Time Saving Fitness Tips

Glancing back at March, I started to laugh at myself.

The JBird Fitness newsletters consisted of :

I don't mean to sound like a broken record but this winter season has been a tough one. Life's humor in stubbornly telling me "it's out of your hands, do the best you can", has been loud & clear. And I'm beginning to think my March theme of threes was my way of doing things in manageable quantities.

Concentrating on the positive of what I can do with realistic expectations.

Having a long to-do list was making me feel stressed at days end, everyday. So bundling things in small little packages has really helped me feel accomplished.

How can you work this into your fitness program, you ask? Lots of ways. But since 3 is the magic number, I'll give you three ways you can change up your fitness program without disrupting your whole schedule.

3 Time-Saving Fitness Tips

1. Right when you wake up, do a yoga flow for 2-3 minutes, like the one in the video below. It will get your body moving and start your day off on a positive note. Especially if you like Justin Timberlake :)
     Why is it a time-saver? It will get you in tune with your body from the moment you roll out of bed, making you more efficient in every move after.

(click on the video above to view the demo)

2. At any moment in the daysit, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths. Do this especially during a time where you are getting frustrated, no one is listening to you or things have gotten thrown off course. Your heart health and sanity are just as important as burning fat & building muscle and they will effect how you approach your workouts.
     Why is it a time-saver? It will give you time back on your life, as heart disease and stress are a killer.

Yoga Breath

3. When you are at the tail end of your workout remember this newsletter and GIVE IT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. Great form is still paramount but really GO FOR IT!. Start by just doing this the last 30 seconds of your routine and then more time as you progress. (ex: your workout is 15 minutes long, at 14:30 Go For It!, next week at 14:00 Don't Hold Back)
     Why is it a time-saver? It will teach your body how to intensify your workout, gradually and safely, eventually enabling you to either shorten your workouts or add more in without actually adding on time.

I'll make you a deal, since we just started the month of April, how about picking one of the above and trying it this week. Then as each week passes, you can experiment with another.

Completely manageable and moving you in a positive direction, for sure!

Move into Fitness

Let me know how it goes under this blog post on JBirdFitness.com or feel free to email me anytime at janine@jbirdfitness.com. I LOVE hearing from you!

Workout Video

A new month means a new Featured Workout Series and Wake Up Call felt like the perfect series to shake off this crazy winter season we have been experiencing here in the Northeast.

But wherever you live, the Wake Up Call workouts are great for when life gets crazy and time is tight.

Best Quote from an AMAZING member:

“I just love that I can get the blood pumping and my body moving even when I think I don't have enough time!" - Tracy M, talking about Wake Up Call: Warm Up & Abs

To play with Wake Up Call: 
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Non-Members: You can Wake Up with us too! Simply click HERE and get started with the JBird FREE 3-day trial.

No matter which way you decide to change things up this week, keep moving and have FUN!!!

With Love,