my needs after a run.  The ab workouts are great bc you are not just laying on a mat.  You are learning how to incorporate abs into cardio.  It's not the standard crunches.  And lastly, it's great that you can access JBird Fitness from just about anywhere!!"

 -Angie, North Wales PA

"As a busy mom of three JBird came into my life just at the perfect time...it allows me to squeeze in a really great workout even on the craziest of days! It is great to be able to choose from a 15 minute session on those busy days, or a few in a row to create a more extensive workout. I also love the variety to choose from; it is impossible to get stuck in a workout rut! Can't wait to continue on with JBird!"

- Natalie


"I did my JBird today: in a pasture overlooking the beautiful Berkshires. Look closely at the IPad.  It was a rigorous workout in a stimulating setting."

Thank you, Debra NYC